Pancreatitis in felines

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Avatar f tn M 51 hep A 1961 hep B 1973 Third case of acute hep/jaundice late 1973 1990-1992 ALT/AST chronically elevated 60-80 First biopsy 1992 confirmed A and B antibodies and active non-A/non-B virus 1993 gallstone caught in common bile, pancreatitis, gallbladder removed Second biopsy and genotyping 2001 geno 3e mild fibrosis no cirrhosis - never given stage or grade Txd with Peg-Intron/Rebetol Oct.
12679876 tn?1426981493 The vet said he felt like Cole had either IBS or IBD because his stool was never solid but nothing was showing up in the blood work. In regards to Henry; if it was/is pancreatitis- would ulcers be present? I'm not sure what her next step is, but I guess once she gets the last set of results in I will know more. I was just happy she got some food in him. She said she would be watching for the vomiting, but hoping he keeps it down. And hopefully the B12 helps with that too.
541150 tn?1306037443 He said it was highly unlikely for Abby to have this type of bacteria in the colon but...just in case. He said Prednisone and Antibiotics did work because they stopped the bleeding. We just have to KEEP him on meds for as long as he lives. I was given a lot of information.