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Avatar f tn I was diagnosed yesterday in the ER. They found through an abdominal ultra sound the tail is enlarged. I have a family history of pancreatic cancer. They request I do further testing. Is pancreatitis something you can get rid of or is it something that kind of hangs around and "flares up"?
719251 tn?1230344505 My mother has been suffering from Pancreatitis for the past 4months. She has been in hospital three times with severe pain, vomitting, and fluid in the abdominal. In that time she has lots over 25kg. She is 60 years old but since loosing so much weight she looks like 80 years old. She no longer drinks but continues to smoke. What worries me the most is that she eats very tiny amount of food, she vomitts everyday and she is just not getting any better.
Avatar n tn I had to put my 11 year old Llhasa apso to sleep yesterday because he was diagnosed with pancreatitis and was in so much pain that they could not guarantee that he would survive even with treatment. It came on suddenly...he was fine Saturday but began throwing up in the middle of the night and continued...he couldn't even hold down water and was very weak. I took him into the veterinary hospital on Sunday and he was too weak to come home.
Avatar m tn i am a 27 yr old female, with more pancreatitis attacks then i can count in the last year and a half. ive been accused of a frivilious life style which is so far from the truth. ive had every test known for this condition. in the last 2 months i was put on a protien suppliment to replace my emzymes that my pancreas produces. in the first 2 wks i lost 20 lbs, had no appetite, liquid bowel movements, dizziness, fatique, discoloring of the skin,and more symptoms i can even list.
436191 tn?1256649906 Interview a number of them and see how many of their patients have developed post ERCP pancreatitis. When done in good hands, your risk of post-ERCP pancreatitis is very, very small. Good luck.
211940 tn?1267884866 Chronic Pancreatitis: Why is there no cure, or just as important, no relief? My Wife was hit with sudden acute Pancreatitis, back in September 2013, and has yet to get past it. Her Doctor told her, since it has been an "issue" for more than 6 months, it has moved from Acute to Chronic Pancreatitis. And as such, there is no cure, and no pain relief that they can give her for her extreme abdominal pain.
Avatar f tn i'm waiting to hear from my doctor when surgey is (#27) on my pancreas. i've lost alot of weight in past month and now can't keep nothing down but maybe a dry piece of toast in middle of day after all my meds. every morning for a very long time i throw up for a few hours and there is no words for the pain. i try and seperate myself from the pain.sometimes it works for a little bit.oh well, i just tell myself that i can still walk and see, so suck it up! HA! easier said than done as we all know.
1409228 tn?1282347063 I went to a specialist today and was told I either have a Ulcer or chronic pancreatitis. He said from looking at the tests done so far he thinks it is the chronic. I am getting a endoscopy done friday morning. Seems like forever away and the thing is I have to keep on sucking up the pain. I am a recovering alchoholic so they wont give me anything strong for pain.
Avatar n tn There is no cure for chronic pancreatitis other than organ transplant. As you know, there is constant pain with this disease that can lead to addiction to pain meds as well as building a tolerance to meds, which has it's own set of problems. The Puestow Proceedure is designed as a measure to reduce/eliminate pain thereby reducing or eliminating the use of pain relievers. Pain is generally caused by the reduced power of the organ to drain due to blockages.
Avatar n tn I have been fighting Chronic Pancreatitis for 5 years ever sence I had my gallbladder out. I have 3 Drs. primarea, Gastro, and ERCP specialist. I have had 5 ERCP,s done with Sphincterotomies done each time and stints put in. this gives me 3-5 months relief. I have had 2 EUS showing abnormalities and scaring in the hed tail and body of pancreas. But it allways comes back, now I have weekly pain. Most of the Pain is on the left side upper rib cage. My question is Drs.
611067 tn?1458595083 I also need to get into a gastroenterologist so they can do some tests. I'm scared to death. I have had pancreatitis before and it was horrible. This felt very similar and I told my doctor I think I've had these attacks before too. Fun, eh? The pain is so bad and the ibuprofen is something I shouldn't be taking due to my gastric bypass and so she is calling me in Darvocet. She said I'd be okay on that for a short time and that it shouldn't hurt me as far as being off the Lortab now.
Avatar n tn I have been researching and pancreatitis seems to fit many of my factors but the docs don't take me seriously. I am not a drinker, only 30 years old and very physically fit. Also I just can't keep weight on. Can anyone help me please???
791533 tn?1309748944 Last week I had it constantly for an entire week with only brief periods of relief. I see my doctor regularly and the last time I brought up the pain he had some blood tests run. I saw my doctor today about the pain and he told me I have some form of pancreatitis but he wants to do more blood tests and other tests. Now as a lay person that word--Pancreatitis sounds very scary.
Avatar n tn I have recently (finally) been diagnosed with Chronic Pancreatitis. The diagnosis was not made until I underwent a secretin (spelling?) test in March. At that time I was told that my bicarbonate level was within normal range, but that the amount digestive enzymes I produce is well below the normal range. Unfortunately I cannot remember the amount I was told and I have not actually seen the doctor since I had the test done. I don't go back to see him until 6/17.
902019 tn?1249865014 I was diagnosed 2 years ago with AIP, have a 25 year history of autoimmune disorders (eosinophilic vasculitis, mild Sjogren's). Usually have done well with prednisone for the various flare-ups but with AIP, still recurring symptoms and the elevated IgG4 periodically. Next step may be Imuran. Is there anyone out there who has had good results with Imuran for autoimmune pancreatitis?
Avatar n tn except for ulcers (h pilori) he saw about a week of relief and then it intensified. Now he has pancreatitis added to the problem. They are treating the ulcers w/ carofate. his lipase levels keep soaring (600-1500) every couple of days. any ideas?
Avatar m tn Now its been basically non-stop, confirmed by mri, that it is chronic pancreatitis, and fatty liver. Im being sent to a pain specialist for the pain, and hoping he can offer relief, because Ive been recieving very little help from my doctor with that. Im 5'5", used to be about 138lbs, and now am 162, with gain of 10lbs a month on a low fat diet, no meat, no bread, soft food. I dont understand except unless wieght gain is from thyroid going wrong, im hypothyroid.
Avatar n tn What a relief it has been. I did develope pancreatitis from the precedure. I can tell you that in my case I was very informed of the risk involved. The Dr who did it told me before I went home " if you have any problems with stomach pain, vomiting, fever etc - go to the ER tell them you had this and the risk involved" I did I went in at 8 in the morning and because I was informed they were able to catch the pancreatitis early.
Avatar m tn I might have pancreatitis, and I am wondering what medications and/or practices have helped people with this pain? I'm guessing things like Ibuprofen and aspirin are out of the question. What about meditation, accupuncture, etc?
Avatar f tn I have chronic pancreatitis, does having botox injected into my pancreas a good and safe idea? They have made an appointment for me to have this done tomorrow.
Avatar f tn I would like to ask a question of Dr. Lupo. I have chronic pancreatitis diagnosed as chronic 6 years ago. I am on stron pain meds and have to fight the insurance company to get them, sometimes not get them. I have increased pain in the last few months and the meds are just not cutting it. I have been to my gastro/pancreas specialist and had some tests done and I will be going on a transplant list. I am taking Methadone HCL 10 mg. 2 tabs 4x day & have been taking 600 mcg.
750120 tn?1252458630 It turned on full blast and I writhed in pain without the ability to get into any body position that provided relief and wasn't showing any inclination to go away. The next morning I called my doc and they said come in. After checking me out, they sent me straight to be admitted through the ER with Pancreatitis and lots of sludge in my gallbladder. They didn't take out the gallbladder though.
Avatar n tn The location of your pain sounds very much like where mine was located before my first attack of acute pancreatitis. I now have chronic pancreatitis. I also had the yellow stools, either fatty or so oily that they would float. Also had the weight loss and inability to eat. Back ache is also a common complaint, but not everyone gets it. You need a second opinion.
Avatar n tn I was diagnosed with chronic pancreatitis this am and schedualed for a ERCP for friday. I have some concerns about this diagnosis and this test. I have not been hospitalized for this condition at all, not even ER. it has taken me over a month to get diagnosis and still no relief from discomfort. Just more tests to take. I look like a junkie from all the blood they have taken and they want more. My almase and lipase levels have continued to rise over the course of the past fourteen days.
Avatar n tn sends me for a CT and they say I have divreticulitis. The pancreas looks normal, splean slightly enlarged. Dr. says I also have Pancreatitis, but can't in any way relate the 2 together. Put me on Levaqui and Flagil. Seems to make things better for a while. Continue to have blood work drawn and the pancreatic numbers continue to fall, but the liver enzymes are slightly elevated.. Have a colonoscopy done and all is OK per the Dr., only a small benign polop.
Avatar n tn I had my gallbladder removed 18 months ago, following NO symptoms of gallstones (despite being full of them), BUT following an attack of acute pancreatitis. I wasn't really given much say in the matter, as the pancreatitis was a nasty attack and I was strongly advised to get my gallbladder out asap after it. It was a straightforward procedure, with no after effects. I can't really say I felt better, because apart from the pancreatitis incident, I never had any problems beforehand!
Avatar m tn You will get all the pancreatitis info. that you need. It is and scroll down to Pancreatitis Online Discussion Board & Support Group , click on that and then go to the right of your screen and click Join This Group! It is free and you will meet people that are going through the same thing. Actually it saved my daughter's life. She like you had alot of pain and they thought it was her gallbladder and removed it . She continued to go down hill. We found a dr.
Avatar f tn Wouldn't even drink milk, her favorite. Last Tuesday vet said she has pancreatitis from her bloodwork, took her off Prednisone for allergies (he said was one of causes), put her on Hill's I.D. diet, no human snacks, gave her shot of nausea medicine. Right away she ate her dinner, and continued to eat better and better, got well and stayed that way several days.
Avatar n tn She does not drink - - however they assume she is lying about that because of the pancreatitis. Please explain to me the correlation between pregnancy, pancreatitis, and the addiction. She takes approximately 20-40 vicodin a day (or more)even during pregnancy. Knowing this can you explain how this medication can terminate a pregnancy and cause pancreatitis?