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902019 tn?1249865014 The other thing you may want to ask about is a comment I saw on the Mayo Clinic site that said that Imuran can cause or contribute to Pancreatitis. I'd love to know what he/she says on both counts.
Avatar n tn I called them first thing the following morning and was told that my enzymes were high and they suspected that I had pancreatitis. I drove the 45 minutes back to my doctor's office, where the doctor doing the walk-in clinic sent me directly to the Emergency Room. When I arrived at the ER, they immediately did the testing and confirmed that I did have pancreatitis. I also had a very large gall stone that required emergency surgery.
Avatar f tn He has these attacks that are so bad that he ends up in the hospital. The doctors have told him pancreatitis, gall bladder, irritable bowel, drug seeker, it is awful. Sometimes the ER Dr's treat him with such disrespect that it breaks my heart. He called me this morning and his pancreatic enzymes were 51 when he went to bed and when he woke up 151.(he is again in the hospital). I just wish someone could tell me why do they go so high.
Avatar n tn I have the same symptoms as your daughter. I too had a Dr tell me it was IBS. That was a DR at the Mayo Clinic. I was told they were suppose to be the best. I think the IBS is just a symptom of what ever else is going on. I remember leaving that Drs office with an elevated liver and he said "we'll just keep an eye on it" None of the medications worked for me, and it is so frustrating to be in so much pain and no one will listen. Keep pushing it.
Avatar m tn Was originally told transplant but then was informed that his liver enzymes are still functioning well at times to prevent us from being placed on liver transplant list and they just don't know why he is hurting so much - they refer us to a pain management center.
Avatar f tn I am still wondering if it is my pancreas . I was told years ago at Mayo Clinic to have two tests run on my pancreas while I was having an attack. I never did, because they usually came in the middle of the night then and I hated to make my husband get up and take me to the ER to have it done. I recently had 12 inches of my colon removed and now the attacks are much shorter and less painful, but the bowel surgery caused me to have diarrhea all the time.
571337 tn?1233261897 he has had all the procedures,been to the mayo clinic and had the best docs taking care of him,,,and he still gets reoccuring episodes,and each one of them damages his pancreas a little more each and every time,,,untill it ends up killing him. i wish you the best,but im being honest with you when i tell you this info,,,please live life to the fullest.
Avatar n tn I have been to over 10 hospitals, seen over 25 doctors and have even spent multiple trips to the Mayo clinic. I have been less than satisfied with the help I have received or the attitudes of most of the physicians. There are too many things to list about the way this has gone for me so all I can say is that I hope you have better luck than I have had. I will suggest that you be careful when it comes to having an ERCP done.
Avatar n tn is it possible for him to come here and go to the mayo clinic? they will find out what is wrong. i am having similar troubles-- and they don't know what is happening-- have they checked his amylase level and lipase level? just wondering.
Avatar f tn According to the Mayo Clinic, autoimmune pancreatitis is an unusual type of pancreas condition. Far more common is acute pancreatitis, which typically lasts for just a few days. This condition tends to be more common in men and often appears in those who are middle aged or older. However, it is possible for it to occur in people who are much younger. Effects Autoimmune pancreatitis causes such symptoms as an inflamed pancreas, weight loss, abdominal pain, itching and back pain.
Avatar f tn But my doctors are now at a loss as to what to do now since they have already done every test from A-Z so they will now be refering me to the Mayo Clinic, I was wondering if any one out there has any ideas about what my problem is.....
Avatar m tn There are a number of cause of elevated liver enzymes.
Avatar n tn The last being at the Mayo clinic. Everyone of them agree I have pain, but will not test any further as to the cause. The Dr who did my ERCP found pain was in the sphincter of the bile duct. He didn't cut the duct because he it looked normal. Then after I woke I told him the pain I felt during the ERCP is the same pain I feel daily. He said I starting complaining when he put the canula into the sphincter.
Avatar n tn I can't imagine any hospital NOT equipped to perform ERCP. AS for determining risk of pancreatitis, that question needs to be asked of the gastro doc who will perform the procedure. It is a valid question, so don't feel like you're insulting the doctor by voicing your concern. My doc welcomed the question and resulting conversation about the risks of the procedure - but he's not a doc with a God complex either.
Avatar n tn My husband was diagnosed with Chronic Pancreatitis. He had a 1.4 cm lesion in the tail of his pancreas. After a fine need biopsy it was decided that the "lesion" was non-cancerous and just needed to be watched. Now, 4 months later the "lesion" is 3.4 cm. We went to the Mayo clinic for a second opinion and they are saying it is a tumor, most like malignant. This diagnosis by the Mayo Clinic is based only on a CT scan.
Avatar f tn ’ http://www.mayoclinic.
Avatar n tn My husband had a non functioning gallblader and they removed it, now(4 years later) they are sending him to the mayo clinic to check for sphincter of odi dysfunction. Someone on here told me that their opinion was, you have the sphincter of odi dysfunction first and that makes the gallblader go bad,then when they take it out, it eventually makes the pancreas go bad. Just a theroy but makes perfect sense to me.
Avatar n tn Can you get to a teaching hospital, or maybe the Mayo Clinic? They work very well together across the specialties, and their diagnostic skills are excellent. Blessings!
Avatar n tn It often gets worse as time goes by. Don't fool around with local doctors! Go to a GI clinic, like Mayo, in Florida, Shands at Univ. of Fl is good, etc. My wife spent 9 months with local GI doctors and was diagnosed with everything from Pelvic floor dysfunction to IBS and more. NONE WERE CORRECT. Search the web for Chronic Pancreatitis and read up on it. It hits more males than female and often in the 40's age range.
Avatar n tn It often gets worse as time goes by. Don't fool around with local doctors! Go to a GI clinic, like Mayo, in Florida, Shands at Univ. of Fl is good, etc. My wife spent 9 months with local GI doctors and was diagnosed with everything from Pelvic floor dysfunction to IBS and more. NONE WERE CORRECT. Search the web for Chronic Pancreatitis and read up on it. It hits more males than female and often in the 40's age range.
Avatar n tn I was wondering if you could email me the info you have on SOD? My husbnad goes to the Mayo clinic in Ariozna, on the 4th and that is what they are going to do tests for, so I would love to read up on it. Thanks in advance...........
1126279 tn?1311898642 I had my pancreas totally removed (also gallbladder & spleen) at Mayo Clinic in Rochester MN. They have an excellent surgeon who does it laparoscopic!!! The recovery was very rough but not near as bad as having it open & not laparoscopic! I am now a Type 1 Diabetic & take enzymes with my food. Depending on where you are, Johns Hopkins & UCLA also have highly recognized surgeons for this surgery.
Avatar m tn * Certain prescription medications, including statin drugs used to control cholesterol * Hepatitis A * Hepatitis B * Hepatitis C * Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease * Obesity * Over-the-counter pain medications, including acetaminophen (Tylenol, others) Other causes of elevated liver enzymes may include: * Alcoholic hepatitis * Autoimmune hepatitis * Celiac disease * Cirrhosis * Cytomegalovirus (CMV) infection * Dermatomyositis * Epste
Avatar n tn There is nothing worse than a pain you can't seem to treat or get an answer about. I can totally sympathize. There are so many causes of pain on the upper left side of a persons abdomen.
Avatar f tn There are many causes of elevated liver enzymes Quoted from Mayo clinic Many diseases and conditions can contribute to elevated liver enzymes. Your doctor determines the specific cause of your elevated liver enzymes by reviewing your medications, your signs and symptoms and, in some cases, other tests and procedures.
Avatar f tn I am actually going to the mayo clinic because I can't get an answer. It sounds like you're having an acute attack of pancreatitis, but possibly chronic. I don't vomit after a large meal, but I get so bloated it hurts to breathe. I had my first encounter 2 years ago I suffered for four months because it wouldn't go away. I looked anorexic by the time all was said and done.
Avatar f tn I have Primary Extra-glandular Sjogren's. I am one of those rare ones that now have chronic auto-immune pancreatitis which I almost died from. My right parotid gland is always swollen and has been for years. I have extreme dryness of eyes, throat/mouth, nose and sometime the tender parts. I have extremely dry skin, have neuropathy and numbness too which keeps changing which is part of it being neuropathy and vascular problems.
673049 tn?1225921298 (even though lyme disease is very hard to diagnose, but once diagnosed, totally curable). Then, she was supposed to go to Mayo Clinic (a very good hospital in the Midwest where everyone goes if they have a major illness) and they were just going to keep running tests til they found it. But the insurance company wants to send her to the University of Chicago instead. So there was a major battle going on there for a while. And now, all of a sudden, the whole thing has been dropped.
Avatar n tn I have had 3 ERCP's, and several other tests at Mayo Clinic in Minnesota. As of yet, noone has been able to decide exactly what the problem is and how to treat it. I am very afraid that I will eventually kill off my pancreas. I seem to have attacks every 5-6 weeks. My amylase levels are usually about 2-3,000 with lipase 4,000. Because I hate going to the hospital I take pain meds at home and stay off food. The episodes usually last about 3-4 days.