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Avatar n tn I have had acute pancreatitis and now have chronic pancreatitis, so maybe I can answer some of your questions. Some symptoms of pancreatitis include a swollen and tender abdomen, nausea, vomiting, fatigue, sometimes a fever and rapid pulse. Weight loss is frequent. The nausea, pain and vomiting often follows a meal of some sort, and can be triggered more severely by foods heavy in fats. Often there is pain in the abdomen and between the ribs at the base of the sternum.
Avatar f tn Then in mid November I had food poisoning from my local Whole Foods market...the bloating in my stomach returned (looking 5 mo. pregnant again) and after four days of intense stomach pain, not eating and diarrhea I took myself to a different hospital E.R. (not my insurer). From their CT scan I was told I had pancreatitis, lipids and amylase where also high. I followed up with my insurance provider's GI specialist and an ultrasound, they were unable to provide me with any diagnosis..
Avatar m tn i am a 27 yr old female, with more pancreatitis attacks then i can count in the last year and a half. ive been accused of a frivilious life style which is so far from the truth. ive had every test known for this condition. in the last 2 months i was put on a protien suppliment to replace my emzymes that my pancreas produces. in the first 2 wks i lost 20 lbs, had no appetite, liquid bowel movements, dizziness, fatique, discoloring of the skin,and more symptoms i can even list.
Avatar n tn I have severe bloating after eating too (as well as many other symptoms) and was just diagnosed with gastroparesis. Has he had a gastric emptying study done? Or gallbladder HIDA scan to check for GB disease?
436191 tn?1256649906 Have you ruled out issues relating to disc problems in the neck or muscle problems in the shoulder/torso? I would imagine you had gi pain and symptoms like nausea/bloating/constipation etc. The Sphincter o f Oddi conditon is tricky to diagnose. If you take a smooth muslce relaxant it may give you some indication if that it the issue. Also - be very careful with narcotic meds (percocet etc.) as they cause the sphincter to spasm and can even be the cause of SOD!
Avatar f tn Severe bruising on my abdomin started about a year ago that go from dark color when symptoms are severe and lighter when symptoms are less severe. I have been tested with moderate gastritis,inflamtion around the plyrous valve leving the stomach. I had gastric emptying study which after two hours my stomach didnt empty at all (gastroparesis). This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/884716'>Common problems?</a>.
Avatar n tn I went to see my physician in October for abdominal pain, bloating, and naseau that I thought was related to my menstrual cramps. After trying two different forms of birth control pills to help the symptoms my doctor finally decided I needed to have a laparoscopy to see if I had any tumors or endometriosis. They couldn't find anything and finally took me off of the pill because it made my period very irregular.
Avatar n tn That said, from the information I've read, Pancreatic cancer is often hard to diagnosis and small tumors can be missed on CT scans. I'm just looking for advice from anyone familiar with the symptoms of chronic pancreatitis, or PC, who might be able to offer any advice. I've got an appt w/a gastro. in December but that's pretty far away, and in the meantime, I feel kind of helpless as the abdominal/back pain, floating stools, and fatigue aren't going anywhere.
Avatar n tn But since its a GI query, thought its good if i can get some advice here. few months ago, i became very weal dizzy and ill. still am, i am, i keep getting hypoglycemia symptoms, constant brainfog, i did faint once was taken to emergency hospital.
Avatar n tn My husband and I told him our concerns about the possibility of my having pancreatitis, as I had the exact same symptoms. My doctor quickly dismissed it and sent me home with phenergan saying I more than likely had a virus and it would pass. After vomiting 14 days straight, I was back at my doctor's office... again, phenergan and go home.
902019 tn?1249865014 Usually have done well with prednisone for the various flare-ups but with AIP, still recurring symptoms and the elevated IgG4 periodically. Next step may be Imuran. Is there anyone out there who has had good results with Imuran for autoimmune pancreatitis?
Avatar n tn Is it possible that this is a temporary illnes or do the symptoms suggest something more serious? I did have three successive nights of heavy drinking prior to my ailment.
Avatar n tn - Heavy bloating (bloating seems to be relieved by passing gas either by belching or farting) - Some tenderness all over the gut area especially on the left side where the stomach sits - Feeling that some fluid (liquid or gas, probably gas) moves around (gurgling noises) - Some actual distention of the belly (I am not sure about that but it sure feels that way, maybe some fluid retention ?) These symptoms usually start after I eat and last up to 5-6 hours.
658828 tn?1225050195 I have been reading online and think I may have Pancreatitis? Are these symptoms consistent with Pancreatitis? I also have read about Fibromyalgia as well b/c these autoimmune diseases seem to occur together, but I just cant get myself to think that this is just a muscoskeletal pain problem especially since its mainly in the area where my kidneys are located. I have an appt with a GI dr next week so I am hoping i can get some answers.
Avatar n tn 1) Severe heartburn and indigestion anytime I eat. I have taken antacids for months, however in the last two weeks, nothing subsides it. Will last for hours. especially bad in the evening. If I eat anything fried, I'm miserable. 2) Stabbing feeling on upper left side of back right above bra strap line. I have had this for 6-8 months 3) The last two weeks, my stools are clay colored and are floaters. 4) My whole abdomen region is 'nervous' feeling.
Avatar f tn SYMPTOMS: early satiety, nausea, trapped gas, and bloating, constipation and diarrhea. A battery of tests were done, including colonoscopy, upper endoscopy (hiatal hernia) esophageal motility (muscle doesn't work well), stomach emptying. All normal. I've been hospitalized with pancreatitis twice in the last 2 years. I have type2 diabetes, I'm overweight. I am a 60 year old African American female. DIAGNOSIS: My gastroenterologist came up with nothing Murilax and Amitiza.
Avatar m tn Pain in the upper stomach. Bloating that feels heavy and hard to the touch. A physical feeling of being full even when I havent eaten all day(though I am hungry I can not eat) And pain when I try and bend at the waist. Pain even when lying down unless pillows are used to prop up this basket ball in my stomach. Its like being preagnant only im 55 years old. Not knowing whats wrong is stressing me out even more. Please give me some ideas to research!!
Avatar n tn The location of your pain sounds very much like where mine was located before my first attack of acute pancreatitis. I now have chronic pancreatitis. I also had the yellow stools, either fatty or so oily that they would float. Also had the weight loss and inability to eat. Back ache is also a common complaint, but not everyone gets it. You need a second opinion.
578470 tn?1272601724 that have sent me to the ER in horrific RUQ pain radiating to my right shoulder blade, bloating, diarrhea and nausea. My first attack was in August of 2007. I had broken my back in a traumatic horseback accident in March of 2007. I had Kyphoplasty on T12 in April '07 followed by shoulder surgery in July '07 to repair a tear as well as remove bone spurs and decompress the joint. Three weeks after that surgery I was in the ER with my first attack.
Avatar n tn I am a 27 year old female who has been on oral contraceptives since I was 13 for an ovarian cyst. Anyway, I have noticed bloating and gas for about two years. Then, I started vomiting about 9 months ago for no reason what-so-ever. Sometimes it would happen after I ate, sometimes when I ate nothing at all, sometimes in the AM, and sometimes in the PM. I went to my Dr. and they did blood work and an ultrasound.
Avatar n tn If this has been going on for 20 years, you may want to obtain a second GI opinion for your symptoms. Followup with your personal physician is essential. This answer is not intended as and does not substitute for medical advice - the information presented is for patient education only. Please see your personal physician for further evaluation of your individual case. Thanks, Kevin, M.D.
Avatar n tn It seems to be helping a little bit as expected because stress and anxiety is reduced, but still no where near normal digestion. Bloating is down as long as I can burp every minute or two. I will report back in 9 days when SIBO treatment is done. If it does not work I am starting on Domperidone for stomach and intestinal motility support. Thankfully a pharmacy near me in the US has it although not covered by insurance. Still cheap. $35/month. Wish me luck.
Avatar n tn I was diagnosed with colitis 10+ years ago, and my 2nd flare-up started 13 months ago, but it won't end! I'm still with gas, bloating, blood & lots of mucous (sometimes nothing but mucous & blood), frequent loose stools, sometimes explosive and hard to hold, abdominal pain, fatigue and lots of joint pain.
Avatar n tn Family members have had gallbladder problems and hearth disease. Over the course about a year, these symptoms have presented themselves: 1.) Chronic bloating and gas -- often following a meal. (with occasional diarrhea.) 1a.) I feel significantly better if I simply don't eat. 2.) Unexplained fatigue. I have trouble sleeping for more than 3-4 hours, but am constantly tired. 3.) A restless feeling a joints (elbows and knees).
Avatar n tn Has anyone that has had gallbladder problems experienced anything similiar to what I am going thru? (or does this problem sound like something else?) For the past 2 yrs I have had pain in the upper rt abd area that has varied from severe to mild. When the pain is severe I would definately describe it as "an attack". When the pain is bad I sometimes get pain under the right shoulder blade also and have a general feeling of not being well.
Avatar n tn i heard they are almost symptoms of other diseases/illnesses like muscle diseases or pancreatitis i constantly have joint pains especially my back, weakness of muscles, brainfog, dizzyness, anxiety, also have had eye inflamation ( which has been resolved after months with steroid drops).
Avatar n tn It is safe to conclude that the mitral valve prolapse and the fatty liver are NOT the cause of her problems. Because of the symptoms of bloating and pain (?diminished appetitie), gastroparesis should be considered as a possible cause of symptoms. Ask the physician about the possibility of performing a gastric emptying study. Intravenous nutrition can always be tried if your friend has profound weight loss and malnutrition, symptoms that you did not describe.
Avatar n tn you might have gastritis or CD in that area. I do and the bloating, fullness and pain are similar to when I had pancreatitis. I'd definitely talk to your doc about the PSC, cause that could be flaring up and causing problems in the surrounding ducts. good luck and take care.