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Avatar n tn Did the vet say an ultra-sound should be done. My dog had all the symptoms of pancreatitis - and we found out when it was too late that he had eaten a piece of rubber - and it was lodged in his intestines. It didnt show up on an x-ray ... but did when i decided to take him for an ultra-sound. Unfortunately, Willie was too weak, and passed away.
Avatar f tn OMG I can't believe I'm not the only one dealing with a puppy with pancreatitis...My puppy has been in and out of the vets office more times than I care to count since we got her in May. This little Chessie is just miserable. She will be great for a few days and then within a matter of a few hours she can be in pain and so sick. I am able to do IVs at home if I need to, but my question is what do you get them to eat? Pumpkin she loves...yogurt at times.
Avatar f tn Hello, I found this puppy no older than 6 months. iwant to keep him, but in the last 2 to 3 days, he has lost alot of weight. he has no energy like he used to, he WILL NOT EAT OR DRINK anything. I have been trying to nurse him back to health by trying to get him to eat and drink. I have no money to take him to the vet, expecially if it is something minor. he has diarrhea also, but not to much because he won't eat or drink. I don't know what to do.
Avatar f tn A 13 week old puppy who is vomiting and off his feed needs to be seen by his vet ASAP. Is he up to date on his vaccinations? Vomiting and going off their feed is one of the first symptoms of distemper or parvo. What was the puppy seen by the vet for on January 2? I'm guessing you meant that it was January 2, 2012 and not 2011 since he's only 13 weeks old? Just need to clarify that.
Avatar n tn gall stones, liver, pancreas, ovaries (cancer)? What would produce these symptoms and have them chronically occur yet not all the time? I am tired of it and want to figure it out. My last GYN was seemingly normal (9/02), although since then I have not had a period since October. Feel aware of low pelvis being sometimes achey, but do not seem bloated really, and have lost a bit of weight, but am by no means underweight. I have felt peri-menopausal for a couple years.
Avatar n tn If it's a puppy, you could be looking at something fatal like Parvo, which you don't have long to treat before it gets out of hand.... You also don't say where the blood is coming from...If it's associated with her diarrhea, it could be anything from parasites to poison....If it's from her Vulva, it could be a kidney, bladder, or Urinary tract infection which would need to be treated with Antibiotics from your Vet... The hiding is considered a symptom of PAIN!
Avatar m tn Usually accompanied by hematomas (pockets of blood under the skin), this condition is present from birth. Pancreatitis- Pancreatitis is the inflammation of the pancreas. This condition can occur once in dogs life, or be the first of many (chronic) occurrences. One of the main contributors to pancreatic flair ups is dietary (dog fed a particularly high fat meal), which the digestive system is not accustomed to.
129422 tn?1222703189 Our 6 1/2 year-old neutered male Maltese (on the thin side, never been overweight, eating high grade, intestinal friendly food since puppy and rarely given anything other than reg. dog food) has been having intermittent tummy and obscure pain issues for a month and and half and after 10 trips to vet's office and three blood profiles (one comprehensive one), other than initial dx of pancreatitis, vet is stumped as to what might be wrong.
Avatar m tn He had a great diet, awesome energy, and thought he was a puppy. One episode of pancreatitis leads to this?! I would just like to hear anyone's opinions, personal stories, suggestions, anything. Thanks in advance.
543578 tn?1214415607 I have a 2 1/2 year old male Reindeer Chihuahua, and a few weeks ago while my friend was puppy sitting and called me and said to come home that he thinks Buster (my dog) is having a seizure. So of course I came home and he seemed fine. I asked what happened he said that Buster just started to shake and making this weird face and his mouth was like distorted and he started foaming at the mouth then it was over.
Avatar m tn It could actually be that he has mild IBD, or Inflammatory Bowel Disease. This can have many of the same symptoms as pancreatitis, although I am curious as to what made them think it was pancreatitis when so many of the symptoms also point to other things. There must have been SOMETHING that brought that to mind. Hopefully it will be in the notes. Your poor wife! Tell her that she is most definitely in my thoughts and prayers and I send her wishes for a very speedy recovery!
Avatar f tn She is a terrier mixed breed, possibly wheaten terrier mix. Her symptoms started after she got into a 4x8 inch piece of rhubarb crisp dessert left on the counter. I had guests over and she doesn't jump on the counters, but while I went to work and the guests were outside the kitchen, she managed to pull down the pan and lick it clean. When I got home from work, she had thrown up the entire contents of the dessert and pooped a normal size/color/consistency stool.
Avatar n tn My dog recently diagnosed w/Cushing symptoms and shes only 7 yrs...I am not real good yet regarding the disease...I have been on forum asking same questions...there is though a person on this forum, that does know, hopefully they will respond to you... Good Luck...
Avatar m tn Sorry, but I agree with all of the above and those can be symptoms of pancreatitis which is very painful, and that is only one of many possibilities. No, your father should not own animals and is just inhumane of him to let one suffer like that! Show him these forum responses. If it were me, father or not, I would get that dog to the Vet ASAP. Nothing I can suggest he could do for the poor thing.
129422 tn?1222703189 This blood panel didn't show any pancreatitis at that time, but I guess bouts of pancreatitis can come and go. The doctor indicated that in dogs that are prone to pancreatitis that even very small amounts of high fat items could bring about a mild case of pancreatitis---even a potato chip or two (Baxter is only 6 lbs.). I doubt too it was the popcorn. Could have been something he found on the ground or something in the yard -- who knows -- could be none of those things.
Avatar n tn He can keep water down most of the time but has thrown it up a few times. Other than these symptoms he is playful, seems ok. We gave him 1 tsp of pepto a few minutes ago but it hasn't been long enough to see if it worked. Is this something we should rush him to the vet tomorrow or is this pretty normal and should we give him 24 hours or so to recover on his own? Any other home remedies we can do to keep him comfortable? We are watching him for dehydration.
1462810 tn?1327364049 I was hospitalized last month for three weeks and strangers took care of them where I had been renting a room for only a week. They have MANY dogs (twelve, eleven of which are mostly excitable little dachsunds rescued from a puppy mill that was shut down near here. They also have (as pets) sheep, goats, chickens, ducks, geese, and a rescued raggedy turkey that wants to peck the dogs. Gidget was a nervous wreck when I came home but seemed to settle down immediately.
Avatar n tn A short-term regimen (a week or so) is usually tolerated fairly well, but longer than that puts you in a position where your dog is flirting with developing diabetes mellitus, Cushing's Disease, pancreatitis, or several other problems. By doing bloodwork at least twice during the two months he's being treated you can keep track of how his system is tolerating the steroids. Weaning him off at the earliest sign of problems would be possible if you're keeping track of how he's responding.
Avatar f tn The last blood tests came back from the lab this afternoon and showed she did not have pancreatitis. She is slightly better today as far as getting up and walking a few yards. Her tummy is still as big or bigger. She is eating tinned rice and chicken purchased from my vet, on his advice. She had a painkilling injection from the vet at around 1 pm yesterday which sent her into s sort of weird trance-like state.
1916673 tn?1420236870 Increased results suggest liver damage, severe shock, toxin ingestion, Cushing's disease, acute or chronic hepatitis and/or pancreatitis among other secondary and primary conditions. Lowered results are rare, but more common during Cephalosporin treatment using certain medicines that kill bacteria or prevent their growth. Lowered results are also indicative of increased blood lactate, which interferes with the blood test enzyme reaction when measuring.
218177 tn?1240143819 If you can't find financing for testing and treatment like Care Credit, then you're left with treating the symptoms the best way you can. If he ends up suffering from pain, then you'll have to resort to putting him down. Veterinary medicine can perform some true miracles, but those miracles are expensive. You might try posting your situation to the vets here at Med Help and see if they can offer any alternatives - like cheaper testing for one thing.
Avatar f tn He has chronic diarrhea and has had this condition since he was a puppy... but it has gotten worse. But in all honesty... no other symptoms. Everyone tells me that he looks and acts like a puppy... he still plays with his adopted sister, who is a very big puppy (and will always be... LOL!
129961 tn?1189759434 If she happens to get pancreatitis your new baby, will be one sick puppy, and you could possibly lose her. So please be cautious of what you or others are feeding her off your plates, and consider not doing it at all, to ensure your puppy has a happy, healthy, and long life. I Hope This Helps!
Avatar n tn My young puppy just went through this and ended up being a stomach like flu he gave her some intestinal med to calm her stomach and after 2 days she's eats like normal
Avatar f tn When I was released I had noticed my dog was losing weight, throwing up and not eating much, Didnt think anything of it as sometimes he may eat something doesnt agree and throw up. Its been a few days now and symptoms are worse, he has lost tremendous amt of weight, drinking lots of water and throwing up after-wards, has not ate anything or will take anything, nose is very dry and stuffed up and he is panting now.
Avatar n tn I've been hospitalized twice in 3 wks, 5 days than 4 days now home dropping weight and in pain. I was diagnosed with severe chronic Pancreatitis, Duodenumitis, ulcers, gastritis and gastroparesis. When my GI said "you have a paralyzed stomach" I immediately asked "Can that be related to Chiari?" Of course his answer was no.
Avatar f tn I have an ~18 year old terrier mix rescue dog who developed chronic kidney disease--stage 2, about 2 weeks after an episode of acute pancreatitis—now about 7 weeks ago. He had been on metacam for degenerative joint disease (elbow, spine, hips) for about 2 years, so we have been monitoring his blood work at least every 6 months. His creatinine had been creeping up slowly, but entered the abnormal zone at 1.
Avatar f tn a 3 year old Great Pyrenees male and an 8 month old Airedale Terrier puppy. When we found the puppy and picked him up, blood flowed from him nose and mouth. That was caused by pooling of blood after death so the fact that your Chi had that happen to her, did not surprize me at all; there was no trauma to our puppy; he died in his sleep.
Avatar f tn On the positive side, another dogs human waiting at the Vets couldn't believe how old our dog was, she thought he was only a puppy, about 1year old (he does have shorter hair than his portrait!). That was quite nice! We'll just keep plodding on with different ideas for his food. He has a more varied diet than we do at the moment!
6839387 tn?1385681693 It is normal for most of us. Typically a dogs kidneys are 75% destroyed, before any symptoms start to become obvious. Like you, I just thought my dog was getting older, and starting to lose control over her bladder. Because of my experience with my own dog, I now recommend that all senior dogs should have annual blood testing to assess kidney and liver functions. You are doing a wonderful job, you are providing the best care you can.