Pancreatitis in dachshunds

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Avatar n tn Because the vet gave us muscle relaxants and rimadahl to give for pain management, his pancreatitis flared up again. Now he is in the hospital on intravenous fluids and pain med injections. I just want to know anyone's thoughts on this? I really believe if he didn't have problems with his neck, the pancreatitis would have been controllable. But b/c of his "slipped disk" in his neck steroids is usually the treatment, but he can't have steroids b/c of the pancreatitis.
15945427 tn?1444239993 Sunflower seeds are a little different, as they have enormous amounts of fat in them, which can lead to pancreatitis, if a dog eats them regularly. Bird poo can also generally be a problem, because it may contain parasites. which then get into the dog's digestive tract. So, never let a dog get near to bird poo. Another BIG problem with bird seed and bird poo is mould.
1561423 tn?1324428500 Turns out that all images were normal, but showed some accumulation of fluid in the abdomen. She gave him IV reglan and tested him for Parvo just in case, although he had been vaccinated..parvo was negative. She diagnosed him with having a mild case of gastroenteritis and prescribed him an antibiotic, another anti-nausea med, and a stool solidifier, as well as some cans of bland gastro intestinal dog food. I went to pick him up around 4:30 yesterday afternoon and he looked horrible.
82861 tn?1333457511 Med Help also has a licensed veterinarian on the “Ask a Vet” forum. Dr. Cheng graciously volunteers her time so participation on that board is free. In addition to practicing western veterinary medicine, Dr. Cheng also practices holistic, traditional Chinese medicine. She has a wealth of knowledge regarding herbal and alternative treatments. If you have an unusual or complicated medical issue, Dr. Cheng is a great resource for you.
Avatar n tn Initially, we were told to wait it out, then he was put on a steroid regimen, and was on steroids with a holistic support approach and, in the end, immodium. We finally put him out of his misery on June 5. With all the professional help, I felt helpless as I watch my first born die. No one seemed to acknowledge he was so sick. I'm struggling for answers as to what happened and how it happened. I do believe it was the shots that killed him. Has anyone heard similar stories?
Avatar n tn Even with the problems I'm totally glad to be rid of that crummy GB, grateful not to have developed post-ERCP pancreatitis ( I had an awesome doctor in Dallas for the ERCP-thanks Dr.G!) Thanks for the grin-and stay away from oatmeal with Maple and Brown sugar-talk about pain!