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Avatar f tn Here's the article... Dr. Denise Faustman thinks she has a shot at curing diabetes. She has published one significant scientific paper after another on the disease. She has succeeded in curing it in mice, something no one else has accomplished. But when Dr. Faustman, an associate professor of medicine at Harvard, went looking for money to finance the next stage of her research, testing the ideas with diabetes patients, she could find no backers. Pharmaceutical companies turned her down.
Avatar f tn In this article it talked about cyberchondriacs and how people were rushing off to their Drs suspecting MS. Is this why the Neuros are so dismissive of us? I had these problems way before I had internet. I wish I could remember the article, it was a while back. But they said MS seems to pull everyone in. Anyone ever think this is why we are getting the great brush off?
Avatar n tn Your husband is receiving the standard medical treatment for a severe acute pancreatitis attack. Often severe cases can take several weeks to subside. The doctors are controlling his nausea and replacing his fluids and allowing the pancreas total rest by restricting solid food. The antibiotics were given as a safeguard in case any infection resulted from his attack. This, too, is standard procedure after an acute attack.
Avatar n tn Also, medscape has those depressing mortality figures. It sounds like I'm dead meat if I have this. One article said there is no treatment yet I hear of people who end up having surgeries. I know the pancreas is critical, but are there NO treatments? Does everybody just die in ten years? Are there people who have had this treated and have lived with it for a long time?
Avatar n tn , Chowdhury, T., and Miedema, B.W. (1998) Endoscopic sphincterotomy for the treatment of gallstone pancreatitis during pregnancy. Surgical Endoscopy, 12(5), 394-399 (May). Bernard, P., Lopez, J.F., Kitmacher, P., Doublier, C., and Peyretou, C. (1990) Acute pancreatitis and pregnancy. A recent case report. [Article in French] J Gynecol Obstet Biol Reprod (Paris), 19(8), 1006-1010. Block, P., and Kelly, T.R. (1989) Management of gallstone pancreatitis during pregnancy and the postpartum period.
Avatar n tn Unlike HIV, successful hepatitis C treatment can result in viral clearance. The main goal of treatment is a sustained virologic response, when HCV remains undetectable six months after completion of therapy. More than 85% of people who have achieved an sustained virologic response remain free of HCV five years after completion of therapy. Secondary goals of treatment include normalization of liver enzymes and improvement in liver inflammation and fibrosis.
Avatar n tn It sounds like I'm dead meat if I have this. One article said there is no treatment yet I hear of people who end up having surgeries. I know the pancreas is critical, but are there NO treatments? Does everybody just die in ten years? Have any of you been living with this for much longer? I'm almost terrified to post this because when you post to a community, you get a lot of experiences but I'm hoping a doctor would chime in.
Avatar m tn Stage of Research EAE mice treated daily with anti-histamine receptor 1 have decreased disease severity and delayed onset of the disease compared to controls. Also, treatment with antihistamine receptor 1 leads to significant changes in the serum IgG recognition of some healthy brain antigenic targets. Advantage Safe - antihistamines are established drugs with less severe side effects than current MS treatments e.g.
10805050 tn?1420939120 It is one pill a day and for treatment naive patients your treatment could be as short as 8 weeks. Look around the site and read some posts I am sure you will learn a lot that way. A link was started about what treatment people did and their results an unscientific survey but still interesting here is the link to that post http://www.medhelp.
Avatar m tn A radical group of doctors and law enforcement have submitted a petition to the FDA that would effectively eliminate treatment of chronic pain with opioids. The maximum treatment would be 3 months and the amounts prescribed very limited despite the amount of pain suffered or the amount of medication you currently receive. You may read the petition here: And respond to the FDA here:!
Avatar n tn Despite that in the research I've seen it says only about 20% of patients who undergo the ERCP and sphincterotomy get pancreatitis, the super specialist in SF said in his experience he would say the number is more like 50%. He says if my mom got pancreatitis she would be in the more horrible pain imaginable and that she would "wish she had her old pain back." So hearing that doesn't exactly make he anxious to do it. The past few months have been a roller coaster.
233616 tn?1312790796 A guy has a heart attack at 45 because he took treatment. doesn't mean the treatment caused it. could have been his genetics and a million gut bombs..or that he was a prison subject, still it will go down in the list of possible side effevts. there's no way to prove a drug causes evert reaction. Not when they are only around for a few years anyway.Part of the bad rap for GH comes from all the misuse, athletic and hollywood, but docs won't prescribe megadoses for people to become the hulk.
Avatar f tn The « gastrointestinal doctor in Québec, Canada» Has given me the choice to proceed with the triple treatment but suggested that I wait for 3 to 5 years for an optional treatment which may have less side effects. I am wagering for the treatment because I am presently eligible for insurance coverage that will not be available to me in 3 years when my husband retires from his present employment.
931217 tn?1283484935 [12] Though dystocia can sometimes be treated medically, allowing natural delivery to proceed, the majority of dogs and cats with dystocia require surgical treatment.[10-13] Most females recovery fully from c-sections, though the risks of such surgery are likely greater than those of a planned spay surgery due to the emergency nature of the procedure and the often compromised health of the female due to the dystocia.
Avatar m tn There is great need for your Dad to be getting appropriate treatment by a qualified dr. In the meantime...there is a good article below that may be able to answer many of the questions you have... It explains causes, complications and treatments. Hope your Dad feels better soon. You need to make sure the dr. is taking care of this soon.
104652 tn?1196603908 My triglycerides jumped up over 1500 during this round of treatment, and my team was concerned about pancreatitis too. I started Tricor and Omega 3 and Zocor, and now it's down to 500. Still high, but not wildly high. It's very common.
Avatar f tn In November 2008 I went into the hospital with pancreatitis. I knew nothing about pancreatitis before that day but that day changed my life forever. I went into the emergency room 3 times before they finally figured out what was wrong and admitted me. Once they realized the severity of my condition they said if I had waited even 24 before getting treatment I could have died. I was there for 10 days. I spent my 30th Birthday and Thanksgiving in that hospital.
Avatar f tn How Is Pancreatitis Treated? Treatment for acute pancreatitis People with acute pancreatitis are treated with IV fluids and pain medications in the hospital. In up to 25% of patients, the pancreatitis can be severe and patients may need to be admitted to an intensive care unit (ICU). In the ICU, the patient is closely watched because pancreatitis can damage the heart, lungs, or kidneys. Some cases of severe pancreatitis can result in death of pancreatic tissue.
Avatar f tn July 2008 - Two MRI's, found boney hemangioma (incedental) on left C2 vertabrae, no treatment recommended Aug 2008 - CT scan, nothing other than hemangioma, no treatment recommended, symptoms persist. Begin experiencing nausea in evening and through the night which is highly unusual. Sep 2008 - Blood test reveal thyroid levels extremely out of normal range (both over and under levels at the same time).
997730 tn?1254281976 6 Years post treatment, (I was fortunate in that I was undetectable at 4 weeks in a 6 month treatment). Now, among other issues (psoriatic arthritis, degenerative disk disease, stenosis), I've been diagnosed with Discoid Lupus. My hair is falling out. The rheumatologist said that interferon treatment is known to trigger lupus, but the Hep C itself could also.
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Avatar f tn This would tend to make the pancreatitis a priority for remedying. However, if the pancreatitis is a chronic condition, then a combined treatment (much like what you are doing now) is probably the right path to take. In any event, I think you are certainly doing all you can do, for now. You are right to keep phosphorus in the diet low too.
Avatar m tn A phase III trial was moving forward, and I was surprised to learn that a patient receiving alisporivir had died of pancreatitis. The US Food and Drug Administration noted a possible association of pancreatitis with alisporivir and instituted a “clinical hold.” A full evaluation of the alisporivir data set is now under way, and we wait to see whether any possible risks can be managed and whether it is safe to resume testing.
428506 tn?1296560999 She stopped eating, became severely HYPOthyroid, and developed pancreatitis to boot. She was hospitalized 3 times during this ordeal. She was ultimately released on no thryroid meds, with follow-up. The plan was to get her eating again first and then re-test thyroid levels. Well, we took her home and did syringe feeding. She would also eat small amounts of fancy feast on her own. We managed to help her put back on 0.25 lb this way, but her thyroid levels again went hyper.
Avatar n tn Find out what genotype you are 3. Start treatment and beat this disease -- the virus isn't just sitting around 4. Watch out for herbal products (there are a LOT of scammers out there that promise Hep C 'cures' for a certain price), some of these products actually cause harm to the liver -- none can cure hepatitis either -- NONE In most cases this is a slow moving disease. It isn't a death sentence.
Avatar m tn The AST is also elevated after a myocardial infarction, and during acute pancreatitis, acute hemolytic anemia, severe burns, acute renal disease, musculoskeletal diseases, and trauma. The normal range for AST levels in the bloodstream are 5 IU/L to 43 IU/L.
Avatar n tn stones in the duct; a liver disorder; pancreatitis; gastritis and/or is the bile duct too close to the stomach and needs to be moved further down the small intestine? What tests should we request from a Doctor to find the cause/causes and move towards resolving his ill health?
1916673 tn?1420236870 Increased results suggest liver damage, severe shock, toxin ingestion, Cushing's disease, acute or chronic hepatitis and/or pancreatitis among other secondary and primary conditions. Lowered results are rare, but more common during Cephalosporin treatment using certain medicines that kill bacteria or prevent their growth. Lowered results are also indicative of increased blood lactate, which interferes with the blood test enzyme reaction when measuring.
Avatar n tn I was desperate to get rid of the pain on my right side I opted for the ERCP with sphincterotomy knowing that my chances were about 20% of getting pancreatitis from the procedure. Which I did. I spent 3 days in the hospital. I'm home now on a liquid diet. The discharge nurse told me that I quite possibly had pancreatitis long before it was determined that my gallbladder needed to come out. But because it was full of stones, the doctors thought that was the cure all solution.