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Avatar m tn i have seen people like one of my relatives she had hep c got injection and severe fatigue also she was not able to clear the virus so i guess its useless maybe i am also doing homeopathy treatment for my liver and i feel very energetic the homeopathic doctor advised me to not go for interferon this is not good.
Avatar n tn I am 2 years status post treatment, 2nd year in a row with no trace in my blood. Thank God for that. But-I still have joint pain every day, still have low energy and now have developed DIABETES. I saw a rheumatologist as I had a positive rheumatoid factor. She said I do not have rheumatoid arthritis, no damage to the joints. Can't take nonsteroidals because I have damage to my liver. When I ask for something for the pain, I get treated like a drug seeker.
Avatar n tn Generally no treatment is needed unless very rare complications. The most important point is to be sure of the diagnosis by your doctor. Dr K.
Avatar n tn rather than lots of medications to treat depression, muscle aches, brain fog, headaches lethargy and fatigue; i am clueless as to the state of my liver, because apart from a fibrotest done in 2004: which was stage one: i do not know the present state of my health: aprt from what i experience : so i guess thats going to be my next line of approach: (just to actually get myself to the doctors or homeopath, is so difficult, its like i really dont want to face them its mad) till the n
Avatar f tn I am also going through the agony of losing my 9 yr. old baby mini poodle to Pancreatitis, Cushings Disease, lung problems, & many enlarged organs that probably have tumors on them. Some Vets say yes, some are not sure. I will NOT put her through a Biopsy & chemo. She is not strong enough. I want her to live out her days happy, like she is now, not like a zombie, in pain from chemo. I too don't know when the time is right. As many here say...
Avatar m tn Finally, after suffering with this pain, I went to the er the next day and was admitted for acute pancreatitis. Needless to say, I don't advocate the use of Victoza. The only plus of using the medication was the weight loss, although, I'm not sure it was worth all the pain.
Avatar n tn I have had diarrhoea for 3 days, can you tell me when it is likely to stop, I have taken (loperamide hydrochloride USP 2mg) Yesterday it was every 15 mins for 12 hours, When can i expect to eat again and what should i eat
203342 tn?1328740807 She went for the accupuncture treatments, 5 in all, and then had her blood work redone and her liver enzymes were still high but had come down alot. Out vet believes in homopathy treatment and I am glad we were open to this. We are just taking it one day at a time. I just discovered this web site and I must say that this forum is such a good and helpful idea. It lets us all know we have someone to talk to about our dog's problems and know we are not alone.
Avatar n tn doctors checked my anus through finger and told me that there is no damage near the anus. I even went to homeopathy doctor, she told me it could be bacterial infection and gave some medicines but they too did not help me. symptoms and observations: I feel that I release more gas when I sit. I have some sort of mild burning sensation near my left chest after eating. I release foul smelling gas whether I eat or starve. I have wetness near my anal region. My breath also smells bad.