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Avatar n tn I have had acute pancreatitis and now have chronic pancreatitis, so maybe I can answer some of your questions. Some symptoms of pancreatitis include a swollen and tender abdomen, nausea, vomiting, fatigue, sometimes a fever and rapid pulse. Weight loss is frequent. The nausea, pain and vomiting often follows a meal of some sort, and can be triggered more severely by foods heavy in fats. Often there is pain in the abdomen and between the ribs at the base of the sternum.
Avatar n tn My doctor has not suggested this, he is trying to ignore my symptoms for some reason. He found a small liver cyst, 2 weeks ago and then sent me for blood work. When he called for the results of my bloodwork he said to me "basically your bloodwork is normal" I'm going to call it normal. Then he said he wanted to see me in six months for another ultrasound of liver. In the meantime this side pain persists on a daily basis.
Avatar f tn My chocolate lab "Skip" is about 10 years old and developed pancreatitis for the first time. We took him to the doctor he never vomited or diahrea until the day after he got to the vets office. His amalyse was high like 8000 and his glucose and white blood count low but we got an ultrasound to make sure not cancer. He started to show improvements with the IV and antibiotic. Now a week later he is starting to decline and the vet has tried everything.
Avatar n tn I have had ultra sound, upper GI, Endoscopy, CT scan, MRI, MRCP. Hida Scan, back xrays, and all the lab work, that includes blood test for pancreas and liver. They did find two side branch lesions about 1 cm each in the pancreas. The radiologist and my pancreatic specialist said they need to be monitored and no real concern at this time. The endoscopy found mild gastritis. All other test are normal.
Avatar n tn It hurt her liver and she is on liver pills right now. She is totally back to her old self now though! So it is possible to recover. Didn't you say your dog is back to her oldself? I don't understand why you would euthanize her if she is. Maybe I miss-read your post.....
Avatar n tn Cessation of alcohol intake is imperative, particularly if this is the underlying etiology of pancreatitis. Abstinence does not always lead to symptomatic improvement; however, patients with alcohol-induced chronic pancreatitis who continue to drink have increased mortality.
Avatar f tn Oh, he also said that squeezing (Boa Const) feeling that starts in my abdomen and slowly goes all the way up to my neck and is one of the most painful and scariest feelings I've ever had is a (drum roll please)...................CRAMP????? Hahahahaha, dipshit! All my symptoms point to Pancreatitis. I am going to my regular GI Doc on Tues, excited to maybe get some answers. I also "googled" the results of my Transvaginal Ultrasound, ha!
Avatar n tn The nurse telling me a LITTLE gave me some comfort but all these symptoms and he seems to check out better than we thought. With all of his symptoms it really shocked us. He has lost over 22lbs now in just a few wks. He stopped taking all the medicines except the antibiotic and is back to drinking. I will keep posting. Thank you so very much. I really needed to talk.
Avatar n tn spasiming pain ' thats tolerable for now directly in my left ribs. While I was there they did a CT scan-negative except for fatty liver, Abdominal Ultrasound -negative ,MRCP negative,EGD negative. I also had a Hida scan that was abnormal -Impression: prompt uptake in the gallbladder with a 18% ejection fraction: suggestive of Sphincter of Oddi Dysfunction or Gallbladder disease.I also itch sometimes where the pain areas are on my back & ribs.
Avatar m tn I was diagnosed with mild pancreatitis over 4 years ago it is on going. I currently still am experiencing slight pain on my right side. I have been seen by a GI doctor and a CT Scan, Ultra sound, MRCP have been performed. No issues have been found, I asked if it could be cancer and was told no tumors or cist we found wehn reviewing the xrays. We then tried to stop my BP meds thinking they could be the cause, but I could not stay off of them long enough to make a determination.
Avatar f tn hi i have been having pain under my mid rib cage for almost all my life around 20 years ago i went to the er for the pain xrays showed my gall bladder was enlarged they admitted me that night and removed it the next morning the doctor said it was badly diseased but i still continued to have the pain my stomach doctor said i have barretts esphogus and did a nissen wrap to avoid cancer it failed and i had to have another that also failed so the third surgery was a bad one they had to remove half m
Avatar n tn Hello I would ask your dr about a test for Autoimmune Pancreatitis. I had the same symptoms as you descibe, and I was just diagnosed with this in the summer. It is very rare in the US but they are running into more and more of them. The only difference between you and I, is I had a mass on the tail of my pancreas, and they thought it was cancer. It wouldn't hurt for you to check with your DR about this. Because of your elevated ANA it is a idea. The test is called IgG4.
Avatar n tn (We manage it very well with diet and Vetsulin but it takes dedication, a rigid feeding schedule and 2 shots a day.) Keep an eye out for the symptoms once your pal is well. Early symptoms include increased drinking, iurinating more (accidents may be a sign), weight loss, increased appetite, dehydration and sudden cataract formation.
Avatar n tn Dear Kerrie, Pamcreatitis canbe one of the complications of lupus- either a direct result of the vasculitis or an adverse effect of the medications that you take, It is always necessary to exclude gallstone-induced pancreatitis because stones can cause a more severe pancreatitis as well as cholangitis (inflammation of the bile duct). Pnacreatiti susually presents with sharp painin th ecenter of the abomen near the ribs. The pain may go straiught through to the back.
436191 tn?1256649906 Interview a number of them and see how many of their patients have developed post ERCP pancreatitis. When done in good hands, your risk of post-ERCP pancreatitis is very, very small. Good luck.
Avatar n tn are there stages of infections, pancreatitis, liver disease. This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/236754'>Connection Between Chronic Pancreatitis/Idiopathic and Liver Disease</a>.
Avatar m tn Other common health conditions, such as diabetes, heart disease, pancreatitis, hemolytic anemia and thyroid disease, can also cause liver transaminase elevations. Most liver diseases are characterized by greater ALT elevations than AST elevations except cirrohsis and alcohol abuse. Raised alkaline phosphatase (The normal range is 44 to 147 IU/L (international units per liter).is often found in a growing child and at puberty.
Avatar n tn CT scan showed no evid of stone disease. Pancreas was unremarkable, question of fatty liver/hemangioma in liver. The abdominal pain persisted & he was admitted back into the hospital on Sept 24th. His lipase had gone down to 4119, but his liver enzymes were now elevated with alk phos 157, AST 130, and ALT 262, bilirubin normal, other abnormal labs this time included RBC 4.24(L), HGB 13.2(L), HCT 37.8(L), Lymphs 17.7(L), EOSIN 5.4(H).
1409228 tn?1282347063 May I ask what your symptoms are? I had cholestasis of the liver and the systemic itching wa s a nightmare. I was also jaundice and nauseous. Did they tell you the cause? I have to run but I will ck in with you.
Avatar f tn I'm very scared of pancreatitis and chronic pancreatitis. I have no symptoms at all. I felt great actually.what can cause this elevated lipase? I keep hearing it can be somthing serious and I'm very afraid.i also hear that an ultrasound cannot dect problems with the pancrease and I recently took an ultrasound because of my abnormal bloodwork. Could this just be how my make up is? Or am I doomed to have pancreatitis?
Avatar m tn very high bilirubin levels, liver function is normal. EUS: mild esophagitis MRI: normal The Dr. gave me a diagnosis of gilbert syndrome to justify the bilirubin and said that he is not sure from where my other symptoms are from! Should i settle for this diagnosis even though my symptoms persist or should i consult another Dr?
1124204 tn?1292229577 hello everyone for the last 7-8 years I have been dealing with gastro problems and elevated liver enzymes..I am a 28 year old pack a day smoker I used to binge drink a lot from 19-27 years old and recently have cut down tremendously I have never been diagnosed with pancreatitis but I do suspect from my symptoms this is what the cause of my problems recent lab tests showed everything normal except triglycerides at 277 which was really low for me I have been dieting the last year..........
Avatar f tn I had another ERCP and ended up in the hosital with abdominal pain and fever. The symptoms disappeared quickly but I had elevated liver enzymes and my WBC was high. My CT scan came back normal. I feel my symptoms sound like pancreatitis. But, could I have a normal CT scan and normal A&L levels and still have pancreatitis?
Avatar m tn Presume a 21 year old drinks alcohol on a regular basis, how much each day/each week/how many years will it take for the onset of pancreatitis? How soon – after how much/how frequent- drinking will the symptoms appear?
Avatar n tn But since its a GI query, thought its good if i can get some advice here. few months ago, i became very weal dizzy and ill. still am, i am, i keep getting hypoglycemia symptoms, constant brainfog, i did faint once was taken to emergency hospital.
Avatar m tn Thanks for the reply, my dr has not ordered the pancreatic enzyme labs yet, she feels it is GERD related. I suppose without any other symptoms of pancreatitis it would be low. I am a very anxious person so it's most likely a mixture of the two (GERD and Anxiety). I have no fever, no vomitting, no jaundice, I am at a loss.
Avatar f tn I had my gallbladder removed over one year ago. One week after having it removed I began to have abdominal pain that hurt through to my back. It is very painful and nothing helps. I've had multiple tests done and 2 ERCP's. After the first ERCP the pain stayed gone for 2 months and then returned. After 2nd ERCP, I ended up in the hospital with pain and fever. My CT scan was normal and so were my A&L levels.
Avatar n tn Feel free to post again if you have any more questions. What are the symptoms of chronic pancreatitis? The symptoms are very variable. Pain occurs in most patients at some stage of the disease. This may vary in intensity from mild to severe. It may last for hours or sometimes days at a time and may require strong painkillers to control it. It often radiates through to the back and can sometimes be relieved by crouching forward.
902019 tn?1249865014 I've been on Imuran since mid Oct following a miserable year on and off prednisone which only resulted in AIP symptoms and elevated liver function tests returning after each prednisone course ended. Any side effects on the Imuran? I've had a lot of joint and muscle pain, also some hair loss, but the AIP has been under control.