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1300834 tn?1273126954 I believe the Evo that you tried your dog on is a pretty good choice. We recently switched ours from Beneful ( which is junk) to Evo, and she loves it. I'm not sure what you have to look for in the ingredients though because of the pancreatitis, but it has no grain, which is a plus.
Avatar n tn , Doublier, C., and Peyretou, C. (1990) Acute pancreatitis and pregnancy. A recent case report. [Article in French] J Gynecol Obstet Biol Reprod (Paris), 19(8), 1006-1010. Block, P., and Kelly, T.R. (1989) Management of gallstone pancreatitis during pregnancy and the postpartum period. Surgical Gynecology and Obstetrics, 168(5), 426-428 (May). Chang, C.C., Hsieh, Y.Y., Tsai, H.D., Yang, T.C., Yeh, L.S., and Hsu, T.Y. (1998) Acute pancreatitis in pregnancy.
Avatar n tn A few even told me it was all in my head. Well I don't think falling on the ground rolling around in pain is in a persons head. A few doctors I went to even tried to put me on Antidepressants! Heck! I wasn't depressed! I was in real pain! Finally 9 months after my surgery & all the tons of new non-gallbladder attacks I was having. I went back to see the surgeon who preformed the gallbladder removal on me. & just by luck while in his office. I had one of those awful attacks!
Avatar m tn Hello. My little Luna was diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Disease and Pancreatitis on January 4th, 2017. She is a 7 year old French bulldog. I am besides myself. Especially that she has only recently been diagnosed. The more research I have done show the signs have been here for years. I am not ready to give up on her but want to make sure I'm not keeping her around because I'm not ready.
Avatar f tn Reglan (metoclopromadine) is a very cheap medication, unfortunately, it is also metabolized in the kidneys, so a too high dose results in toxic levels in the blood. My husband and I discovered that completely bypassing the GI tract by using reglan injections worked much better in the end. Chica didn't get the extra pyramidal side effects (extreme restlessness, shaking and trembling) from the reglan injections that she got from the oral meds.
Avatar m tn Sometimes gallstones passing through the common bile duct provoke inflammation in the pancreas, called gallstone pancreatitis. Please consult your primary care physician for further evaluation or go to the ER. In the meantime take oral fluids and OTC acetaminophen for the headaches. Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
Avatar n tn ok this is the situation, im now 25 but this situation started when i was 19, ramdomly i would have crazy pain in my upper stomach right at the bottlom of my torasic cage when i would drink alcohol, even in really small quantity.
Avatar n tn Hi, I was diagnosed at Stanford University in California. There is no cure for pancreatitis. The treatment for Chronic Pancreatitis is enzyme pills to aid in digestion. A low fat diet of 25 grams of fat or less a day. I have pain every single day. Some is worse than others. No alcohol at all. That includes nyquil that is 10% and yes, even o'doul's at .05%. Alcohol will trigger an attack. It may not be that night, but it will happen.
Avatar m tn It could be anything from a virus, to a gut blockage, a tumor in her throat....pancreatitis......liver problem, kidney problem.... Only a vet can tell you. One way or another you HAVE to find the money needed for her treatment. Is there a relative or friend you could borrow money from? Or like Margot says, it IS possible a vet will allow you to make payments in stages. It depends. But I would advise speaking to the actual vet, and not just the receptionist in the office there.
Avatar n tn I had an ERCP in January to remove a polyp from my small intestine, and got pancreatitis from it. I spent 6 days in the hospital, and another week and a half recovering at home. The dr. put me on a low fat diet (40 g per day) In the beginning I was terrifed if I ate so much as a french fry I would get sick again, and stuck to it, but as time went by, I got more comfortable, and began to eat more fat. To make a long story short, I was'nt really follwing my diet, and had pain again.
Avatar n tn Yes, one can have acute pancreatitis or chronic pancreatitis. The reason why I think it is your liver and/or pancreas is that you mentioned the hypoglycemia symptom. Inflammation should show up on an US. I still think there is something going on with them. Diarrhea since 19? Please make sure you let the GI physician know about that. I am not sure if that is related to any food intolerance. As far as the antibiotics, I think they were aggrevating your gastritis.
Avatar n tn It has a very high rate for pancreatitis. What SOD is - is high pressure in the bile duct. Due to the Sphincter being too tight and not opening enough to let the bile out. Thats why more people who have it develope a non functioning gallbladder. The bile backs up into the gallbladder and becomes sludge. Once the gallbladder is removed or stops functioning enough the SOD pain becomes quite severe. If your interested I had mine done at the Borland groover Clinic in Jacksonville Fl.
793908 tn?1294708709 The problem with people feeding turkey (and other table food) to their dogs is that instead of giving them small amounts of the meat as a treat along with their dog kibble, they tend to make a plate for them just like they would for another family member, and it's too rich for them. All the fat in the meal is what causes things like pancreatitis. You mentioned that you made your dog a "Doggie Shepherd's Pie" with chopped turkey, mashed potatoes and mixed veggies.
Avatar m tn I have had many tests that have not identified anything. In the last 12 months the symptoms appear to have worsened slightly - I have generally upper GI pain that shifts from the upper right under the rib cage to the upper right back and at times to the upper left under the rib cage to the upper left back. Sometimes I experience some pain slightly lower as well. I have constant stomach gurgling and a lot of gas/bloating and flatulence. The stomach gurgling continues into the night.
Avatar f tn – Mon Apr 5, 6:41 am ET PARIS (AFP) – The junk food and poor eating habits affecting humans is also killing their four-legged pals, say veterinary surgeons and experts. Allergies and obesity are reducing the life expectancy of Lassies and Mittens nourished worldwide on industrial foodstuffs, said Gerard Lippert, a Belgian acupuncturist for animals who has just completed a study on the diets of 600 dead dogs. "Pets, like humans, are victims of junk food," he told AFP.
Avatar m tn One grocery store chain used to carry the BEST French bread. It had to have a pound of butter in each loaf. (I'm still mad they went out of business!) I came home from work one evening ready to start making dinner and I find the bread missing. Thought I was losing my mind or maybe the bread didn't make it into the grocery bag when I bought it the day before. Hmmm... no evidence in the house, so I figured it was my error.
Avatar n tn Your symptoms could be caused by SO many things including microscopic sludge/stones in the common bile duct, diseased gallbladder, Sphincter of Oddi Dysfunction, Small Bowel Bacterial Overgrowth, chronic pancreatitis, acute pancreatitis, minimal change pancreatitis, autoimune pancreatitis, etc. There are two less-invasive tests that might help: Endoscopic Ultrasound (EUS) and MRCP-S (Secretin).
Avatar n tn Dear Diane, I was saddened to read your posting regarding your mother's illness. Pancreatitis can occur in patients who do not drink alcohol and who have had the gall bladder removed. Possible causes for the pancreatitis include medications and the result of other ilness. Often, however, we do not identify the cause for the pain. Usually, the pancreatitis is limited in duration and does not cause indefinite symptoms.
Avatar m tn Some other things - I am fairly certain that I've seen Gallstones in my stool (blue fuzzy things), I constantly see black spots in my stool, the right side of my stomache sticks out slightly more than the left, and I've had left calf pain for a few weeks that seems like a sore muscle but I've done nothing to cause it. I am convinced this is cirrhosis because of the itchy skin, yellow tongue, elevated bilirubin and alcohol abuse, but I don't know what to do.
Avatar n tn Hi, Would just like to add a few things in the diet area. WOW! chips are fat free and 1/2 the calories. There are red meats that are low in fat. Seek those out and eat them if you'd like. I have the butcher grind up sirloin into hamburger. It's only about 2-3 grams of fat per burger or use in hamburger helper, spaghetti sauce etc. Also, I eat low fat and non fat ice cream.
Avatar n tn hmm, maybe a stone in a liver duct ? or a stone stuck in the oddi-sphincter ? Although that should assumedly give slowly increasing pain as the pressure increases...
Avatar n tn 3) Take a multivitamin w/iron and a digestive care mineral and herbal supplement w/orange juice an orange or a breakfast bar in the morning. 4) When/if I feel the pain start, I drink some apple juice and walk around and stretch reach to the ceiling or lay on my right side. 5) I have cut down on my coffee consumption but I still 3 cups in the morning. Also switched to Caffeine free Diet Pepsi. 6) I have been eating a bowel of instant oatmeal once a day.
Avatar n tn If you do not get rid of the saturated fat in your diet (including the milk in that mushroom soup you eat) you will NEVER get stop your attacks. You don't have to eat fish or soy milk. They are just alternatives to the cow's milk and the meat. PS I have spent 10 hours over the last 3 days helping people on these forums. I will not be back to see your response. I'm signing off as I have no more time to give to this. Must go back to working at the hospital in the morning. Good luck!
Avatar f tn No one could figure out what was going on. In October of this year I was diagnosed with chronic pancreatitis. I would ask your doctor if it is a possibility that you have that. My doctor thinks that my gallbladder caused it or may have played a part in causing it. I had a hida scan done in October and just found out today that it was low functioning then. I'm having pain on my left and right side now and severe nausea and no appetite so I'm getting it removed next week.
Avatar m tn And it was the same deal with the gallstones that were finally found and resulted in classic pain symptoms back in January--which took four months to finally get to the point where a positive ultrasound for stones indicated the need for urgent surgery at that time, the first ultrasound being negative.
Avatar m tn I wouldn't be too overly sold on an interferon based solely upon it staying in your system longer. The current peg versions stay in your system longer than the original mono interferon. Yet the trade-off for the pegs in gaining longer half-life was a decrease in overall potency. Is it worth discusiing with your doctor? Sure is. Never hurts to learn more and get a professional's opinion.
Avatar n tn Your body does not digest and absorb some carbohydrates (the sugar, starches, and fiber found in many foods) in the small intestine because of a shortage or absence of certain enzymes. Certain foods produce more gas than others because they contain more indigestible carbohydrates than others. Beans are a classic example of gas producers. Other high fiber foods such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains and legumes may also increase flatulence. Sugars are known to create gas.
Avatar m tn no hot dogs , french fries, anything high in animal fat. no soda or caffeine. Dinner , your large meal, cut down amount of food. you dont want to overtax your gb .DONT lay down after eating, this causes GERD. milk- if you have cereal in am use lactaid brand no fat milk. meals- adopt a Mediterranean diet. make stir frys with frozen vegies and small amounts, 1/4 lb only meat per meal. use a good amount of pure olive oil in fry pan. eat 3 or 4 small meals per day, not 2 large ones.