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277174 tn?1189851979 Mediastinal adenopathy, however, is a prominent feature of lymphoblastic lymphoma and primary mediastinal B-cell lymphoma, entities primarily found in young adults). My report said that there was significant and mediastinal adenopathy??? Any opinion on that? Thanks for answering. I'm just not ready 2 leave at 44. I'm having some improvement w?
Avatar f tn Reglan (metoclopromadine) is a very cheap medication, unfortunately, it is also metabolized in the kidneys, so a too high dose results in toxic levels in the blood. My husband and I discovered that completely bypassing the GI tract by using reglan injections worked much better in the end. Chica didn't get the extra pyramidal side effects (extreme restlessness, shaking and trembling) from the reglan injections that she got from the oral meds.
Avatar n tn Sometimes (especially in warm weather for us pumpers) our insulin gets a bit cooked in the tubing and/or in the reservoir/cartridge. If you haven't tried this already, open a fresh vial of insulin, and completely change out your cartridge & infusion set. Drink a LOT of water to help reduce ketones. If this technique works, then look for ways to keep your pump/tubing out of summer sun & heat. There's a product called a Frio, that's a little pouch filled with dried gel granules.
1318483 tn?1318350782 I know very little about it Addi but from the little I know isn't it usually dx in children and young adults due to the forming of the brain? From what little I know too, it is something that can be readily seen on an MRI. So, I am thinking it's not what you have since you have had MRI's w/none of this seen. As for your daugther, I am sorry, I don't know what the future holds but seems to me that dx is at least the first big step (you know how big a piece that is).
Avatar f tn Apparently, left side abdominal pain is often more common in women and young adults. There are lots of common causes of a left sided abdominal pain, enlarged spleen, bowel problems, like diverticulitis, and constipation, to pain arising from muscles and skin over the left side of the abdomen. I have a friend who has chronic pancreatitis with similar symptoms. You should get this checked out if it's interfering with your everyday life.
Avatar f tn I have heard of people that as adults were diagnosed with Celiac but they didn't know they had it when they were young. Does this make sence what I am asking? I have been looking up results for "burning in the stomach" searches and mostly come up with some kind of gastritus or ulcers. She has not had a Colonoscopy do you think that would tell us anything? One more thing, she had an elevated number of Eosinophils and the GI called it Eosinophilic Gastritus.
Avatar f tn angina, myocardial infarction, pericarditis Gastric: esophagitis, gastritis, peptic ulcer Pancreatic: mass, pancreatitis Renal: nephrolithiasis, pyelonephritis Vascular: aortic dissection, mesenteric ischemia"
1469903 tn?1286650297 the dose is adjusted for weight only in children.[2] The dose should be drunk within 5 minutes. • A variant is often used in pregnancy to screen for gestational diabetes, with a screening test of 50 grams over one hour. If elevated, this is followed with a test of 100 grams over three hours. Blood is drawn at intervals for measurement of glucose (blood sugar), and sometimes insulin levels. The intervals and number of samples vary according to the purpose of the test.
Avatar m tn His mothers side of the family is going to the same doctor and they all have an addiction problem, Of the 5 adults in her family none of them work and they will let the taxes, food, utilities and bills go to have the money to buy their pills. They have also asked me to fake a condition with the doctor to get pills to sell them. I of clear mind said absolutely not. Please stop the cycle now. Test candidates for these powerful drugs first. Check family history of abuse.
242516 tn?1368227505 org/health_chats/register/17 Due to the swine flu, the US has declared a public health emergency. We're early in the outbreak of this new virus, with most all patients in the US having mild illness who have recovered without treatment. Only 1 of the 20 cases have been hospitalized. Since the US strain is a genetic match to the Mexico strain, officials are concerned about the potential of deaths in America from swine flu.
Avatar n tn Spontaneous collapse of a lung is quite common, especially among young adults. It is called a pneumothorax and if small may not require any active intervention such as the insertion of a catheter or tube to suck out the air. However, continued observation is crucial, for a small collapse can become a major collapse, either slowly or quickly. You may want to request a copy of the official reading of the first X-ray that was declared to be “completely normal.
Avatar n tn Those stools could indicate that she's already had some irritation to the sphincter and that has resulted in a backup of the functioning of the pancreas which is found in some in some cases when the GB malfunctions. Please understand that I'm only speculating about her stools and only her doctor can tell you for certain whether that is indeed happening, but it's something I would bring up with her doctor.
251222 tn?1270939717 These two are HHV-6 (Human Herpes Virus #6) which is responsible for the young, childhood illness called Roseola, and EBV which causes mononucleosis in older kids, teens and young adults. In young children EBV often causes a nonspecific, unremarkable febrile illness. By young adulthood 95-96% of all Americans have antibodies against EBV. It has been hard to prove this link between EBV and MS because of the fact that most people have had the infection already, but some things are known.
Avatar n tn I have like the biggest fear of death, that in history if we discuss something like it happened 500 years ao, i start thinking wow all those people are now dead and like maybe one of them died young or something, like maybe i could die young.
1661271 tn?1307030998 There you are !! Welcome to the group and I hope you will ask lots of questions. Gosh you are so young and you sadi in your profile you were ashamed - please don't be. We all make errors in judgement but hopefully we can correct them You have a whole lifetime ahead of you and are lucky to have caught this early. The advice the members can give you will depend on information you can give the members. Do you have a genotype? A viral load? A good doctor with Hepatitis experience?
Avatar n tn All seemed to agree unequivocally that the virus is not in hiding anywhere else in the body after a TRUE SVR is achieved. The question one must ask is this: If the HCV virus initially is introduced into the body via the bloodstream, and infects the blood and liver, at minimum, and then if migrates to the brain, spinal cord, lymphatic system, etc. Then WHY does the reverse not seem to happen after SVR is achieved in blood and liver???
233616 tn?1312790796 I'll shut up now before someone decides I'm whacko......but it's all true. Keep on it...... all I know is, when I was young adults died of cancer, or smoking diseases........then came heart disease when so many left the farm and still ate like they were everyone has have to get at the why of it....AND if it's AUTO...then in theory it should be reversable, particularly if you kick out the one virus that keeps everything on high (and eventually confused) alert.
Avatar n tn It felt like it was just under my ribs, usually in the front but sometimes in my side and when most severe, in my back. It lasted for about 3 weeks and I just let it go, confident that it would just go away. In the first week of August the exact same pain came back. It was so severe that I called my MD after only 3 days. I had chest x-rays, abd sonogram and blood work. The only abnormality was my amylase which was 397. My lipase was somewhat elevated also.
429155 tn?1205676864 MY PERSONAL DIARY OF OXYCONTIN WITHDRAWAL. May I briefly fill in a little background.I am David aged 55 and employed as a postman/driver/sorter, well up until 38 months ago I had never been into hospital,well boy was that about to change.
Avatar f tn Good screen name since so much about having HCV is tuff including the decision to treat. Personally, I went into tx not knowing much at all about HCV, the treatment (other than it would/could be rough), or the long term side effects of tx; I only knew that in the long run I would not be getting healthier and it could lead to cirrhosis. One can sit back for a few years and have no signs that one's liver is actually getting worse; no real symptoms until it is too late.
181575 tn?1250202386 In cases of adult-acquired chronic hepatitis B, the serum alanine aminotransferase (ALT) level generally correlates well with the HBV DNA level and the severity of disease activity. However, in young patients with perinatally acquired hepatitis B, it is not uncommon to have a normal serum ALT level yet a markedly elevated HBV DNA level.[22] This is described as the immune-tolerant phase of the disease. Hepatic histologic damage tends to be minimal if a biopsy is performed.
Avatar f tn It is a very difficult situation to lose a parent at such a young age. I am also still in college. My mom died in May 2009. I am not going to say it gets easier because I am not sure that it does but you have to learn a new way of going on with life. This will be the second holiday season without my mom and it feels very hard because while everyone else is looking forward to Christmas, I am not at all. I do think for me it helps to talk about how I feel in regards to my mom.
Avatar n tn Call 911 or go to an emergency room right away. Acute pancreatitis can cause shock, which may result in death if not treated quickly. _____ Symptoms : Extremely sharp abdominal pain, perhaps with other acute symptoms. Possible Causes: *Pelvic inflammatory disease *Heart attack *Perforated stomach ulcer *Shock, from allergy *Diabetic emergency *Poisoning Action to Take: Call 911 or go to an emergency room right away.
233616 tn?1312790796 As long as one kept the dose low, monitored the liver, and watched for lactic acidosis, what would be the harm in trying? arguments in favor or opposed please weigh in, if obese women went from 20% to 60% SVR that should tell us something??
Avatar n tn Not to make this any longer but now I have just been to the doctors today and I may have a chance of gout in my foot. Another thing you don't see in young adults or children. Really only men over 40 or women after menopause. Well I'm praying I don't and I will find out Sat(12/17/05). For me to have this at such a young age I asked the doc if my removal of my gallbladder could have had an impact on gout and he said yes. I did some researching and gout has to do w/ the breaking down of an enzyme.
280891 tn?1261016650 Is it molecular mimicry, like in Rheumatic Fever, in ALL cases, but we just don't know that? Is it because hormonal birth control was invented? It is something in the plastic, the water, the environment? Or, is it THAT easy to say, we don't know, it's "probably" a combination of things? Your thoughts?
Avatar f tn I'm a 43 year old male with a long history of stomach issues. I take prilosec daily and have no idea what a "normal" bowel movement resembles. Sour stomach, cramps, reflux and soft stools are just a part of life for me and I've been able to lead a fairly normal and mobile life in spite of these issues. Six weeks ago, I went to work and took one of my kids w/me. He loves going to the office for some reason and he had nothing better to do on this particular summer day.
Avatar f tn Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis) typically appear in young adults. It is not your age, which speaks against colonic disease, it is the fact that you have no diarrhea, mucus or blood in the stool, rised temperature, skin rash (at least you haven't mention them) or anything, except the pain, what would go with IBD.
Avatar f tn The significantly lower SVR rate in high HOMA-IR patients was observed in 76 patients with high HCV RNA levels (400,000IU/mL) who were defined as 'difficult-to-treat' patients. The mean HOMA-IR of 'difficult-to-treat' patients was significantly lower in 42 sustained responders than in 34 non-responders. CONCLUSIONS: IR was associated with SVR to (PEG-IFN)/ribavirin therapy for CHC, especially among 'difficult-to-treat' patients.
Avatar f tn I don't know if I am submitting this in the correct forum, but I didn't see another one to try just yet. I am 47 and have been a social drinker since I became of age. Within the last year I suddenly cannot drink any alcohol. I get as sick as if I had been on a binge - trembling sick with nausea when I go to bed. I have to throw up everything in my stomach and then take phenergan. I am violently ill. Two years ago I lost 20+ lbs by cutting carbs. Could this have caused any chemical changes?