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Avatar n tn All The Docs knew was that I had major stomach surgery, had a bunch of blood transfusions (8 units), had a severely bruised pancreas, (hence me recurrent state of pancreatitis) and was as orange as a mom and grandma were taking care of our infant...I didn't even have the strength to pick her up. Anyway, the last two biopsies were when I was canfirmed with Hep C, and the last one 4 years ago was before I tried treatment.
Avatar f tn I have fibromyalgia, insomnia, hypertension, high cholesteral, gastritis, dry eyes and skin, re-occurring depression, and some loss of cognitive abilities. Right after tx I had gallstone pancreatitis and nearly died. I have a supportive doc who is working with me to try to correct all of these issues and I think that slowly we are getting them under control. I usually work from 7am to 11am and then go home to nap for 2-3 hours. After that I go back and work from 3pm-7pm.
Avatar n tn I refused an ERCP because I am an RN and have seen to many patients develop pancreatitis from the ERCP. I am currently taking bile salts and a digestive enzyme. I just started the supplements a few days ago I will update on how they help! Any input is greatly appreciated. These are just my thoughts after much research. Doctors are not miracle workers, we have to help them when we can. Write down what triggers it, when it's worse, what helps.
Avatar n tn so what are the list of diseases he should be testing for? also are you saying that if he had a gall stone stuck he could have had jaundice without any stomach pain? are you saying that since he is seeing an improvement he should consider the stone was expelled from the system?
104652 tn?1196603908 It really got triggered this early fall, late summer when out of the blue his tryglycerides went over 1000 and they put him on Tricor immediately for fear he would get spontaneous pancreatitis. After that, he just freaked out and panicked and here we are today . just say a prayer for us. We will get thru this. many thanks!
Avatar n tn I'm so glad I heard from you, I've been trying to e-mail you, but I have a cable modem, and somethings wrong with the server. I wanted to let you know, if you call NA, the number was 888-677-8810, you may need to check directory assistance, they will give you names and numbers for help in your area. They have a program in Florida that is FREE, it's in Boca Raton, a 28 day in house treatment center, the program runs every 6 weeks. They will also give you places for outpatient help.
Avatar n tn I noticed that I was getting bigger in the belly and was making jokes about being pregnant. Other people noticed and asked me about it, that is when I got a bit concerned. I have put on at least 25 lbs. and the only place that swells is my belly.Swelling is more later in day, after food. I have started trying not to eat as it makes me so uncomfortable. My butt and thighs are the same size. I admit to being overweight,but this is getting obscene.
Avatar n tn i had pancreatitis in december and was on ambien again at the time and they tried me on seroquel instead for sleep... seroquel is an anti-psychotic, a neuroleptic drug used to treat schizophrenia... but it has such a sedative side-effect that it is effective as a sleep agent..... i am not schizophrenic!! but it sure as hell helps me sleep at night~ i also suffer from depression and take prozac and neurontin and the seroquel helps with mood also...