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Avatar f tn they said his organs are inflammed and his gallbladder has sludge in it and it has a thick (lining?) or something like that. Also, he is swelling and they say he has fluid that is causing that. Now he is having vitamin K shots because he is not coagulating properly. I am tired of not getting any answers. Please does anyone have a similar experience?
931217 tn?1283484935 The true incidence of pancreatitis is unknown, and although autopsy surveys have found evidence of inflammation in anywhere from less than 1% to more than 50% of dog pancreases, no study has yet examined how common clinical pancreatitis is.[139-141] In dogs, there is some evidence that neutered animals may be at higher risk than intact animals for sudden-onset form.[142,143] Obesity is a common and growing clinical problem in dogs and cats.
480895 tn?1212153335 Later put on Omeprazole, and then added Axid...tried Zantac in lieu of Axid, due to unavailability while hospitalized in July, but didn't work. Has had Bradycardia and Apnea, since birth, both obstructive from reflux and caused by central brain issues. He has had all the reflux testing done, including PH probes, impedence probes, neumogram, polysomniogram, upper GI's x 3, 2 barium swallow studies. Milk scan showed reflux, and normal gastric emptying back in July.
Avatar f tn The powers to be will do everything to deny it. If I were in you place, I would take the safe approach. I noticed a huge difference in my son's behavior, as the vaccines doses piled up, although he is autistic. I would recommend the reading of a book by Dr. David Williams, Fat Belly, in case you have not read it yet. Also watch his videos on YouTube. Good luck!
251222 tn?1270939717 I'd also like to mention that I practiced developmental pediatrics for 5 years, where a large part of my practice was in following up with Very Low Birth Weight premies - I followed the ones whose birth weights were less than 2000gms. (less than 2.2 pounds) after they graduated from the NICU. I had three whose birth weights were less than 1 pound. When I saw your post the first day I just had to do some reading on a topic I've wanted to look at, EBV and MS.
Avatar f tn she cant take any of the medications, like pentasa, asacol, 6mp because she gets pancreatitis and becomes even more sick. So I have worked in a hospital pharmacy for 15 years and I put her on fish oil, probiotics, calcium and her symtoms were half relieved. She still has some bleeding and lots of diarrhea, but she has not been hospitalized for 3 months. So my question is were to now. She is under weight, her hair is falling out. No one has any answers.
4848134 tn?1360123266 No swelling, just pain. Especially in fingers, toes, wrists, ankles, knees, and similar pain in my neck. Unrelated, I do have a pilonidal cyst, and I have also been diagnosed with sinus polyps, but they were determined to be minimal. I know it's long, but it's what I've been dealing with. I need to know what I might be dealing with, so I know what to talk to my doctor about when I can scratch up the money to go in, or get insurance.
Avatar f tn ( was not there the evening before when i bathed him) Finish dressing him, put him in the car and drive to docs office......where i tell the receptionist my son needs to be seen NOW!! That it is not a virus he has, that i believe he has Lyme disease, initially i get refused an appointment, which prompts my temper!! I get told..." You are not a medical professional, you are not qualified to make a diagnosis of Lyme disease" To which i lost my mind!!
Avatar f tn My mother-in-law was the opposite. She had chronic pancreatitis and severe arthritis with osteoporosis. She never followed through with instructions on PT, diet etc, Instead she went from doctor to doctor trying to find one who would tell her she had something that was easy to cure and fix her on the spot.
Avatar f tn I talked to a neonatologist that said it totally depends and noone knows. But, they must have some idea. In fact, a nurse in know in my OB office told me the other day there was a woman who was taking tyl #3 not everyday and never more than 3 (way less than I take) and the baby had to go the NICU for w/d and had to be medicated. She also said though that , that is very rare with that dose and that drug and that she may not have been honest about her usage.
Avatar f tn She has severe allergies - often leading to sinus infections over the years. She had two episodes of vasculitus in her feet when she was 6 yrs old after having strep. ANA back then was 1:640, Rheumatologists ruled out lupus, said it was strep that had gone to heart and was now resolved. She was an accomplished competative irish dancer but had to stop when she was having repeated foot problems (iselin's disease - growth plate not fusing with 5th metatarsal) back at age 11.
385668 tn?1301797480 So, into the hospital I went and they immediately THREW me in to a single unit room - in PEDIATRICS, if you can believe that. So naturally, all the nurses had this kind of maternal instinct thing going on, and I was well attended. The ER doc who did my intake was my next door neighbor, and he owed me $5 because doctors, we you know, never have ready cash so anyways I figured he was trying to get out of paying me back by putting me in the fancy room.
181575 tn?1250202386 Combination therapy (CT) using telbivudine plus lamivudine and monotherapy (MT) using telbivudine alone in a 2005 comparison of 104 patients did not show a difference in effectiveness. 5. Combination therapy (CT) using lamivudind plus adefovir and monotherapy (MT) using lamivudine alone in a 2003 comparison showed CT superiority: by week 52, CT group remained virally suppressed, HBV DNA levels increased in the MT group. 6.