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Avatar n tn I came down with acute alcoholic pancreatitis on August 28, 1999. After thirteen days in intensive care, another two weeks in two hospitals...then surgery and recovery (for pancreatic pseudosists w/ a liter of fluid drained). I was finally sent home and have fully recovered. I have not even had a sip of alcohol since, however, I am curiuos as to the research that has been done on people that have gone back to drinking??? Has there been research done in this area?
Avatar n tn The floating stools indicate some malabsorption, which is a problem with chronic pancreatitis, but other digestive diseases as well. I'm sure you have already read here that many people with chronic pancreatitis don't always show elevated amylase and lipase levels, nor does anything always show in a CT-scan. If pancreatic cancer is your concern, a Ca19-9 test can be done to check for this, but you don't appear to have all the symptoms, which I've pasted below.
Avatar f tn I am a 60 year old female who was diagnosed in the late 80s with acute pancreatitis and still have sporadic trouble today in 2014. A few weeks ago I was diagnosed with hcv and was wondering what effects I would have with the two diseases together, for instance if given treatment for my hep-c will it make my pancreas worse or will I even be able to do the hcv treatment at all?
902019 tn?1249865014 My doctor can't explain the cramps (not in the back which is the usual area for pancreatitis) nor the weight loss (very gradual over time and definitely not from dieting). I have had recent CT Scan and while everything is not completely back to normal (enlarged) it is stable. Doctor not concerned ... apparently that is sometimes what happens in some cases. My original episode was quite severe with significant jaundice, blockage, emergency ERCP etc.
Avatar n tn some 20 years ago i was experiencing sever upper gastric pain and thought to be ulcers, not, i had many tests run and finally had an ERCP done and it resulted in Pancreatitis. In 2000 i experienced excrutiating pain in the upper abdomen through to my back, for the first 2 days of this i was so sick i couldn't get to the doctor. when i was finally able to get myself to the Dr. he immediately put me in the hospital but by this time my amylase and lipase levels were within normal range.
10821430 tn?1439584483 Just a thought here, but maybe we should keep responses to people in the same threads that they asked their questions in? It's bad enough we can't get the newbies to stop tacking their questions onto the ends of 7 and 8 year old threads, but when they do, that's where they are going to go to look for their answers.
Avatar f tn Always happy, not confused, remembers our routine, commands, people, etc. No signs of dementia. The windows are open and we do live in the county so a possum or raccoon will sometimes wander our backyard BUT Scooter cannot see out the back windows and the back door is closed. We have motion sensor lights and I've checked when he starts this to see if any of the lights are on, just in case he's actually heard something or someone. Nope. His anal glands are emptied regularly.
Avatar n tn which i refused to take becase i felt my problem lied elsewhere.
Avatar f tn I know how expensive Vets and testing is but I highly urge you to take kitty in if you can possibly do so....Diabetes is very common in elderly cats... Could also be Hyperthyroidism in the case shes not over thirsty...but both need to be tested asap..
Avatar n tn There are several people I know who have had the TP/ICT surgery who are older than I and they have done excellently! In my understanding, if you were to go ahead with the Whipple and not the TP/ICT, then if the whipple didn't help you, you wouldn't have any other options b/c you wouldn't have enough islet cells left to transplant into your liver. (b/c with the whipple a large portion of your pancreas is removed, thus leaving you with a greatly reduced number of the islets.
1337091 tn?1275912473 I was in the same position several years ago. Pancreatitis in my 13 year old dog. It's an extremely painful condition in both dogs and humans. The treatment is also about the same: IV support, TPN nutrition, nothing by mouth and pain meds and antibiotics if the cause is infectious. We spent nearly $10,000 trying to to save him, but couldn't. At least he had excellent pain management the last couple weeks of his life. Believe me, I know how awful it is to be faced with this decision.
1560663 tn?1298050127 Like you all know I have 7 cats and I manage to brush them all, even if its a little bit every few days. In older cats their joints ache like ours and they have a harder time cleaning themselves, give them a little help, I use wipes that are unscented, alcohol free and are fine to use on a baby's face, nevermind spending a bunch of money on petwipes. If you have a cat that doesn't like being brushed, try and wipe their furr, that will get some of the hair.
Avatar m tn Medical history:Was in good health and had quit drinking 10 years prior to onset of symptoms...2 years ago I had an abdominal x-ray revealing a giant bladder diverticulum with total urinary retention of 2300 ml. My bladder neck was also sealed shut with muscle mass and I had developed sepsis. After bladder neck surgery, diverticulectomy, and surgical reattachment of left ureter I kept developing multiple infections from pseudomonis?? to c-difficil.
15290316 tn?1447026708 So the changes in the brain cause behavior changes. The disease of addiction can develop in people despite their best intentions or strength of character. Drug addiction is insidious because it affects the very brain areas that people need to "think straight," apply good judgment and make good decisions for their lives. No one wants to grow up to be a drug addict, after all. But, as we know, not everybody who uses drugs becomes addicted.
1916673 tn?1420236870 But definitely consider stopping the Rimadyl and Tramadol, as these will affect the kidneys and potentially make the pancreatitis worse. Okay. There are quite a few things in my message that you need to talk to your vet about, so I'll leave you with them for the time being. Please get back if you have questions and/or after you have spoken with your vet.
Avatar f tn M 51 hep A 1961 hep B 1973 Third case of acute hep/jaundice late 1973 1990-1992 ALT/AST chronically elevated 60-80 First biopsy 1992 confirmed A and B antibodies and active non-A/non-B virus 1993 gallstone caught in common bile, pancreatitis, gallbladder removed Second biopsy and genotyping 2001 geno 3e mild fibrosis no cirrhosis - never given stage or grade Txd with Peg-Intron/Rebetol Oct.
Avatar n tn To be tested - it be best to have it done while you are in pain. Chronic pancreatitis sometimes doesn't show in a blood test. Why don't you have health insurance? I'm guessing you have a job. When I was your age. I thought I didn't need it. I went without for a long time, because I thought it was a waste of money. I ended up needing emergency surgery - $10,000 later I wished I could of done things different. Don't be a fool!
Avatar f tn -) How about a little distraction? I assume you're in Texas based on your screen name. My husband and I live in west Houston, and have been here for nearly 30 years. Yeah, we're getting old! When we first met in the mid 80's, we spent nearly every summer weekend camping and fishing on the beach on the far west end of Galveston island. Talk about primitive camping! During those years, that end of the island was nearly deserted - nothing like what you see there today.
Avatar f tn This condition tends to be more common in men and often appears in those who are middle aged or older. However, it is possible for it to occur in people who are much younger. Effects Autoimmune pancreatitis causes such symptoms as an inflamed pancreas, weight loss, abdominal pain, itching and back pain. It may also be accompanied by jaundice--a condition that affects the liver--and the recent diagnosis of diabetes.
Avatar n tn The sad thing about that is that the nurse came in and told me that that is what the doctor tells people they have when she doesn't know. (Comforting huh?) My symptoms: Pain in the upper right of my stomach, right below the rib cage, muscle spasms and more and more frequently, I get what feels like a charlie horse (this becomes worse when I haven't eaten and happens almost everytime I sneeze or cough) . Burning sensation and the area feels numb to the touch when it's burning.
Avatar f tn Next time I will ask to go over all the panels available (I would think that they would have a kidney specific panel, with such a high prevalance of kidney disease in older dogs) and make sure all the right measurements are done in the future. I have access to scientific journals and found a trend toward the use of serum SDMA to detect kidney disease prior to elevation of creatinine. It doesn't look like it will be useful for monitoring progression though.
Avatar n tn Hello Diabetes has two types, Type I and Type II. Type two usually occurs as people get older although it is now occurring in younger people. It is usually do to a failure of the cells of the body to respond to insulin. It is frequently associated with being overweight. Diabetes can affect a number of different areas of the body including the blood vessels of the eyes, heart and legs causing blindness, heart attack and stroke and amputation.
Avatar m tn The decreased attenuation just means that during your scan certain parts of your liver didn't appear as bright as others which can be from things like a malfunction in the machine or abormalities from things like the fat. People who are in their 40's or older naturally get fatty livers just based on years of a certain diet or having any alcohol or stress to the liver, this is fairly common past a certain age.
Avatar n tn don't harp on that in your mind. Most of us hope for dignity the end of our winter, in my opinion our companions do too. Don't allow that memory to over take you repeatedly, your companion deserves his or her dignity. Remember that. Of you do both of your spirits will learn to flourish.
Avatar n tn There are also supplements as well as good wholesome dog food, which can boost the immune system as well, and therefore possibly hold any cancer recurrences at bay too. Although mammary cancers are quite common in older unspayed females, you can fight her corner, and do the best for her. It is very likely her energy will return, and her general health improve a lot after this bout of pancreatitis is got over. And spaying her now may not make a great deal of difference.
Avatar f tn If you are in the older age range, I wouldn't think twice about the temp. In the unusualy case of autonomic dysfunction, some people do have abdominal pain (like severe gas) as the autonomic system also controls the stomache.
Avatar m tn Pancreatic cancer usually takes time to develop and usually manifests in older individuals, not people your age. As you have already mentioned, the MRCP found inflammation in your pancreas. This is none other than pancreatitis, not cancer. If the inflammation of the pancreas is severe, it takes weeks, sometimes more than a month, for the patient to recover. So I'm not surprised that your amylase and lipase levels are still elevated three weeks after the initial diagnosis.
Avatar f tn Eat a very lowfat diet with no smoking or alcohol . These things aggrevate your pancreas. Pancreatitis in a young adult is not very common so they are looking into what is causing it. A lot of times pancreatitis is caused by drinking excessively for a long time. Since you probably do not fit that criteria they have to see what is causing it. The second thing that can cause pancreatitis is gallstones.
Avatar n tn Hi - I had an ERCP with Sphinterotomy on Wedensday. I spent the next two days in the hospital with Pancreatitis. Even though the procedure went "remarkably well", I ended up with the Pancreatitis. It was a good thing that they kept me overnight for observation because the Pancreatitis hit at 11pm. Boy what a gut wrenching pain that it. Anyway, the reason why I am writing is to suggest that you back off on your diet. I am currently on clear liquids.
439601 tn?1357864486 Has anyone been told or know of reported Gallbladder problems and Pancreatitis? Just wondering as I had emergency surgery this week to remove the Gallbladder, a bad bout of pancreatitis came with it. The first ?? out of the surgeons mouth was -What MS Medicine do you inject? He said he was just "noting" it for the records, but when I got home from the hospital a very large questionaire came from Avonex asking me to list all my medications.