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Avatar n tn The endoscopy found mild gastritis. All other test are normal.The pancreatic specialist did not mention pancreatitis at the time and only prescribed nexium and sulcrafate for the gastritis. I am 67, and never had a previous bout with pancreatitis. Moderate beer drinker. How should I be treated?
Avatar m tn What causes bubbles in Urine? What causes Pancreatic Cancer and what alternative treatments are available out there for it? Been through three types of traditional treatments now . Is there any herbs or alternative medicine for my type of cancer?
Avatar n tn The risk for pancreatic cancer increases as one grows older reaching about a 40 fold increase in the risk at the age of 80. Is your father diabetic? The genetic bases for pancreatic cancer has been extensively studied. Some syndromes involving diabetes are implicated with pancreatic cancer.Is there any strong history of diabetes in the family? any history of pancreatitis in the family? Gallbaladder stones may cause pancreatitis. I hope I am able to shed some light.
Avatar m tn The fact that you are already experiencing various symptoms, without any evidence of a pancreatic mass makes the diagnosis of pancreatic cancer unlikely. The prevalence of pancreatic cancer at your age group is also quite low, so I really doubt that you have this condition.
172023 tn?1334675884 They also suggested that obesity could increase the risk of pancreatic cancer by affecting insulin levels, and that diabetes may also play a role. Obesity is one of the main risk factors for diabetes. "We know that carrying a high proportion of abdominal fat is associated with increased levels of insulin, so we think this may cause the link between obesity and pancreatic cancer," the researchers said.
Avatar n tn There will poor absorption of the nutrients resulting in weightloss and nutritional problems. It may cause diabetes mellitus. It is also a risk factor for pancreatic cancer though the risk is not 100%. ================================================================ The information provided is for patients’ education only and is not a medical advice. Always consult your personal physician for complete evaluation of your health problem. - Ratnakar Kini M.D.
Avatar n tn Early diagnosis of pancreatic cancer is difficult because the symptoms are non-specific and varied. Smoking and old age are definite risk factors. What is seen in your case probably is a mass in the pancreatic tail which is measuring 3.5cm as per your report. Also noted is increased density in the surrounding fat which is suggesting surrounding spread. Radiologically, undefined borders also indicate surrounding spread.
Avatar f tn The results of the study at the National Cancer Institute found that women who have higher food and total intakes of folate face a significantly lower risk of developing pancreatic cancer. Protection seemed to increase with higher intake of folate.
Avatar f tn what are the causes of of swelling in the common bile duct (aside a post gallbladder removal, which i dont know how, but my Dr is convinced it doesnt have to do with that) and could it relate to the pancreatic insufficiency or the nodes? My pancreatic elastase test was severely low @ 48 (>200 I'd normal) is this something that would warrant going threw more testing to find out why?
Avatar n tn My grndmother dies from pancreatic cancer, my father has alcoholic pancreatitis, and my sister has pancreatitis. Many DR. we have talked with say this disease is NOT hereditary but I feel that in many cases it is. My father was an alcoholic most of my life, now recovered he has this lasting effect. His pancreas is severly damaged, the DR said if he drank again it would kill him.
Avatar n tn My doctors at first thought it was cancer, and rushed me to a pancreatic cancer specialist in Seattle. I had 2 ERCPs done, but they just showed nacrotic cells. Because this disease is SOOOO rare in the US they didn't know at first what I had, but they didn't want to take any chances with me so they scheduled me for surgery. My Gastro dr did some research, ran an IGg4 and asked me to wait 2 weeks and started me on steriods.
Avatar n tn If pancreatic cancer is your concern, a Ca19-9 test can be done to check for this, but you don't appear to have all the symptoms, which I've pasted below. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PANCREATIC CANCER INCIDENCE Pancreatic cancer is now the fifth leading cause of cancer in the United States for both sexes and appears to be increasing in number, as the population grows older.
Avatar n tn less frequent complications include pancreatic ascites or pleural effusion, splenic vein thrombosis with portal hypertension, and pseudoaneurysm formation, particularly of the splenic artery. There may be an associated with pancreatic cancer. 3) Here are some relevant links: NIDDK - Chronic Pancreatitis Medline Plus - Chronic Pancreatitis Pancreas.
Avatar f tn // Symptoms of pancreatic cancer are found at this link. When they speak of light stools they are speaking in terms of jaundice which usually has other symptoms such as yellow skin or eyes. Do you have that as well? If not, I'd not necessarily associate light stools with pancreatic cancer. GERD is likely to cause yellow stools.
1545021 tn?1322481085 She ordered an abdominal ultrasound which lead to an abdominal MRI which identified the tumor. I'm just NOT convinced that this could be cancer. Pancreatic cancer at 28 years old is almost never heard of. I'm going to be seeing a pancreatic surgeon at Georgetown University Hospital for biopsy. What else could this be? Could a cyst or a benign tumor be making me this sick? I'm just not convinced it's cancer. That's just too weird for a 28 year old.
Avatar n tn In addition to the ERCP, there are a variety of modalities that can be used to elucidate pancreatic cancer. This can include endoscopy ultrasound, CT scans and MRIs. Small studies suggest that the accuracy of an MRI compares to that of an ERCP, and is less invasive. With your mother being only 62 lbs., this suggests that she is markedly underweight. Tests looking for albumin or pre-albumin can be considered to further evaluate malnutrition.
Avatar n tn Any help in identifing what might be causing my husband to have the following problems would be greatly appreciated! He presented to the ER on Sept 15th with severe epigastric pain. Lipase was 11,000 & amylase was 5,331, liver enzymes normal, glucose normal, and triglycerides normal, Other abnormal labs included RBC 3.96(L), HGB 12.0(L), HCT 34.7(L), lymphs 15.1(L), ABS monocyte 0.6(H). He was admitted with acute pancreatis. Put NPO/given IV's and pain meds and sent home in 4 days.
Avatar n tn They now want me to have another ERCP to look at the pancreas duct and bile duct and to have another biopsy, my doctor told me that a narrowing in the pancreatic duct either indicates carcinoma or chronic pancreatitis and it's sometimes hard to distinquish between the two, I'm on pancreatic enzymes to help in digestion and some mild painkillers for the pain, does anyone have any info? I'm kind worried and confused at the moment!
Avatar n tn In 2007, following the hospital admission, I saw a new-to-me gastroenterologist who stated that I should consider having my pancreas removed, and that I'm a great risk for pancreatitic cancer. He also stated that the MRI suggested that the ducts at the bottom of the pancreas that are supposed to divide at birth and create a large duct may not have done so. However, after he learned that Ihad been treated early on by a particular specialist at Duke Med.
Avatar m tn An appropriate clinical and imaging follow-up should be carried out in those patients having this condition associated with familial pancreatic cancer. Another Study An elevation in serum pancreatic enzymes in the absence of pancreatic disease is reported in the literature and defined as “benign pancreatic hyperenzymemia” or “Gullo’s syndrome” [7]. This condition can occur sporadically or in a familiar form, it is asymptomatic, and it is generally discovered incidentally.
Avatar f tn However, I'm not sure if having pancreatitis many times puts you at a higher risk for developing pancreatic cancer.
Avatar n tn pancreatic cancer, risk factors Thanks for the info on pancreatic cancer. A doctor recently told me that it appears to be on the rise. My mother died of it at the age of 62. She would be 75 if she had lived. She gave up smoking in 1955 and did not drink but I think she did eat lots of fried foods and butter. My dad who is a heavy smoker and was a heavy drinker (which caused my mom to worry about him) is still alive at 76. Go figure! I've always heard no one knew what caused it.
Avatar n tn Also from alcohol. Being overweight is (according to below research) not a risk factor for pancreatic cancer.
Avatar m tn How can you deal with life knowing you have 40 to 70% lifetime risk of developing deadly pancreatic cancer? Genes were identified for hereditary pancreatitis which increases risk tremendously from developing the deadly disease. My mother passed away at 49 and grandfather around the same age. I've been a hypochondriac my whole life, dealing with heath anxiety issues. Visiting the various doctor over 30 times in 4 years. I thought I had brain/neck/lung/testicular/liver/oral/skin cancer.
Avatar n tn I'm not sure why your doctor has ordered the CA 19-9, nor why he wants to have it repeated after three months (it's normal anyway). Chronic pancreatitis is a known risk factor for developing pancreatic cancer. But the presence of this condition still doesn't justify ordering CA 19-9 to screen for pancreatic cancer, particularly if the person does not present with any symptoms suggesting the existence of a pancreatic mass.
Avatar f tn After each procedure I also got pancreatitis. Because of this and a history of pancreatic cancer does this increase my chances of pancreatic cancer? Your thoughts on this would be greatly appreaciated.
Avatar m tn Chronic cervicitis and cervical cancer, ulcerative colitis and colorectal cancer, pancreatitis and pancreatic cancer, skin inflammation and skin cancer, esophagitis and esophageal cancer, and hepatitis and liver cancer are a few examples (Table 1). Table 1: Chronic inflammatory diseases and associated cancers.In the oral cavity, periodontitis is a chronic inflammatory disease of the structures around teeth associated with dental biofilm [19].
Avatar m tn Hi, I understand your concern regarding your symptoms, Risk factors for developing pancreatic cancer include smoking, diabetes, chronic pancreatitis, or certain hereditary disorders. It is difficult to diagnose pancreatic cancer early on because it does not cause symptoms right away. For proper evaluation, physical exam, blood tests, imaging tests, and a biopsy will help determine the underlying cause. Take care and do keep us posted.
1519223 tn?1500816586 There were no safety studies conducted in people who have a history of pancreatitis, and the agency warned that it is not known whether these people are at an increased risk if they take sitagliptin. Pancreatitis can also lead to pancreatic cancer. Pancreatic Cancer Januvia and Janumet are also linked to pancreatic cancer. Pancreatic tumors can grow without symptoms and may not be detected until the cancer reaches a later stage.