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Avatar n tn I have been diagnosed with Chronic Pancreatitis and since then have seen a gastro doctor. He is recommending that I have my gallbladder removed, or as he stated "yank it out". He has me on Urso 250mg @ 3 times a day; Nexium @ 40mgs; and Viokase 8 tab 5 times a day then given me percocet for when I am in pain. First off, I am very concerned about removal of my gallbladder as a cure-all, it seems drastic.
6472661 tn?1381772732 Pancreatitis is a very painful condition, but unfortunately, there is no cure. It is managed with fluids, antibiotics, anti-emetic (anti nausea/vomiting medications) and pain medications. I did not personally examine your dog, but it sounds very much like pancreatitis. It may take a while for her to overcome this and she can have relapses in the future.
902019 tn?1249865014 I was diagnosed 2 years ago with AIP, have a 25 year history of autoimmune disorders (eosinophilic vasculitis, mild Sjogren's). Usually have done well with prednisone for the various flare-ups but with AIP, still recurring symptoms and the elevated IgG4 periodically. Next step may be Imuran. Is there anyone out there who has had good results with Imuran for autoimmune pancreatitis?
Avatar m tn sgot,sgpt=2000,fever,weakness,60y,malewhat is the cause and treatment?is it serious?
Avatar f tn I've been hospitalized with pancreatitis twice in the last 2 years. I have type2 diabetes, I'm overweight. I am a 60 year old African American female. DIAGNOSIS: My gastroenterologist came up with nothing Murilax and Amitiza. Not very effective. After doing research on my own, I discovered digestive enzymes. I've purchased some from Enzymedica that have helped tremendously, but not totally--because I don't know enough about my needs.
Avatar f tn We are seeing a pediatric gastroenterologist and are in the midst of a bunch of tests on much of her entilre body but I want to make sure she gets the best treatment initially once a treatment process is started. I would be happy to travel to the best one or have my present doctor consult with one on the cutting edge of knowledge about this blastocystis and how it affects the digestive system and the body.
Avatar m tn com another cure treatment described by the patient himself whose DNA became UND in 3 months, HBsAg negative and anti-HBs weakly positive after 2 years. Only my wife yelled that I am going to experiment to my grave and my much respected hepatologist smiled at looking at us yelling.
Avatar n tn I was in the hospital last month with pancreatitis. The treatment is for no food. The pancreas needs to rest, and by not eating it can heal. Your baby will get plenty of nourishment from what your body has stored. Not being a Dr I can only guess that another case of pancreatitis would be worse for the baby than to go without food for a few days. By leaving without the Dr discharging you. You are showing the Drs that you are unwilling to follow Drs orders.
Avatar f tn Unfortunately the new DAA's that they are using to treat patients now have many drugs that are countraindicated during treatment. Fortunately the treatment is only 12 weeks now for most people. Ask your deoctor if there is a safe drug for you to take while treating.
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Avatar n tn Unlike HIV, successful hepatitis C treatment can result in viral clearance. The main goal of treatment is a sustained virologic response, when HCV remains undetectable six months after completion of therapy. More than 85% of people who have achieved an sustained virologic response remain free of HCV five years after completion of therapy. Secondary goals of treatment include normalization of liver enzymes and improvement in liver inflammation and fibrosis.
10805050 tn?1420939120 It is one pill a day and for treatment naive patients your treatment could be as short as 8 weeks. Look around the site and read some posts I am sure you will learn a lot that way. A link was started about what treatment people did and their results an unscientific survey but still interesting here is the link to that post http://www.medhelp.
Avatar f tn I want to know if the medication is right, does it have side effects? Secondly, what should be a do's and don'ts for such paitents. How much time does it take to cure such desiese.
Avatar m tn I suffer intractable Chronic Pain 24/7 due to a rare spinal cord disease called ARachnoiditis, there is no cure nor treatment for this disease..Opioids are our only treatment..This disease is called the silent epidemic, b/c you can only get it from Doctor's...
1330624 tn?1282845059 while this doesn’t necessarily signify disease progression, it is a favorable indicator for successful treatment. I did several years of interferon ribavirin treatment and other than fatigue, and some mild cognitive issues I managed fairly well. The doctor is right in that lifestyle is important; if you have some free time right now, and not under a tremendous amount of pressure, it might be a good time to get this done with… Welcome to the discussion group, by the way.
Avatar f tn If the treatment arm in the GS-7977 combined with GS-5885 is successful we could be looking at a treatment w/ a high cure rate, a shorter treatment time and one that may be safer and more tolerable. (There are also other interferon sparing treatments coming from other companies as well) This may not be a good choice for someone w/ advanced liver disease-they may not be able to wait. For someone with mild damage it may indeed be worth considering.
233616 tn?1312790796 Was it Hyper or hypo before you started treatment? There are proven drugs to cure this easily. Was you condition something unusual? I haven't had a cold or flu in years, because at first sign I take liquid Echinacea. What do you think of Milk Thistle? You give credit to GH, which is fine, but why take the risk? I don't want to beat a dead horse, so I'll leave it at this.
Avatar n tn You may need serum amylase and an imaging study to confirm pancreatitis. Treatment is mainly symptomatic.Correction of hydration and rest. Seek medical help. Take care!
1674610 tn?1317005820 Why is this disease so hard to diagnose, and cure. My mother died of pancreas cancer, since I have pancreastis does this mean pancreastis can turn to cancer! Why is it so hard to treat this organ out of every other organ we have. I was kinda wondering, if doing a gastro-bypass on patients with pancreastis, could it heal or totally retire the affects of the gallbladder and pacncreas from working so hard? I don't know!
Avatar f tn what is the right treatment?can we finish the larva when it reach at lungs or in throught? does coughing cure by itself after larva swallen into the stomuch?
Avatar n tn Do you drink a lot of alcohol? That generally causes pancreatitis, the symptoms of which can show up slowly and then knock you down into the hospital for weeks in severe pain. What exactly did you doctor tell you, and what treatment did he recommend?
Avatar n tn I am Sajith,aged 26 years,male and a resident of India.I have been suffering from Jaundice for the past three months.After this I am using food items with little oil and spices,and also I am a teetotaller. Doctor diagnosed my disease as "Acute Virus A hepatitis.Acute Pancreatitis+Haemolysis". My bilirubin(T),SGOT,SGPT for the previous three test are as follows bilirubin(T){mg/dl} SGOT{U/L} SGPT{U/L} 1. 3 57 131 2. 1.8 25 39 3. 0.
Avatar f tn If your dog was only diagnosed with pancreatitis four days ago she shouldn't be on food yet. The treatment for pancreatitis is to keep the dog on IV fluids ONLY for one week so that the pancreas can have TOTAL rest and not have to produce enzymes to digest anything. If you try to rush this healing procedure you will not have a favorable outcome.
Avatar n tn they can occur after pancreatitis, and when small may not need any treatment at all. As to the cure rate of pancreatic cancer: it's not good. Cancer of the body of the pancreas is practically never cured, because it's never found early enough, before it's spread. In general, the ones that are cured are the ones that occur close to the bile duct, so the patient gets jaundice, which leads to discovery, very early in the course. Even then, the cure rate is discouragingly low.
Avatar n tn COM I have not started treatment yet but will begin in January on conventional treatment. The herb that you mention IS NOT a cure.....please understand this. It only from my understanding this herb provides the ultimate in liver support in what the liver is suppose to do. Once again it is not a cure for HEP C. Hope this helps.......
Avatar f tn pancreatitis,perisplenitis,urinary tract infections 6.heart :pericarditis,myocarditis,heart block 7.blood: unexplained leucopenia,thrombocytopenia,monocytosis and definitely raised ESR 8.arthritis and weight loss Diagnosis: based on your symptoms,it may vary from person to person,from tiredness to loss of consciousness. Lab diagnosis:1.ANA test 2.complete ANA profile 3.urine routine 4.blood routine 5.
Avatar n tn Bloods were normal except urea was raised slightly, Amylase normal so no pancreatitis. This continued for 1 month without any relief. We had been to the ER (A/E) twice during this time but no further tests were carried out other than a Helicobactor pylori test which came back negative. Then my GP (family Dr) prescribed Acidex another alginate which then started him burping continuously since.
Avatar f tn He didn't recommend any medicine or treatment for this except to take heat wraps. He again gave me Philips colon health and probiotic for the stomach troubles. But what about my Back ache, neck issue and head aches? I don't know. He said I need no surgery or any treatment for the curve in my spine. I am just cluless about the treatment to my back pain. What should I do now?
Avatar m tn A course of treatment I underwent turned to be effective but only by 90 percent. I live in Russia and was treated here. Diagnosis: irritate large intestine syndrome associated apparently with chronic pancreatitis. Other doctors had made a diagnosis of irritate large intestine syndrome with prevalence of meteorism reasoning from results of the following surveys: abdominal cavity ultrasound, gastroenterostomy with biopsy, analysis of feces for dysbacteriosis.
Avatar f tn Please share your understanding of my cousin's case. I also heartily request you to suggest me a cure and treatment for the same. Can she undergo blood and bonemarrow transplant to cure the situation permanently? If she can, please recommend some institues where it can be done. I will be highly glad and cordially thankful to you if any information and suggestion is shared regarding the case. Your smallest of the help will ease my family's worries. Looking forward for your help.