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Avatar n tn I have had terrible pain in my front right & left ribs & in my sides that wraps about midways in my back somethime under both shoulderblades on both sides for the last 2 years after eating with weight loss that has leveled off some. I have had one mild elevation of Amylase around 135 at the beggining of 2006. I had high triglycerides which are now normal.I have had continual elevations of Lipase around 320 throughout the last 2 years.
Avatar n tn suggestive of Sphincter of Oddi Dysfunction or Gallbladder disease.I also itch sometimes where the pain areas are on my back & ribs. My doctor said that the Gold standard for gallbladder removal is an abnormal Ultra sound & that he doesnt like to take out Gallbladders with a positive Hida Scan.He said that removing the Gallbladder would only have a very slim chance (he said 1 out of a 100) of improving my symptoms.He also said he would talk to a surgeon if I wanted him to.
Avatar n tn David, is there is any tie-in between your having pancreatitis and any gallbladder malfunctioning? If there is, and if the gallbladder issue isn't cleared up, the pancreatitis could reoccur. Also, make sure the pancreatitis is not due to an autoimmune issue. If it is, it needs to be treated 'differently.
Avatar n tn 5/12/09 i was rushed to the ER after about 4 an hour of the worse pain imaginable, i had this same attack 3 other times, same symptons vomitting severe pain in my abdomain all the way to my back we have to great hospital here but each time they would say you pulled some thing give a couple shots and perscriptions this last time i went buy ambulance i was so out of it they just took me to the other one i got in the they got the info of what was happening ran a x ray drew blood and then did a cat
Avatar n tn My question is does this mean I have chronic pancreatitis or can you not tell on a MRCP? Does the duct dilatation set off an inflamation of the liver and pancreas and cause the pancreatitis pain? Also can the duct dilatation heal on its own in time? I have no desire to undergo an ERCP as I've heard such nightmare stories from people who have undergone but yet I'm so tired of not feeling good and having pain and just would like to feel good again. Thanks for your help.
Avatar n tn Ive been sick since 2004,at first the doctors were saying it was chronic pancreatitis,then they were saying it wasnt,what do you think it could be...
Avatar n tn Would pain due to pancreatitis be disabling in most cases? I am having post gallbladder removal problems, and I am concerned that my pain is due to pancreatitis? Had my surgery in June with a lot of problems afterwards. At one point I was diagnosed with a bile leak, and given antibiotics. After that I felt pretty good for several months, but now the pain has started again. I have a lot of pressure under my ribs, both sides. Stomach area is burning.
Avatar n tn So if anyone knows anything about pancreatitis or that has had it, could you please tell me what your symptoms are.
Avatar n tn In November of last year I had an ERCP where they didn't find any stones in the bile duct or anything but ended up with Pancreatitis and hospitalized for 4 days and out of work several weeks. Then the pains subsided and other than having terrible Acid Reflux I didn't appear to have any problems. Then out of the blue last Friday around noon time I started getting terribly nausiated. I thought that I might be coming down with the flu.
Avatar n tn I have had chronic gastritis or pancreatitis or gall bladder or whatever for many years (not sure which). My pain was originally directly in my stomach (not "heartburn" up high, and not in the bowels, but right smack in the stomach). It feels as if my stomach is eating itself. Now I am finding my pain radiating into both shoulder blades, and sometimes RUQ. It comes in waves, sometimes so severe I am doubled over for 2 or 3 minutes, and sometimes just chronically nagging at me.
Avatar n tn Hi, The doctor does not know what causes me to have chronic pancreatitis and SOD. It is believed I had this before I had my gallbladder out and no one thought to check for that. Also, I went on a DRASTIC diet and exercize program. Dropped 42 pounds in 2 months. But, some of that could be the pancreatitis too. I do not drink so that was never a factor. Pancreatitis can he heriditary. And also, mine may have been made worse from the gallbladder being so bad.
Avatar m tn i am a 27 yr old female, with more pancreatitis attacks then i can count in the last year and a half. ive been accused of a frivilious life style which is so far from the truth. ive had every test known for this condition. in the last 2 months i was put on a protien suppliment to replace my emzymes that my pancreas produces. in the first 2 wks i lost 20 lbs, had no appetite, liquid bowel movements, dizziness, fatique, discoloring of the skin,and more symptoms i can even list.
Avatar n tn The outlet duct from the pancreas is very close to the outlet for the gallbladder and it is possible for a stone or sludge to interfere with the normal output function of the pancreatic duct.
Avatar f tn Since ultrasound did not show any gallbladder stones my doctor did a scan of my gallbladder which consisted of injecting medicine into my gallbladder then another to make it contract. He said if it hurt whild doing the scan I knew it was my gallbladder. I thought I was dying on the table. 2 weeks later I had my gallbladder removed and the doctor said my gallbladder was "sick". Stay away from anything fatty and broccolli! I would always have an attack after drinking milk even.
Avatar f tn hi. I'm 30 weeks pregnant and having gallbladder pain. Idk what to do. Is there anything safe I can take? I can't get my gallbladder removed because I'm to far along in the pregnancy. I'm so stress. Any suggestions??
Avatar f tn My gallbladder hidascan percentile was one stinking point higher than what would be considered normal (I think they said 35% is normal ejection rate and mine was 36%?). So, they said it's borderline and are ordering an ultrasound and I have surgery scheduled for November 14 to remove my gallbladder. What can I expect after the surgery? I only ask because I want real life feedback from those who have had their gbs removed. Did you need to make any dietary changes?
Avatar n tn Which is why the doc questioned whether or not it was gallbladder after the first scan. Well, it is and it is coming out!! So, what I am trying to say is keep on the doc about the pain. I DO NOT have gallstones. So, dont let them tell you because all these tests show NO stones that it is not your gallbladder. I am living proof it is.
Avatar f tn I have no gallbladder, no apendix, I don't drink alcohol and I try not to eat high fat or greasy foods. I have had 4 c-sections, my gallbladder, apendix/ovarian cyst, and a pyonidal cyst removed. I have a merana IUD in place (2 years). My cycles have never been normal nor have I ever had regular bowel movements. I'm wondering if any of this could be related to or a cause of my recent diagnosis or if I could have inherited it.
665361 tn?1225276972 If there's any history of gallbladder issues in your family (or even if there's not), go to your doc and find out via testing whether or not there's a possibility that the pancreatitis could be due to problems starting at the level of your gallbladder. You want to find out if your liver enzyme levels are elevated. I know most docs don't automatically tie pancreatitis in with gallbladder issues, but it does happen in a lot of people.
Avatar n tn I have been diagnosed with Chronic Pancreatitis and since then have seen a gastro doctor. He is recommending that I have my gallbladder removed, or as he stated "yank it out". He has me on Urso 250mg @ 3 times a day; Nexium @ 40mgs; and Viokase 8 tab 5 times a day then given me percocet for when I am in pain. First off, I am very concerned about removal of my gallbladder as a cure-all, it seems drastic.
436191 tn?1256649906 Bankerlady, I feel for you as I've lived with intense pain - unresolved by surgeries and other therapies for many years (14). When they decided to take the gallbladder out, was it because there were stones or other findings on the scans? Have you ruled out issues relating to disc problems in the neck or muscle problems in the shoulder/torso? I would imagine you had gi pain and symptoms like nausea/bloating/constipation etc. The Sphincter o f Oddi conditon is tricky to diagnose.
Avatar n tn He was admitted with pancreatitis. The HydeScan (spelling)? showed that his gallbladder function was at 10% and ultrasound showed a large amount of sludge in his gallbladder. No stones evident. Gallbladder removal is going to be scheduled. My concern is his age and that he has had high blood pressure for almost 2 years. He was in great physical condition and very slim when diagnosed with HBP. He is 6'7", 250 pounds now.
Avatar n tn I have read that gallbladder surgery is dangerous in the presence of pancreatitis and that the pancreatitis can also cause gallbladder disease or vice versa. Anyone had similar question?
Avatar n tn And that is something to have checked especially if you have had 4 bouts of pancreatitis already. If you have Pancreatitis, it NEVER goes away once you have gone chronic. With 4 episodes under your belt, I would be surprised if you have not gone chronic yet. You titled this Severe Pancreatitis. It usually doesn't get to that stage without you being Chronic. The pancreas is an organ that DOES NOT rejuvinate itself. Once damaged it is damaged for life.
Avatar n tn Your pancreas isn't an organ you can readily do without, and having even small amount of damage done by low-grade (or worse) pancreatitis just isn't worth thinking about. Please see the doc. In this can it's better to be thought 'nuts,' than to over look symptoms. If it is pancratitis, make sure you're checked for autoimmune pancreatitis.
Avatar m tn I was diagnosed with mild pancreatitis over 4 years ago it is on going. I currently still am experiencing slight pain on my right side. I have been seen by a GI doctor and a CT Scan, Ultra sound, MRCP have been performed. No issues have been found, I asked if it could be cancer and was told no tumors or cist we found wehn reviewing the xrays. We then tried to stop my BP meds thinking they could be the cause, but I could not stay off of them long enough to make a determination.