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Avatar n tn It's not at all unusual for people with gallstones to develop pancreatitis. If a stone gets lodged in just the wrong place in the ducts, the pancreatic enzymes can't drain properly to the small intestine. The result is that those enzymes, instead of digesting the food you eat, they end up digesting the pancreas itself. On top of that, the pancreas is one of the more delicate organs of the body. Once it gets disturbed, it tends to keep complaining for quite some time.
Avatar n tn I'm a 28 year old mom of 2 young children, and have had Idiopathic Pancreatitis for 5 years now. I have, 2 years ago,discovered that I do have a mutated CF gene that could possibly be causing this problem. Does anyone know of any new treatments for this other than ERCPs? I've had that procedure numerous times and each time it leaves me with a "rip roaring" case of pancreatitis. This is getting old.
Avatar n tn Since August of 2002, I have experienced four episodes of pancreatitis. In three of the episodes, my lipase levels were anywhere between 25,000 and 35,000. Although I have had my gall bladder removed and had a stent put in my pancreas to open a duct (which has since been removed because I developed sepsis), I continue to have pain in the upper right quadrant of my abdomen. I have regular bouts of putrid diarreha and my feces is polluted with small stones of yellow or brown color.
Avatar n tn She also has cystic fibros but not bad. Anyway I have been doing a lot of research and idiopaathic pancreatitis has just in the past couple of years been linked to the cystic fibrosis gene. It does not mean your son has CF but this does explain the idiopathic part of it. Log on to http://www/ As to what the future holds - I have the same questions because we just found out about my daughters pancreatitis. It's ruining her college life.
Avatar n tn 1) Glucose intolerance occurs with some frequency in chronic pancreatitis, but overt diabetes mellitus usually only occurs late in the course of disease. 2) Chronic pancreatitis may be associated with a variety of complications.
902019 tn?1249865014 My doctor can't explain the cramps (not in the back which is the usual area for pancreatitis) nor the weight loss (very gradual over time and definitely not from dieting). I have had recent CT Scan and while everything is not completely back to normal (enlarged) it is stable. Doctor not concerned ... apparently that is sometimes what happens in some cases. My original episode was quite severe with significant jaundice, blockage, emergency ERCP etc.
Avatar m tn While it IS possible to remove a gallbladder in a dog, the dog's anatomy makes it difficult and doing so in one so ill with pancreatitis generally isn't a good idea. As you've no doubt been told already, pancreatitis is an incredibly painful condition. Dogs are usually far more stoic about pain than people, but that doesn't mean their pain shouldn't be treated. My dog had a 75 mcg fentanyl patch and dilaudid while he was an inpatient.
Avatar n tn Hi, I did drink far too much in my 20s to mid 30s or so, and I lowered my intake a great deal sometime in my mid to late 30s.I am now 44. About two years back I would have occasional attacks in the upper belly at night, once in a blue that were excruciating. They woudl die down and nothing more happened. I also had been chronically worrying for literally YEARS, and having "butterflies" in the tummy all the time.
Avatar f tn I am really sick with pancreatitis and in no way can stop taking narcotics because they allow me to eat. I am 108 lbs. at 5'9" and relapsed about 2 months ago off of coc and alcohol. They wont allow me into treatment because of the meds I take, I just cant focus on stopping something that is allowing me to eat, so I know I need to get back into meetings which is where I had 8 months before I relapsed anyways.
Avatar n tn Does SOD always result in pancreatitis? How does it lead to pancreatitis in the first place? Is SOD curable? Is it progressive? My GI doctor thinks that I have a SO stenosis. I am so fearful that I'm going to experience this pain indefinately, and moreso, that I will develop pancreatitis and die. I feel too young to be combating something of this nature. What is the prognosis for SOD, and how can I ensure that I am receiving the most appropriate and proactive care? Can you hear the fear? Help!
Avatar n tn Perhaps the bile duct has a norrowing or stone in it. Basically the ERCP is pretty safe with only the dye they use. Yes, there are people who get pancreatitis from having it done, but is only about 20% of them. My suggestion to you is to stop eating. I know that sounds awful, but the treatment for pancreatitis is for no food for at least 2 - 3 days. This is what they do if you were to be hospitalized. You want to rest your pancreas so it can heal.
Avatar n tn I consume very little food, but continue to increase in size in my mid-section and my cholesterol has gone from 165 to 280 in 5 months. My liver enzymes have been elevated for approx. the same period of time and I am now very worried about what is going on. My urine and hands have a musty odor and my potassium level is often depleted -- I urinate frequently. I am not diabetic.
1337091 tn?1275912473 I was in the same position several years ago. Pancreatitis in my 13 year old dog. It's an extremely painful condition in both dogs and humans. The treatment is also about the same: IV support, TPN nutrition, nothing by mouth and pain meds and antibiotics if the cause is infectious. We spent nearly $10,000 trying to to save him, but couldn't. At least he had excellent pain management the last couple weeks of his life. Believe me, I know how awful it is to be faced with this decision.
1090984 tn?1463773450 If you can sit down with a dietitian, that would be really helpful, I think. In addition to salt, caffeine raises blood pressure in many people, as do some herbs. Are you eating plenty of fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, etc.? They have natural potassium which can help with blood pressure regulation. Also, decaffeinated green tea, fat-free or low fat soy milk or tofu, and skimmed milk or low fat milk or nonfat yogurt also have natural substances which help control blood pressure.
Avatar n tn Traditionally speaking, yes, your aunt is correct in saying that you are too young to get your GB out. But that's because you're fairly young to be having problems with it (as was I at 29), or so previous prevalent thinking said. Talking to my surgeon, he said he's seen a drop in the average age of people getting their GB out. It used to be that the issue affected those middle aged and older, but no longer. Modern diets are a horrible thing.
978118 tn?1248498865 well it acute pancreatitis it's like doubling over pain that comes on initially strong. Once you eat something...anything you feel major pain... If you keep adding to the problem (like drinking) then it'll eventually become chronic pancreatitis which isn't as painful. Normally during acute attacks some people feel the pain normally where the gallbladder is..
Avatar n tn It was helpful, albeit a bit confusing. How common is Acid Reflux in young people? I am 20 years old, and don't really have any allergies and am in genereally in good health. I don't smoke and only drink occasionally. I am not exactly sure what "heartburn" means (English is not my first language), but I don't seem to have any other unusual symptoms.
1560663 tn?1298050127 I also have a 10 year old cat who had exploratory surgery because she was vomiting. They thought it was Pancreatitis, then an x-ray and u/s showed a thickening in the colon so that is when we scheduled surgery. This is not Mega Colon but IBS, and I treat her with 1/8 tsp Miralax in her morning wet food and her evening wet food. She is on a diet pf Z/D prescription wet food and dry, and takes Budesonide (formulated as a liquid) every day.
Avatar n tn They can conclude that it seems to happen mostly in people who have suspected Type III SOD and are young description exactly. GREAT. So, we'll see how it goes. I'll be in touch - I am sure!
Avatar n tn I've never smoked, drank, or been on prescription or taken over-the-counter meds. I knew a young woman who had islet cell cancer (in the tail of her pancreas) and was told she had IBS. By the time they discovered the cancer, it was too late, and she passed away. That has been the story with all of my immediate family members. Medicine is tricky. My mother had a wonderful doctor treating her that said medicine was a bit of a craft, almost like putting the pieces of a puzzle together.
Avatar m tn - Biliary dyskinesia; - Reactive pancreatitis. If I stressed strong (for example, before my exams in the university), there are discomfort in my gut. It is known that stress strongly affects the pancreatic gland. I also noticed next: if I take digestive enzymes, I have got less mucus in my throat. I have got problems with scalp also. They began some time after I had a strong stomach ache (and when started PATM).
Avatar m tn Hello, So just a bit of background, im 20yrs old, 6'4 and about 205 pounds in relatively athletic shape. I am in college and frequently consume excessive amounts of alcohol. In the past month or so ive started to notice some pain in my sides the morning after drinking a lot. This isn't something I have ever experienced before so the first couple times it happened to me I just assumed I did something stupid last night and thats why my sides were sore or hurting.
Avatar n tn My MD was at a total loss as to what caused my original pain which returned as soon as my pancreatitis pain resolved. I was lucky in that the pancreatitis that was due to the ERCP resolved quickly. Still and all I was out of work for 3 weeks. Tracie, I hope you are feeling better. When did you first realize that something was wrong? You went home after your ERCP, right? Did you end up admitted through the ER?
1916673 tn?1420236870 But definitely consider stopping the Rimadyl and Tramadol, as these will affect the kidneys and potentially make the pancreatitis worse. Okay. There are quite a few things in my message that you need to talk to your vet about, so I'll leave you with them for the time being. Please get back if you have questions and/or after you have spoken with your vet.
Avatar f tn It is more common in overweight ppl. OR in the family. I had aunts and cousins all that had their GB removed very young. I was 30 yrs old. I was very thin. BUT they were very larger. So, because of of my size Drs did not even want to check it????? It was an ER Dr that did, and found it, and it was the size of a golfball!!! Now the ducts that lead to the liver and pancreas from the GB are very small. So they roll around, and if it gets into the duck that sets off an attack, or another question..
15290316 tn?1447026708 So the changes in the brain cause behavior changes. The disease of addiction can develop in people despite their best intentions or strength of character. Drug addiction is insidious because it affects the very brain areas that people need to "think straight," apply good judgment and make good decisions for their lives. No one wants to grow up to be a drug addict, after all. But, as we know, not everybody who uses drugs becomes addicted.
Avatar n tn To be tested - it be best to have it done while you are in pain. Chronic pancreatitis sometimes doesn't show in a blood test. Why don't you have health insurance? I'm guessing you have a job. When I was your age. I thought I didn't need it. I went without for a long time, because I thought it was a waste of money. I ended up needing emergency surgery - $10,000 later I wished I could of done things different. Don't be a fool!
Avatar f tn M 51 hep A 1961 hep B 1973 Third case of acute hep/jaundice late 1973 1990-1992 ALT/AST chronically elevated 60-80 First biopsy 1992 confirmed A and B antibodies and active non-A/non-B virus 1993 gallstone caught in common bile, pancreatitis, gallbladder removed Second biopsy and genotyping 2001 geno 3e mild fibrosis no cirrhosis - never given stage or grade Txd with Peg-Intron/Rebetol Oct.
Avatar f tn We have tried her on Benadryl (dose recommended by vet), but that did nothing. I have suspected candida, from all the meds she has taken in her young life. We are now giving her 1/4 teasp. virgin coconut oil, 2x a day, which she loves and her nose, which was always warm and bone dry before, is now cool and wet, as it should be, so the coconut oil is helping in some way. She snores quite loudly and sometimes I hear wheezing. We are at our wits end and hate seeing her so miserable.
Avatar f tn -) How about a little distraction? I assume you're in Texas based on your screen name. My husband and I live in west Houston, and have been here for nearly 30 years. Yeah, we're getting old! When we first met in the mid 80's, we spent nearly every summer weekend camping and fishing on the beach on the far west end of Galveston island. Talk about primitive camping! During those years, that end of the island was nearly deserted - nothing like what you see there today.