Pancreatitis nursing assessment

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6839387 tn?1385681693 Since nutrition is so out of whack on a kidney failure diet, look into senior dog vitamins with low or even no phosphorus added. Mostly you're looking at heavy-duty nursing over the next weeks or months. I didn't realize how focused I'd become on my dog's every move until after she was gone. It was worth all the stress and anxiety and I couldn't have done anything differently. We kept her pretty comfortable for several months right up to the last couple of days.
Avatar n tn Within a couple weeks she came down with severe pancreatitis.Besides myself, I personally know 2 other pet owners whose dogs came down with pancreatitis within a month of vaccination. While I have never again had my dogs get the all-in-one vaccinations I am now dealing with my Maltese's reaction to kennel cough vaccine (needed it for boarding). She has had several neurological problems since vaccination, et the vet insists vaccines have nothing to do with it.
Avatar n tn In other words no heroics. And an accurate assessment of level of consciousness may be skewed in the presence of drugs used to make the person comfortable. However, there is validity to the premise that pain will actually keep you alive longer, and it's always an ongoing challenge to find the balance of pain and/or anxiety control.
Avatar n tn I told her that I had posted here, that I made the changes you suggested, and that the spasms stopped. She agreed with your assessment of decreasing reps until I could build up some more. It's all working. I have lost an additional 5 pounds since March, my BP is within normal ranges, and I took my BP home monitor in and that my BP is coming down, and if this continues, and I lose more weight, I might be able to go off all the BP medications.
181575 tn?1250202386 These patients should remain on therapy but be monitored every 3 months, with further assessment after 48 weeks of therapy. If their response remains partial or becomes inadequate at this time point, as defined by the "roadmap" concept, therapy should be changed. Chronic hepatitis B patients with an inadequate response after 24 weeks of therapy with a drug with a risk of resistance, such as telbivudine, need to switch to a different, more effective drug.
Avatar n tn I guess my biggest concern would be my daughter. I'm nursing her. My family doctor said that I could while taking Norco. I'm afraid that she's going to experience W/D. I am so scared.