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541150 tn?1306037443 Long ago, my cat's IBD was so severe my vet said he would end up with cancer in the colon. My cat's IBD consisted of frequent diarrhea (5-7 in one day) and bleeding. I just wanted to know, because I really have not researched on it, what causes a cat to suffer cancer after having IBD. What is it with IBD that animals end up with cancer after years of treatment?
Avatar f tn Could not get out of bed, extreme fatigue, no appetite (lost 8 pounds) pain and pressure in abdomen and under ribs, nausea, dizziness, constipation, and diarrhea, extreme pain, extreme bloating causing severe pressure against abdomen and ribs, vision problems, red blood after bowel movement(possible hemorrhoid) Hospital visit twice in TX. 1st visit, all was normal per hospital (hahahahahaha) 2nd visit – slight pancreatitis, Placed me on a steroid pack.
Avatar m tn My 12 year old cat has had IBD for 10 years. In addition to Cerenia, Buprenex, Reglan 2.5 mg. twice daily, Pepcid 2.5 mg. twice daily, and Prilosec 5 mg. twice daily, she only eats Royal Canin Feline Hypoallergenic food (this is a hydrolyzed soy food) -- this is the only food she tolerates and is only available in dry form. Additionally, every 6 hours she receives 1/8 tsp.
Avatar f tn For Anorexia (not eating), use appetite stimulant medications. For Dehydration, use IV and/or Sub Q fluid therapy, For Hypothermia (dangerously decreased body heat), use incubators, heating pad, etc.
1634071 tn?1300144172 Another therapeutic trail could be performed to determine if your cat has food allergies or IBD. If the blood in the stool is eliminated on a new prescription diet for IBD or food allergies, than you have your answer. However, if the blood is not eliminated by one of the therapeutic trials further diagnostics should be performed beginning with a CBC to see if the blood loss is substantial enough to cause anemia, or if there is a bleeding disorder.
Avatar n tn Hello, Over the last several years, we have had wonderful results clearing up chronic diarrhea in cats like yours and cats with Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) using a product called Tylan. This product is not labeled for cats but works like a charm and clears loose stool up in 24-48 hours. Tylan is an inexpensive, bitter tasting yellow powder labeled for poultry. It has no adverse side effects other than if you use too much it can cause temporary constipation.
Avatar f tn rabies vaccinations can cause pancreatitis and that prednisone can cause diabetes in dogs. Beware! It is a fact. We over-vaccinate our animals, and sometimes those vaccinations are killing them.
Avatar n tn the average time from the onset of symptoms until a diagnosis of chronic pancreatitis was 62months,, add or subtract 4 months. The delay in diagnosis is even longer in people without alcoholism, in whom the average time is 81 months from onset of symptoms to diagnosis. The natural history of pain in chronic pancreatitis is highly variable. Most patients experience intermittent attacks of pain at unpredictable intervals, while a minority of patients experience chronic pain.
Avatar f tn I was referred for further evaluation and in June this year had a colonoscopy which came back normal and ruled out IBD and found no source of bleeding. Since the first bleeding episode - a year ago now - I have had repeated episodes of dark red blood, almost clot like, mixed in with the stool, despite no source of bleeding being found. Is it possible that it is coming from my stomach? It usually happens every few weeks although I haven't seen any blood for about 6 weeks now.
681148 tn?1437665191 com/sites/healthypets/archive/2009/12/16/dont-let-this-organ-ruin-your-pets-life.aspx that folks in the cat community and the dog community will want to check out. I was thinking of the kitties with IBD. If only I had had this information years ago! I wonder if it might have made some difference in my kitty's life. Did you know we should add digestive enzymes to our pets' diet if we're giving them manufactured foods, even if they're high quality pet foods?
Avatar n tn 1) The CT scan is more adept in diagnosis chronic pancreatitis. Enzymes would be helpful in diagnosis acute pancreatitis. This normally results in LUQ pain. 2) Typically a HIDA scan with CCK stimulation can be done to evaluate the gallbladder ejection fraction, or an ERCP with Sphincter of Oddi manometry can be considered for a more thorough evaluation. Whether alcohol can worsen the symptoms would depend on the cause. 3) Difficult to say.
1391134 tn?1280012043 Constipation 3. some sort of bowel disorder or sydrom like IBS or IBD being IBS-Irritable Bowel Syndrom or IBD- Irritable Bowel Disease. There has to be more symptoms to go off of, you haven't noticed a difference in your bowels at all? It could also be an allergy reaction.
Avatar f tn Every hospital replied and said they had not dealt with patients with my concurrent diseases, until I got a reply from a specialist IBD hospital in Harrow, England, a professor in IBD and he advised that if I had a flare, the only solution was steroids. Unfortunately I got steroid induced psychosis when dx with bc so this was not an option. That was a terrifying episode for me and my husband and I was nearly sectioned.
Avatar f tn Giardia, Pancreatitis, HGE, IBD, Parvo, and stress colitis. Another possibility is a GI foreign body (The GI foreign body would require a barium study and possibly surgical removal of the object). There are snap tests for giardia, pancreatitis and parvovirus that can be performed in-house immediately. These diseases, except a GI foreign body require symptomatic therapy at the vet's office.
Avatar n tn PRIMARY SCLEROSING CHOLANGITIS (PSC) This condition is a particular form of severe inflammation and scarring that develops in the bile ducts. About half of all PSC patients have IBD. PSC occurs more frequently in people with ulcerative colitis than in those with Crohn’s disease, affecting men more than women. Symptoms include jaundice, nausea, weight loss, and itching. PSC may not improve with medical treatment for IBD and may ultimately require liver transplantation.
Avatar f tn I look at the symptoms of IBS and IBD and i have very similar symptoms, even pancreatitis but blood test don't show obvious pancreatitis, and the doctors said i was cleared of IBD and IBS also said the positive lactoferrin is NOT indicative of IBD even with those symptoms. Meanwhile I am sleeping my life away having no problem sleeping 18 hrs a day. Sometimes the pain in my belly is as though i have open sores all over the outside of my intestines that is how bad it gets.
Avatar n tn Secondary organ degeneration is common with IBD, especially in the kidneys and liver. Nutritional deficiencies are also typical in IBD pets because inflammation disrupts the normal absorption and processing of nutrients from food. With kitties, there’s a correlation between GI cancer (lymphoma of the GI tract) and chronic IBD. A Common Cause of IBD – GI Parasites There are a few common causes of inflammatory bowel disease in dogs and cats.
Avatar f tn He started at a very young age, only 3 or 4 months, to have awful diarrhea with blood (very common in IBD cats, they start at a very young age). As far as IBD (Chronic Colitis) goes, your cat will eventually, hear me on this, she will eventually end up with cancer if you do not act on it soon. Medication does not kill the cause but the symptoms, only for a while, and you want to be able to get to the root of the problem and make it go away. You've seen how she gets better with homemade foods.
Avatar m tn Please keep in mind that we are not doctors and that even seeking advice and tests from your doctor is always preferred. If IBD doesn't run in your family my first thought would be c-diff or another type of infection which could lead to temporary colitis. How is your stress level. Could this have been induced by something like a medication, emotion problem, or traumatic experience. I had the same symptoms from guardia which is a parasite.
Avatar f tn I have bowel symptoms also and they try to tell me that I have IBD, but I find it strngely coincidental that the IBD has only acted up as a precursor to my pancreatic enzyme levels jumping too high. You may have to ask about the sphincter pressure test, since the first time I was diagnosed I had to tell them to check the pancreas (I was 19, they told me I was too young). Good luck.
Avatar m tn Until recently, my health was more or less excellent. In November of this year, I went to India and suffered from diarrhea (with blood and mucus in my stool). I took tinizadole. It had no effect. I moved to Berlin in Jan, produced three stools for a specialist and was tested for dysentery and giardia. Both came back negative. They also run some blood tests. I was put on a strong general antibiotic, which worked, sort of. For two or three months, I had a relatively regular stool.
Avatar n tn About 3 1/2 months after my daughter was born I had my gallbladder out, but still continued with severe UC. long story short, i was in the hospital about 3 times with severe UC and pancreatitis, and later down the road was diagnosed with Chron's disease (which was just borderline chron's due to the labs). after they fiqured out what medication was going to work and i had about 4 months of high doses of steroids the problems went away.
Avatar m tn When a dog is diagnosed with pancreatitis it is usually blamed on a high-fat diet but a diet that is high in fat will not cause pancreatitis in a dog with a healthy pancreas. A high-fat diet will, however, aggravate an already-diseased pancreas to the point where an attack of pancreatitis is the result. Some dogs are genetically predisposed to pancreatic disease. Dogs with parathyroid conditions are predisposed, as are dogs who get too much calcium in their diets.
Avatar n tn I only am now getting concerned as I have been on the internet looking for this and what i find does not describe what i am seeing except for some weight loss, which i have attributed to cutting way back on my drinking and calorie intake (last night was the most i have had to drink in a few months). The oil is not in the stool nor do i see any mucous or if their is it is not readily evident.
Avatar m tn If imaging studies have not been done, it's time to take a look to see if there is a tumor or psuedo-cyst (pocket of infection) present. In addition to the severe nausea, pancreatitis is also an extremely painful condition - for both animals and humans. You might ask your vet if there is a medication you can keep on hand for flareups.
931217 tn?1283484935 As I am sure you have heard, there have been numerous alerts, recalls and reports of food-borne illness reported in the last couple of years, associated with uncooked or undercooked meats served to human consumers in restaurants or sold to them in stores. The under-appreciated truth of our meat production industry, indeed of any nation's meat production, is that absolute certainty of freedom from sickness-causing bacteria in meat cannot be assured.
Avatar n tn I have a list of symptoms, but those are the most bothersome. Everything started in 1996, but the really bad Gastritis started in Jan 2002. I kept telling my doctors that everytime I eat I started running low grade fevers, but they have never been able to figure it out. I would be glad to share my case history with you, but I have everything on disk at work. If you want to, give me your email address and I will send it to you.
Avatar n tn Colonoscopy, with biopsies, is the only way they can rule out IBD as opposed to IBS. The other avenue I would pursue is pancreatitis - I live in England but met a young female living in San Fransisco on the Crohn's & colitis website some 4 years ago, who had dreadful problems with vomiting, diarrhoea and weight loss. She was dx with Crohn's, but then went on to get, at 37 yrs old, a cancerous tumour in her pancreas.
Avatar f tn I will send you a link with more info on that, also a link to more info on food allergies/intolerances. In the meanwhile I would try feeding her very small amounts spread out in 4-5 feedings per day of a good grain free wet food that has is a different protein than chicken...there are some suggestions on the site I am sending. I sure hope you and your Vet are soon able to find out what is causing her problems and get her back to health. I can tell that you love your little girl very much.
Avatar f tn Last year I struggled with pain in my stomach, diarrhea when I ate anything, and pain in my joints. I was sent for a CT scan for possible pancreatitis, and they found prominent lymph nodes around my pancreas, and something in my colon. I was sent to GI specialist, and it was thought I had Crohn's disease. Had an upper endoscopy, and colonoscopy which only showed chronic gastritis, and hiatal hernia, and Barrett's esophagus.