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1300526 tn?1275775221 I heard a story about something called leptin being injected into the blood stream or the brain and it has reverced diabetes in mice, I hear there are cures out there for certain diseases that are being hidden because they would possibly kill the pharma companies.
1132657 tn?1260557669 The conditions that you found while searching the web, Crohn's, Gastritis, Pancreatitis, and Fibromyalgia are all possibilities. Discuss this with your physician. I suggest that you request an gastroendoscopy and a colonoscopy. These exams will rule out or in, Gastritis and Crohn's. You did have a CT scan of the abdomen which should have examined the pancreas and checked for gallstones, duct problems or gland destruction. In my opinion Pancreatitis has already been ruled out.
Avatar m tn While rheumatoid arthritis is a frequent feature of the antibiotic syndrome, and I regard it as relatively easy to cure, not many sufferers of this disease seem to be interested in this natural approach. The other day a young man with severe rheumatoid arthritis knocked at my door to collect money for a medically sponsored walkathon. When I told him that I do not give money for drug treatment as it can be overcome with natural therapies, he shouted: 'You are mad!' and left visibly upset.
Avatar n tn so what are the list of diseases he should be testing for? also are you saying that if he had a gall stone stuck he could have had jaundice without any stomach pain? are you saying that since he is seeing an improvement he should consider the stone was expelled from the system?
Avatar n tn Diane, I was a pancreatitis sufferer. NO you do not need to be diabetic, etc. to have pancreatitis. I was born without the main common duct and did not have problems until my early 40's. Please take a few minutes to read my story - I think you will find it helpful with your mom's case. I would be happy to answer any questions you may have. You will need to type in the web address to access my story. I ended up having my pancreas removed to get rid of the pain and stop malnutrition.
Avatar f tn I was diagnose with Hashmotos 6 years ago - have never felt well on synthetics or natural Thyroid - feel good 2-3 weeks then become hyper - heres the strange part - I have symptoms of huge belly swollen & growing - horrible pain right side up under last rib - yellow eyes - vision terrible - depression - unable to urinate but once a day - moon faced - hair gets reddish tinge - hair thin brittle and falls out everywhere - I am health nut - run, work out - petite but must eat no bread rice etc
180992 tn?1383377657 Between 1 and 2 percent of patients will develop thyroid abnormalities severe enough to require clinical interventions, so thyroid-stimulating hormone levels should be checked periodically while the patient is on treatment. Triglycerides can be elevated and can cause pancreatitis.
Avatar n tn If anyone has any answers or cures (even partial cures!) sure would love it if you keep posting to this thread.
Avatar n tn I hope that we will put more researcn and funding into finding out what causes and more importantly what cures IBS. It does not seem to be at the top of anyone's priority list. I realize that it is not life threatening, however with such quality of life, what's the point?? Does any one have any good news or positive perspective on this?
Avatar n tn I have been taken an antidepressant (Remeron) for some months (60mg) and it had definitely some beneficial effect on the burping. Remeron contains/is a 5-HT3 receptor antagonist. Also a natural medicine Caprylic Acid helped a little bit in my case. In June I had an abdominal x-ray.
Avatar n tn The great thing is that these aren't drugs, they are natural vitamins, nutrients and enzymes that the body utilizes to function properly.
Avatar n tn It always took care of the problem. I know there are natural ways to rid oneself of parasites, black walnut, garlic, "zapping". I think it's worth looking into! (Which is why I'm here, researching.
Avatar n tn I have steadily gotten worse over time. I started out with Lactose Intolerance after having my daughter 14 years ago. I drank a lot of milk while pregnant which may have done it. After a while, I started having a lot of gas and felt ill often. I was using Lactaid pills for the LI, so that wasn't it. I had an endoscopy, colonoscopy and my gallbladder checked. I was checked for H. Pyloi and all the other blood tests were done. Everything came up normal.
1932256 tn?1327949940 Its a Hospital/Clinic/Research center for alternative medicines and have cures for serious spinal injuries/Alzheimer's Diseases and such other serious disorders concerning mind/brain/pain/sexual dysfunction etc.. It is only a Part of Delhi University for financial Reasons but is an autonomous institution otherwise. Below is the address/email. They'll be too happy to assist you in this matter. You can email/phone/fax them. In case of no response which shouldn't happen, let me know.
Avatar n tn When you have eye sight you would not be changing your lifestyle, you just wear glasses better still wear contact lenses or an eye surgery. However there are alternative cures like yoga, natural therapy, eye exercises , vitamins etc.. which may be beneficial and might one fine day correct the problem. " What makes this problem similar to Flatulance is simple. We are looking for a remedy/fix/workaround that brings life back to normal not necessarily fixing the root of the problem.
Avatar f tn Hello, I have had these rotten egg burps when I was 15 through 19 and no one could figure it out they said it was just a tummy ache and it would go away, well in April of 1995 that it was caused from my gallbladder and they took my gallbladder which did have stones in it and the burp's went away for years and years well I also suffer from Chronic Pancreatitis, Renal failure, Cyrosis of the Liver, and IBS.
Avatar n tn One is a product you can buy at your local Natural grocer, it is called Estrotone. It's a natural hormone balancer for women. It is hormone free and side effect free and will make you feel better every day. The tiredness will be gone, the dizziness....etc. Another supplement you may find helpful is cod liver oil. I would only buy the best. They come in flavors that are easier to choke down. I found orange is the better tasting one.
Avatar n tn I took a Motrin PM Valerian and GABA to get to sleep Friday night and I slept pretty decent considering, then I found my Natural CALM which is a Magnesium Supplement and took it along with the other things and sleept realy good Saturday night. Last night I took an OTC sleep aide and my Valarian, CALM, GABA combo. I slept like a log! Couldn't believe it was time to get up so fast. I won't take the OTC sleep aid off if I can fall off to sleep by 11:00 pm.
Avatar n tn I have learned not to trust doctors and to take my health in my own hands. Eat healthy, get rid of as many chemicals in the house and switch to more natural products (ie. cleaning, body care ect). I studied natural alternatives, essential oils, massage, yoga, meditation, Reiki. I finally quit taking my last and final medication… my anti depressant a few months ago.
Avatar n tn Next, I cut foods high in SALT and SUGAR out of my diet, even fruits with natural sugar! Egg Beaters, English Muffins, Total Cereal, Lean Turkey, Jello and Sugar Free Popcicles work great! Last, I exercised like a man possessed. My thing is the eliptical because you can run on it for hours and your knees won't hurt. 3 Hours a day (15+ total miles per day) was my normal routine. The result?? I lost weight.
280891 tn?1261016650 Acidophilus-- taken after any antibiotic to replace the good bacteria Garlic -- 2 capsules 3 times a day which is good for fighting infects Vitamin C with bioflavanoids-5,000-20,000 mg in divided doses to boost the immune system. There are other things recommended so if you are interested get the book. I can relate to why people want to deny the facts. I denied it for 60 years. I had to get really sick before I could accept what was going on.
Avatar n tn It's sort of nausea and general pain. He's been taking a natural remedy called slippery elm and thinks he has to deal with this pain for the rest of his life, please tell me this is not so. I'm sorry that is a very brief description but that is all I have as he really doesn't like to talk or complain about his problem.
Avatar n tn Read my prior post as I'm sure there are many other things I didn't put here. There is a natural product being offered online that supposedly cures afib. I forget the name but you can google afib cure. I personally haven't tried it because so far I have got this under control myself with all the things I mentioned here and in other post that I've tried. What ever your decision and how you attack this I wish you success.
Avatar n tn I am also trying to avoid dairy, except for natural plain yogurt and avoiding too much sugar and processed foods. Lots of green veggies all last week too in anticipation for starting the cleanse. I have been reading about eating more raw fresh veggies and fruits as helpful with digestive enzymes that are often lacking in processed foods and fast food, etc.
Avatar n tn i know what you're going through right now though, i suggest 1.) cut down on alcohol 2.) use natural products like aloe vera gel or olive oil, even somthing like baby oil. Also, you can use homemade face masks like honey and oatmeal. 3.) relax and revive, e.g. exercise like yoga, also, meditate. 4.) drink lots of water 5.) wear clothes that are kind to the skin, avoid anything itchy or scratchy. 6.) avoid sunlight that can dry out the skin 7.) never scrub the eye area. 8.
Avatar n tn I am watching high fructose corn syrup lately ( the suspect ) which has a multitude of undercover names like malt, natural sugars etc. I suspect raisons and dates are coated with HFCS also and preserving nitrogen chemicals that affect the mucus membrane of the stomach walls. 5. I try not to mix fruit and vegetables at one meal this cut back the gas in all forms and sour stomach works every time this is a general practice and it is spot on. 6.
Avatar n tn You could be experiencing mild pancreatitis. Alcohol abuse by itself can cause this, and stress will only aggravate the condition. Talk to your Dr.
Avatar n tn Though you won't see any spectacular changes in her symptoms, it is something the cells need for their mitochondrial health and as we grow older we are less able to absorb it from natural food sources. Another supplement I've recently come across is called CerefolinNAC. It is a prescription form of B vitamin and the glutathione precursor n-acetylcysteine. With this I have noticed improvement in my post-tx symptoms. Good Luck.