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Avatar n tn I had acute pancreatitis in 2017 which landed me in the hospital for a week. They removed part of my pancreas due to a large stone being logged and waited for liver to resume functioning to remove my gallbladder. I have been on a liquid diet since leading to malabsorption. I am always in pain,I look 9 months pregnant and vomit acid regularly as well as watery bowls.
Avatar n tn 2yrs,my tubes were blocked with grit and coagulated bile,wich made the gall bladder swell up,and major surgery was required,about 6 months later i got acute pancreatitis witch developed into physodo cyst and i had to have surgery 80% of my pancreas was removed.I am now on insulin with all the problems diabetes causes.I do not drink or smoke and never have done.Was this caused by not taking the gall bladder out early enough and/or not making sure my tubes were clear afterwards.
Avatar n tn Yes, one can have acute pancreatitis or chronic pancreatitis. The reason why I think it is your liver and/or pancreas is that you mentioned the hypoglycemia symptom. Inflammation should show up on an US. I still think there is something going on with them. Diarrhea since 19? Please make sure you let the GI physician know about that. I am not sure if that is related to any food intolerance. As far as the antibiotics, I think they were aggrevating your gastritis.
Avatar n tn Those who have lots of money (or excellent insurance plans -- isn't that the same thing?) get great treatment here; everyone else runs the risk of getting substandard care, or even slipping through the cracks. Americans are told that under socialized nedicine, people have to wait for a long time for medical care, and that they are unable to choose their own doctors and/or hospitals. This is true in some countries where the system has been mismanaged -- notably in the United Kingdom.
Avatar m tn Hi i had comprehensive private blood tests about 2 weeks ago, i took them to my doctor and he retested me for all of them to check, i think they suggest hyperthyroid, possible malabsorption, possible auto immune, any thoughts/ Vit D = 26 ( second test 24 ), Normal range = 75 to 200 Vit Folate = 3.8 (second test 3.4), private normal range 4.6 - 18.
Avatar m tn The fact that the pain occurred in a diffuse arc, but lacked any specific pain point and could not be reproduced when pressed/probed, made my doctor next suspect a back/nerve related 'phantom' pain. I've been getting monthly osteopathic treatment for years now, and they did think there is sensitivity in the lowest back/rib joint which could explain the pain.
Avatar m tn Pylori test comes back positive as the treatment (called Triple therapy) is quick and simple. If it comes back negative I am left with the endoscopy (which can check the Duodenum as well as the gut). If this also shows no problems then I guess your probably right and it is my Gallbladder even though external tests are saying not.
Avatar n tn the steroid drops worked instantly and my eyes are getting better, but i have floaters which are annoying, was told by the eye MD he could see them and my brain will get used to them soon. i'm thinking of going private as NHS in the UK is all about budget and saving, So hopfully soon thats my next step. so i could be looking to do the following tests: 1 doppler for the carotid artery check up 2 potassium test 3 scans such as ct or mri of the back and neck?
686769 tn?1236275731 Hi - just a quick update - great news for a change after last year's "annus horribilis" - well my name is Elizabeth, so I can use our Queen's word terminology after the horrendous fire at Windsor Castle. I had a consultation last week with a gastro - not my normal one as he was Consultant on duty on the in-patient wards (the one with a spinning halo around his head) and learned something new, which does alarm me a bit.
Avatar n tn However in ER the doctor did not diagnose it as pancreatitis - he said gastritis. I never had that strong pain again. Tests that were performed in last 6 months: -gastrocopy: normal -colonoscopy: normal -ultrasound: sludge-like deposits in gallbladder -gallbladder contraction test: contracts in 32% -CT scan: normal -MRI scan: normal -endoscopic ultrasound: normal, however the doctor said that my pancreas consistency is more solid than usually in my age -some blood tests showed bilirubin 1.
Avatar n tn The locked door is the Psychological aspect,a learnt behaviour,response to stress is modified and Opioid recall manifests,this can be permanent,this is the purpose of Psychotherapy,to learn to deal with life without drugs.
Avatar n tn I'll see him again in 2 weeks (unless it worsens) to follow up on this treatment. If I'm still having problems, he said there are prescription meds he could give me at that time. He also decided not to release me to go back to work for another 2 weeks (I am utilizing the FMLA). I am so very fearful of soiling myself at work and the pain nearly doubles me over.
Avatar n tn Pancreatitis Action to Take: Call 911 or go to an emergency room right away. Acute pancreatitis can cause shock, which may result in death if not treated quickly. _____ Symptoms : Extremely sharp abdominal pain, perhaps with other acute symptoms. Possible Causes: *Pelvic inflammatory disease *Heart attack *Perforated stomach ulcer *Shock, from allergy *Diabetic emergency *Poisoning Action to Take: Call 911 or go to an emergency room right away.
940391 tn?1255758976 It took months to heal, finally did my chemo and just finished 2mos ago. It sucked, but I digress. Towards the end of my treatment I suffered from shortness of breath and a pressure in my chest. Oncologist kept saying it was a side effect but when I spiked a little fever they did a CT w/contrast and I was told I had pneumonia.
Avatar n tn I think the scope irritated the reflux and has made it worse.
Avatar f tn Hello Sir/Madam, Good to know that u feel relaxed n happy after the treatment. Have a Good Speedy Recovery & we pray for ur GOOD HEALTH & LONG LIFE. My son aged 23 yrs has Chronic Pancreatitis & recently between 14-24 Sept 2011---Endoscopic, Endo Sonography, X-Rays etc..etc.. performed. & then ERCP, & SPHINCTEROTOMY was done in order to flush out the stones---now he is feeling comfortable. May I know which Hospital & the Doctor(s) you consulted ??