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Avatar n tn I went back again Later Oct to get another swab test done for chlamydia and it came back negative. I intend to go to urologist to see if I have pancreatitis. My question is what the heck could I have? Would the antibitoics Ive had not been able to treat pancreatiitis if i do have it? I do not have any anal pain no pain while urinating no pain when ejaculating. Could I pass on infection from pancreatitis to my gf if it is bacterial?
Avatar n tn Also,I had bronchitis 2 weeks ago (Zithromax twice daily)and while on antibiotics pain was pretty much gone, interesting? Nitro also helps (don't like to take it)I am constantly worried it might be more.
Avatar n tn They took blood, my white blood cell count was 13,000 (they said normal should be 11,000), said I was fighting something and diagnosed me with bronchitis. I have had bronchitis, I knew this was not the case. They prescribed me with Zithromax and I took the full course and still had pains. I went back to my local dr. He then ordered an EKG. I was informed it came back abnormal and then sent me for a cardiolite (sp) stress test.
Avatar n tn My problem began in 12/02 when I took Zithromax for a sinus infection. Two weeks later, I had severe abdominal pain that spread across the abdomen at belly-button level. The doctor's dx was either a virus or Clostridium due to Zithromax killing off the "good" bacteria in my intestinal tract. Because it was a Friday, he decided to treat me as if it were Clostridium and prescribed a 10 day course of Flagyl. With Flagyl, the symptoms improved greatly, but did not go away.
Avatar n tn The problem that scares most people away from it is that it has a very high risk for pancreatitis. I did get it, but I was informed before hand this could happen. They caught it early. They take you off food for 3 days and fill you up with lots of potassium. I had my sphicterotomy done at the borland groover clinic in Jacksonville Fl. You can look them up at I had my procedure done on a Thursday - Went in the Hospital with pancreatitis Friday.
Avatar m tn I was on doxy 400 MG a day and Zithromax at the same time. The Zithromax was added when I came out positive for Bartonella. I used that along with Rifampin and rotations of Flagyl which is a cyst buster. I had many reactions or herxes but nobody is the same. I also had Babesia which I hope has been cured from Malarone. I want to warn you that last week I asked to be taken off Zithromax because of the warning that came out that it caused heart problems in many.
Avatar n tn I was treated with Zithromax by my doctor last October. Ever since, I have experienced chronic watery diarrhea accompanied by constant rumbling in my large intestine and bloating. The watery diarrhea continued for 3 months. I was treated with Flagyl and took Fibercon, both with no effect. Blood tests, stool, and a colonoscopy came up negative. No parasite infection or blood found in the stool. I even had an HIV test with negative results.
1353650 tn?1429466974 Treatment right now for my husband is taking diflucan for 30 more days to get rid of the fungal infection that he still has. Then he will be put on refampin, zithromax and bactrim to get rid of these coinfections. After this is done then the doctor can treat the lyme. I talked to the doctor some and I asked him what would cause abdominal pain. He said that it is likely from the lymph nodes swelling in the abdomen.