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Avatar n tn I know from experience how awful pancreatitis can be, and hope he at least has a decent pain management doc. I can't imagine going through a huge surgery like a Whipple only to have it fail. Do the docs give you any idea at all as to why he is still having attacks? Another blockage? Scar tissue? Anything? It may be true that there really isn't anything left to do. People with chronic pancreatitis sometimes suffer for years and years until the pancreas basically burns itself out.
Avatar f tn He is dealing with severe abdominal cramps, runny stool and headaches. One doctor told him that he has chronic pancreatitis. Since we heard this he has been on a fat-free diet. It has not helped! So we have been watching what he eats. When he eats bread or buns it seems to cause the above symptoms. I was wondering if this could be celiac. I was reading that celiac can also cause the above symptoms. I also read that it can lead to fat digestion problems as well.
Avatar n tn performed an Upper GI Endoscopy w/ an ultrasound of the pancreas -- he found signs of mild pancreatitis and my stomach was inflamed. He took biopsies that ruled out Celiac disease, which a blood test has confirmed I underwent a sweat test, and Cystic Fibrosis was ruled out. The same doctor then performed a colonoscopy, and found no abnormalities (awaiting biopsy results) I have been on Ultrase -- an pancreatic enzyme -- for about a month.
2085202 tn?1373203340 It sounds like you may be suffering from an attack of Pancreatitis. There are many tests to confirm or deny this. Blood tests can show some markers for Pancreatitis and well as CT (CAT) scan, ERCP, (They put a tube with a little video camera down your throat and look around while you sleep) or even an abdominal ultrasound. Pancreatitis is a serious disease that demands immediate attention. A trip to the Emergency Room should yield results.
Avatar m tn Oily stool that floats is medically called steatorrhea. Pancreatitis and cholangitis are the main cause. Other possibilities are inflammatory bowel conditions such as Crohn’s, celiac, IBS etc. It can be side effects of slimming pills. Bacterial overgrowth and short bowel syndrome where food passes very quickly can be another cause. Patients with chronic pancreatitis have recurrent abdominal pain of varying intensity along with steatorrhea or oily foul smelling stool.
284811 tn?1190853454 shopped, went to the ER countless times, and even bought from strangers online where I drove hundreds of miles to obtain these pills. I have traded items I own such as computers, video game systems, and anything worth value. I had never been to work without being under the influence. My marriage has been in shambles and on top of everything I know my health has been deteriating. Recently I have been having sharp pains on my right side towards my back. So, last week I decided enough is enough.
Avatar n tn Bowel prep was done prior to surgery. Colon was never checked during surgery, no operative notes or anything on video indicated this; despite emphasizing that it was my primary concern. Post surgery Cramping, diarrhea day 2-3 post hysterectomy. Day 7-14 severe pain prior to and during bowel movements. Week 3-4 things calmed down.
Avatar f tn Last year I had a rash for about a month and ended up in the hospital with pancreatitis goul bladder disease and crohns. I was put on steriods and eventually started getting better. a couple of weeks ago i got mouth sores and a rash that was on my chest and back that comes and goes. I was just wondering if anybody knows if this indicates a flare up and if i should be careful because i have the rash and fatigue but no real chrons symtoms other then dull abdominal pain and back aches.
Avatar n tn You should have a biopsy by thoracoscopy done by a specialist with great experience with the procedure. Video-assisted thoracoscopic lung biopsy (VATS) is a less invasive surgical procedure. It allows several different pieces of lung tissue to be taken for testing through two small incisions. A scope with a video camera at one end is placed through one of these incisions. Recovery is generally fast and uneventful. There are a lot of potential causes of your problem.
1059996 tn?1262723662 On the third trip to the ER he was diagnosed with acute severe pancreatitis and spent 20+ days in the ICU and several weeks in rehab took a year for him to feel near normal and he is left with insulin dependent diabetes as a result. He was not even close to being a diabetic before!! He finally got healthy enough to have his gall bladder out and it was still inflammed.
Avatar m tn Four Ways To Diagnose Hypothyroidism - Dr. Hotze's - Health & Wellness Solutions.
Avatar n tn My sister-in-law had pancreatitis with her gallstones and had her gallbladder out with a very simple "band-aide" surgery. The pancreatitis is more serious than gallstones so you should follow your doctors advice to have your gallbladder out. Another cause of pancreatitis is alcohol.
Avatar m tn Some dogs get ill from the sudden ingestion of a great deal of fat, which can cause pancreatitis. Years ago, our two 55 pound mixed breed dogs grabbed two bags of Hershey's kisses off the far reaches of my kitchen counter. I wish I had a video of the incident because I can't imagine how they counter-surfed that far. I got home from work and found the empty bags on the floor. Everything was gone including the foil wrappers. Those began to appear the next day.
Avatar f tn I have autoimmune pernicious anaemia (unable to absorb vitamin B12 through the gut). Symptoms occur in the "normal" range. The B12 reference range is far too low in most countries. In Japan, a deficiency is found in levels under 550 pg/ml (400pmol/L). When I corrected my B12 my folate increased as well. Besides autoimmune pernicious anaemia I also have Hashimoto's thyroiditis, alopecia areata, vitiligo and joint hypermobility syndrome.
Avatar n tn Rest require treatment. Binge drinking is associated with serious liver disease and pancreatitis. Cocaine is associated with nasal perforations, infection and heart attacks. In the interest of your health, I would request you to refrain from these in future. Hope that this information helps and hope that you will get better soon. Thank you for using MedHelp's "Ask an Expert" Service, where we feature some of world's renowned medical experts in their fields.
Avatar m tn Also pancreatic function should be assessed and since you have pain in right side of abdomen, possibility og recurrence of fatty liver, drug induced hepatitis, gall stone, common bile duct stone, pancreatic duct stone, and pancreatitis should be looked into. Log in the food intake and the symptoms as they appear. See if there is a correlation between a particular food item and symptoms. Add fiber to your diet through consuming bran, whole grains, fruits and vegetables.
Avatar m tn If you have pain under your right rib (upper right quadrant of abdomen) then there could be a liver infection, pancreatitis, or a gall bladder problem. Get a liver function test, ultrasound or CT of abdomen (recent), HIDA scan, and pancreatic enzymes. You may also need specialized imaging tests like ERCP etc. It can also be due to acidity and duodenal ulcer. Take a late night snack. Raise head end of bed. Take Omeprazole empty stomach in morning and an antacid gel at bedtime.
Avatar f tn I have an ~18 year old terrier mix rescue dog who developed chronic kidney disease--stage 2, about 2 weeks after an episode of acute pancreatitis—now about 7 weeks ago. He had been on metacam for degenerative joint disease (elbow, spine, hips) for about 2 years, so we have been monitoring his blood work at least every 6 months. His creatinine had been creeping up slowly, but entered the abnormal zone at 1.
Avatar f tn They diagnosed my pain in between my ribs as pancreatitis. If you do have gallstones, they can cause things to back up in the ducts and cause your pancreas to become inflamed. They can check your pancreas by doing a test called an ERCP(Endoscopic Retrograde Cholangio Pancreatography). They just check the ducts during this test for gallstones and any abnormalities. I had it done and was in a lot of pain after but it went away quickly.
Avatar n tn I have chronic pancreatitis from an infected gall bladder 5 years ago. While they were looking for the pancreatitis diagnosis (took from 08-2005 to 01-2006. Started vomiting & dropping weight BIG time in 08-2005 - lost, literally 52, pounds in 2 1/2 months. No pain then til after DX. Don't know if you needed that info.) they found a spot on my liver. Wish I could get my hands on my records but I've put them where I can't find them.
493068 tn?1224768915 Sad to day I did not stay HCV negative. I also have managed since off tx to have 2 bouts of Pancreatitis. Would I do it again. Yes. Not knowing I would turn positive. I would tell anyone if they have the option, the require it, have in place excellent doctor and support systems to go for it. Gotta go.
3867523 tn?1348953285 s are very powerful drugs in their own right ,that often come with a litany of side effects and should only be prescribed to those who would be evaluated to need them . Something you may be interested in. (video below) This psychologist has worked with hundreds of HCV patients while treating.. and address irritability and anger issues as well Good luck with your tx... Will http://blog.
Avatar f tn I am new here, and have MS but also suffering from GP. I was admitted to the hospital with pancreatitis, and they did an endoscopy and found that the muscle in my stomach wasnt responding. Since I had not eaten anything in 3 days, they were amazed to see food still there! They biopsied my stomach, did celiac biopsies, and tried to stretch the sphincter at the bottom of the tummy without success. It seems frozen shut, and not getting the message.
3227046 tn?1458317076 I have an awful feeling that it won't solve my inability to function and/or I will need further procedure which could also be unsuccessful in restoring my vitality. It's been P.S. I had sepsis and pancreatitis with blocked common duct before getting my gall bladder removed four years ago. I don't know if that matters, but I've only gone downhill. ..slowly at first, then the last year just progressively useless. I take armour thyroid 60mg and no one really cares about my thyroid.
Avatar n tn She thought it could be cancer or pancreatitis but I would have to pay for more tests that might not find the problem. I decided to go back to the old vet and get my cat's file. I remembered some of what he had done and tried to explain it to the new vet but she wasn't really taking what I was saying seriously. I presented her with the file and she read it over and agreed it was the exact same problem.
Avatar n tn I refused an ERCP because I am an RN and have seen to many patients develop pancreatitis from the ERCP. I am currently taking bile salts and a digestive enzyme. I just started the supplements a few days ago I will update on how they help! Any input is greatly appreciated. These are just my thoughts after much research. Doctors are not miracle workers, we have to help them when we can. Write down what triggers it, when it's worse, what helps.
Avatar n tn Aronow's presentation on video at the NIH Consensus Management Conference, 2002)I would look askance at anyone who purports to have a conclusive answer at this point in time. Certainly interpreting anything I say as anything more than sharing data or raising questions about the ****-sure statements I see made is way beyond anything I have said, or would ever say, given that I only had a small part in one such neurological research study.
Avatar m tn I saw a neurologist and had a EEG, an MRI of my neck, an EMG of my arms, and a nerve conduction study of my arms, all of which were normal except to indicate a slightly pinched nerve in my left arm (I think due to using the computer or playing video games). I had a blood test for Lyme disease, which was negative, and a blood test for Epstein-Barr, which indicated I have had it at some point but don't currently have an acute infection.
874521 tn?1424120397 I appreciate your help. What if my kitty has fatty liver disease and pancreatitis? Do you think he'll still have a chance. I did some research online but I know you can find some articles or something that can help me find out what I'm supposed to do. S, they are sending him home because I cannot afford to have him there any longer, not because he is doing better. I feel so so bad.