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Avatar f tn The thing that is hard with it is, which you have experienced, your scans can look normal and blood tests also and you still have pain,nausea, fatigue and the whole pancreatitis everything! The ER will not do anything about this because nothing is showing up on any of your tests and according to the its not an "emergency" so get to a GI fast! chronic pancreatitis is hard to diagnose so hang in there!
719251 tn?1230344505 My mother has been suffering from Pancreatitis for the past 4months. She has been in hospital three times with severe pain, vomitting, and fluid in the abdominal. In that time she has lots over 25kg. She is 60 years old but since loosing so much weight she looks like 80 years old. She no longer drinks but continues to smoke. What worries me the most is that she eats very tiny amount of food, she vomitts everyday and she is just not getting any better.
Avatar n tn The treatment for chronic pancreatitis is pain meds enzymie replacement Iam on creon 20 and diet, Low fat high fiber. Part of my job is as a corrier driver and it is elegal to drive while taking pain meds. that can I do prove my case to insurance claims. I am not asking for the noon just that I be put on short term disablity and TRW when I have these attacks and have to take pain meds.
Avatar n tn Hi. I've been having abdominal pain off and on for the past year and a half. Doctors have told me that I have IBS but I just don't believe that is what is going on with me. Over the last year I have had about six "attacks" where I wake up at night with very severe stomach pain that radiates to the back, severe nausea and vomiting along with diarrhea. The pain and nausea are so intense that I can hardly move. It lasts for a few hours and then slowly diminishes on its own.
Avatar n tn Librax (4X a day) Nexium (40 mgs 2X a day) Fibercon (3 pills 4X a day) Viokase 16 (4 pills 4X a day) Darvocet or Ultracet for the pain (Darvocet when I have a break through attack) Ambien (as needed) Erythromycin (1 and 1/2 Tsp - 4X a day) Since beginning the Viokase approximately four weeks ago I have found that I have some relief with the pain in my back and my overall day to day pain/discomfort has improved.
902019 tn?1249865014 It was a bit more intense on my right side but only slightly off center. The docs would always ask about pain in the back (typical of pancreatitis) and I never had any pain there. Could never come up with any definitive correlation with anything e.g. what I ate, how much I ate etc. They gave me Nexium 2x a day to calm the stomach but that had no effect at all. Still a mystery.
Avatar m tn Now its been basically non-stop, confirmed by mri, that it is chronic pancreatitis, and fatty liver. Im being sent to a pain specialist for the pain, and hoping he can offer relief, because Ive been recieving very little help from my doctor with that. Im 5'5", used to be about 138lbs, and now am 162, with gain of 10lbs a month on a low fat diet, no meat, no bread, soft food. I dont understand except unless wieght gain is from thyroid going wrong, im hypothyroid.
Avatar n tn Other than that her symptoms go more with pancreatitis. Pain above her left ribcage that goes to her back - pain about her shoulder blades. When we saw the Dr.he had a complete blood work report in his hand and it showed raised amylase (131) and lipase levels (718) which I always thought showed pancreatitis. When I questioned him he said some people just have high levels and it is normal for them. I don't buy that.
Avatar n tn Either not being able to or having to eat. I got pancreatitis from the precedure it was well worth it to get rid of the pain. Pancreatitis pain for me was much different - the pain spread across the rib cage settling mostly in the left side, and in the back. I did have severe bloating and was unable to pass gas. Pushing on my stomach was unbearable. I hope this helps you.
Avatar m tn The pain has been so severe this evening after eating Manicotti that I considered going to the ER. The problem is, it's an expensive visit just for pain relief and no long term resolution. I have not noticed any trend in foods that I eat and the pain coming or not. Pizza is fine one time --- kills me the next. The pain, a severe burning sensation, does seem to occur most often after I eat and seems to be more debilitating in the evening.
Avatar n tn All of us are treated with narcotics for the pain as needed, a low fat diet and enzyme supplements. Post again if you have any more questions.
Avatar n tn JUne 2006 till now, with about 6, 5 day stretches of relief. This effects my sleeping, ( cant sleep thru the pain ) and I have gone from 126 to 116 in the past 2 months. I have a detailed food diary. I think it does depend what I eat - sometimes. For example if i ate spagetti, coffee, sweets, any raw vegetable, more than a small bite of meat, it would cause a major flair and i would have to go on the brat diet for a week or more before the pain lets up. The softer the food the better.
Avatar f tn So even if I eat really healthy, if I don't have enough calories for the day my body processes the fat that's stored and I have pain. Right now I'm on a little diet and am trying to very slowly slim down and tone up but it's a painful process. I'll try the Glucerna snack shakes though. I'm open to anything that can help. The ERCP wasn't bad for me at all. I highly recommend the MAYO clinic.
Avatar f tn Did they also give her antibiotics for the pancreatitis? How about pain meds.? This is an extremely painful condition....The trick here is to let the pancreas rest for the inflammation to go down. Usually, antibiotics are given incase the cause is infection. What you choose to feed her is the next step. Get them both off of Iams Food; as this is very LOW quality and they need much better nutrition for their senior years. LOW fat is what your sick girl will need.
Avatar f tn Meanwhile you can take a combination of medications (under medical supervision) like a proton pump inhibitor such as omeprazole, lansoprazole or pantoprazole empty stomach in the morning and an antacid gel after meals or H-2 blocker such as ranitidine for pain relief. Eat a high fiber diet and drink plenty of water. Do discuss this with your doctor. Take care! The medical advice given should not be considered a substitute for medical care provided by a doctor who can examine you.
Avatar f tn Typically a low fat and low carbohydrate diet is advised following an episode of pancreatitis along with medications that would help in digestion and symptomatic pain relief. I would suggest consulting your treating gastroenterologist for a review/ evaluation and suggestion of an appropriate management plan. Hope this is helpful. Take care!
Avatar f tn Additionally, one of the gallstones could block the cystic artery and cause the pancreas to get backed up which could lead to pancreatitis and pancreatitis could lead to permanent damage of the pancreas leading to diabetes or pancreatic cancer.
Avatar n tn I wasn't going to comment on this but I just have too. People who have had pain and are experiencing pain in the Liver area, especially Hep C patients are telling the truth about having pain. I contracted Hep C when I was 20 years old, I am now 54.
Avatar n tn Hi, I was recently diagnosed with IBS, and I have chronic pancreatitis too, I have diarrhea up to 12 times a day {i counted once lol} and it doesn't matter what I eat or even if I don't eat at all. My pancreatitis has been acting up again so I'm always in pain with that and very nauseaus and this diarrhea is miserable! I've just been prescribed lomotil,it helps but it makes me feel weird,so I don't take it often.
Avatar f tn No one disagrees that you can lose on a 500 cal diet with ow without HCG, but you have to look at the whole picture. How do you feel on the diet? Can you stick with the diet? Can you maintain your weight afterwards? 3 months ago, before I heard about HCG I attempted a 500 Calorie diet to reduce the affects of RA(Rhuematoid Arthritis). Actually I wanted to FAST because having been under a 14 day medically supervised fast (water only) 3 years ago, I knew what miraculous results I got.
Avatar f tn I also do no not have elevated LFT's or lipase levels, and only slightly elevated (120) amylase levels which is surprising since this identical to the pain I was having with the acute attacks of pancreatitis. I am being managed with low dose hydrocodone only taken when I am working (high stress, active, nursing job) in order to function, otherwise I am incapacitated. I have tried supplemental enzymes for months (creon 20,000) with little (maybe placebo-like) relief.
Avatar n tn Hi, You know just co-incidentally I had a friend of my husband's call me the other day, and he has bee going through this pain for 2.5 years with no relief. He was in a really good mood which he hasn't been forever because of the unrelenting pain. He began telling me everything he has been trying also. Things that are similar to yours that are working for him are: He said he was having vinegar on all of his vegetables, and salads, and lots of it.
Avatar n tn I am suffered pancreatitis in 2005. symtoms are pain in 24 hrs, no fooding, any solid food eating than vomating, only liquid diet. i am under observation in dr. randir sud from sir gangram hospital in delhi since 2010 and no relief.
Avatar f tn i am on a gluten free diet. the only reason i ask is because of pancreatitis. alot of the symptoms can over lap. it is very common for people with autoimmune diseases to have a intolerance gluten.
Avatar n tn The doctors can not understand what the problem is as the liver and pancreas are off the charts - one doctor has said that the pain is related to the intestines and not the pancreas or liver. The pain continues with no answer as to what the problem can be options given pancrititis, liver or intestine. No cancer or any other adnormal results. I have had a scope and other procedures and everything is normal. The doctors removed my Gal blader - no stones found but Galblader was rottern.
Avatar n tn Very sad, but your doc is right - about the only thing to do now is treat the symptoms with meds and diet. You may also want to consider seeing a Pain Management physician for help with the pain end of it.
Avatar n tn Pancreatitis calls for some strong pain meds. When my dog had it, the vet used a 75 mcg fentanyl patch. This medication is also used for people who have chronic pain. It's simply a gel-filled patch that stays on for 3 days, and dispenses a constant supply of medication during that time. They also used hydromorphone (dilaudid) for breakthrough pain when the patch wasn't enough. These opiate medications are VERY strong, and will have a sedative effect on your dog - just like with people.
Avatar n tn Pain after eating, at the sternum and radiating through to the back was one of my earliest symptoms when I developed chronic pancreatitis. I'm not saying that's what you have, but this pain is not normal and you should seek the advice of a medical professional as soon as you can. Best would be a gastro specialist, as this does seem to be a digestive problem, and that's what they specialize in.
Avatar n tn Having symptoms for a couple years now & getting a little worse over time. Symptoms: 1 Mucus/fat in stools, soft stools, sometimes float a while before sinking, sometimes diarreha & undigested food particles. 2 RUQ pain under rib & radiates to back. 3 LUQ pain under rib mild & only occasionally. 4 Excessive gas especially after dinner & before bed time. Tests have taken: 2/07 Ultrasound - normal 3/07 Colonoscopy -normal 3/07 Blood work - PH 8.
Avatar n tn cfm SPHINCTER OF ODDI DYSFUNCTION (SOD) SOD describes the situation where the sphincter goes into “spasm”, causing temporary back up of biliary and panctreatic juices, resulting in attacks of abdominal pain (or pancreatitis). The pain symptoms are very similar to those caused by bile duct or gallbladder stones. Indeed, sphincter of Oddi dysfunction most frequently occurs in patients who have previously undergone removal of the gallbladder (cholecystectomy).