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Avatar n tn Many times pancreatitis can result from gallbladder issues - even in children. In addition, make sure they check to see whether the pancreatis is due to autoimmune issues. It can and does happen.
Avatar n tn Keep high fat snacks in the refrigerator if necessary. If your children are old enough they must take part in your dog's care and they must understand that if they give your dog the wrong kinds of foods thay can make your dog very sick or worse. You may have to lock up your dog when preparing food or eating if necessary.
Avatar n tn I'm a 28 year old mom of 2 young children, and have had Idiopathic Pancreatitis for 5 years now. I have, 2 years ago,discovered that I do have a mutated CF gene that could possibly be causing this problem. Does anyone know of any new treatments for this other than ERCPs? I've had that procedure numerous times and each time it leaves me with a "rip roaring" case of pancreatitis. This is getting old.
Avatar n tn We live in Maryland, and are lucky enough to have two gastric surgeons in our area who perform procedures on children. We see Dr. Eric Goldberg at University of MD Medical System and we have a lot of confidence in his evaluation of the situation. The pediatricians have no idea what's really happening because they see this in children so seldom. The pediatric gastroenterologist is helpful, but Dr. Goldberg has been our best source of information.
Avatar n tn top5plus5 web site there is alot of info there about pancreatitis. Also yahoo has a group-- to which I belong ther are parents of children there also that may can answer your questions.www.***@**** hope this can help.
Avatar f tn Round worms can successfully be treated by mebendazole or pyrantel pamoate...It used to be sold in the drug store but your doctor will prescribe it.Here is a link with details www.comeunity ./adoption/health/parasites/ascaris.NIH.
Avatar m tn Well I/we know she has a drinking problem, she has started drinking again. She said she researched and drinking Red Wine does not hurt her Pancreatitis. In my feeble attempts of research I have not found anything that supports her thought process. What scares me is she was in a Coma for about 5 weeks and came real close to death for the first week or so, the doctors didn't think she was going to live.
1453931 tn?1285188953 Hi I am 19, I am being diagnosed with Chronic Pancreatitis, We have been waiting for a specialist to come to our Mayo hospital to do a EUS on me, which is scheduled for Friday. My GI is super confident in his diagnosis, and so are we this is really the only disease I match up to 100%. In my case this is a rare diagnosis because I am so young and obviously my lifestyle habits have not called this. I have been sick for almost 3 years now undiagnosed and miserable.
Avatar n tn Hi - Is there anyone in cyperspace that has Cystic Fibrosis that is pancreate sufficient and developed pancreatitis. Would really like to chat with you. Also has anyone with pancreatitis tried antioxidant vitamins such as melatonin, Vit and selenium? Did it help? What is the "10 fingers" mentioned to manage back pain? Once your gall bladder has been taken out has anyone been prescribed Actigal? We have and don't know why since my daughter no longer has a gall bladder.
Avatar n tn I was diagnosed w/ pancreatitis in 1997. Up until then, my lifestyle included a lot of drinking. When I was told in '97 that if I continued to drink I wouldodor, I stopped. Well stopped for the most part - from drinking 5 - 7 nights a week to 5 - 7 times a year. For many years I did very well. I was healthy. Then around 2001 the attacks came back. They found a non-cancerous tumor in the head of my pancreas. It was drained and again I had some good, healthy years.
902019 tn?1249865014 My doctor can't explain the cramps (not in the back which is the usual area for pancreatitis) nor the weight loss (very gradual over time and definitely not from dieting). I have had recent CT Scan and while everything is not completely back to normal (enlarged) it is stable. Doctor not concerned ... apparently that is sometimes what happens in some cases. My original episode was quite severe with significant jaundice, blockage, emergency ERCP etc.
Avatar m tn They said its very rare to find this problem in children and may be due to having lot of outside food/junk foods. As when we consulted one of Senior Gastroenterologist/Endoscopist, he said that may be she got hurt herself on her stomach while playing at school or at home. Sir, if u want to know her Ultrasound, CT Scan & MRCP reports then i can email you. We are really worried about the reccurence of Pancreatitis. Please advise us accordingly.
Avatar n tn my Dad is 57 and has been a heavy acholic for atleat 30 yrs he was a heavy coke and meth user for 27 of those and he wont stop drinking he will not go to the liver specialist and i just got him out of the hospital were they had to drain from the back to the pancreatitis and 2 days home he is drinking crown...
Avatar n tn Because her blood sugars have been out of control since she was a teenager, she now has developed retinopathy and has begun a series of surgeries. And, she was hospitalized for 5 days last week for pancreatitis. She keeps saying she just wants to give up. I along with close family and friends are trying to be very supportive, but she is not willing to make any changes to her lifestyle. We do not know what to do. Advice?
Avatar n tn disease of the biliary tract, for example: gall stones blocking the duct where it opens into the duodenum alcoholism trauma - bullet or knife wound duodenal ulcer hyperparathyroidism - over active parathyroid glands hyperlipidaemia - abnormally high levels of lipids such as cholesterol in the blood viral infection certain drugs such as corticosteroids and thiazide diuretics. The main symptom of pancreatitis is severe abdominal pain that is sudden in onset and continuous.
Avatar n tn Pancreatitis in children certainly should be a concern and further evaluation warranted. Possible causes would include an obstruction of the pancreatic duct due to a congenital abnormality, hereditary pancreatitis, a form of cystic fibrosis, or Crohn's disease (amongst others). The next consideration if the the ultrasound and CT were negative would be an ERCP or MRCP to evaluate the ducts for blockages or stones. I would suggest a pediatric gastroenterologist for further evaluation.
Avatar n tn Hi I'm 29 and when I was 26 I had my gallbladder removed.Thursday I woke up in alot of pain and vomiting so around 7:00PM I went to the ER.I'm also 35 weeks pregnant so I had to be moved to another hospital that had a OBGYN well after some test they said I have pancreatitis.Well Saturday morning came around and I was still in the hospital they was only giving me something for pain and I couldn't eat anything,so here I sit thinking of my poor baby without any food from me.
Avatar n tn This is very frustrating since I know that there have had to be improvements and gains in the area of pancreatitis in the past 14 years! I just want to have the same chances that someone who has just been diagnosed with pancreatitis has now. I've been under maintainance medical care for the last 12 years, just treating the pain. I will investigate the autoimmune pancreatitis. I have an appointment on Jan 15th with a PA from the Dr's office I mentioned above.
Avatar f tn I am a healthy 27 year old that has just had 2 children in teh last 2 years. 5 months ago I had a test for my thyroid wich came back normal. Sonce then I have given birth and suffered an attack wich is thought to be pancreatitis. While getting my bloodwork done they also found that my thyroid is VERY high and I have hyperthyroidism...can they be related? I have been searching the net for hours looking for links and I have found some to hypothyroidism but that is about it...
Avatar n tn I'm a pretty healthy 22 year old but for the past few years off and on I have experienced, painful burning in the vagina and urinary tract. I was treated for a yeast infection several times and it did not go away.
Avatar n tn There are also cases of chronic pancreatitis that can lead to mucous-like substances in the stool. You can consider blood tests looking for pancreatitis or celiac disease. Stool samples can be obtained an analyzed for possible causes of malabsorption. If the symptoms continue, one can consider endoscopy for further evalation. This normally is done in conjunction with a pediatric gastroenterologist. You can discuss these options with your personal physician.
Avatar f tn I honestly feel I should report the hospital that sent me home to die in front of my children...I'm really not that type of person,but I kind of feel obligated to let people know that hospital is untrustworthy!!!
Avatar n tn The docs now say IBS, but I know this is rubbish, i am at my wits end, I had to come home from work today in pain to go to bed. Although I have children i am considering giving up work....though I'm no better at home. I dont know which way to turn. Any help would be appreciated.
1560663 tn?1298050127 I also have a 10 year old cat who had exploratory surgery because she was vomiting. They thought it was Pancreatitis, then an x-ray and u/s showed a thickening in the colon so that is when we scheduled surgery. This is not Mega Colon but IBS, and I treat her with 1/8 tsp Miralax in her morning wet food and her evening wet food. She is on a diet pf Z/D prescription wet food and dry, and takes Budesonide (formulated as a liquid) every day.
Avatar n tn I had my gallbaldder remove due to cholelithiasis in 1996. I continues to have excruciating pain under my right breast off and on. It never went away after my surgery. At times the area gets very painful to touch. This excruciating pain is occuring more regular. Now in the last months of 2007 starting in September onward, it has been getting pretty frequent. At times lasing through the nights and all day. Can you give me some idea of my problem and what medical help I need?
Avatar n tn If you are going to have the menometry done you should almost plan on spending a few days in the hospital. The risk for pancreatitis is high with menometry. Pancreatitis is very painful. I did get it, but I can tell you it was worth the pain. Anything to get rid of the pain I had been feeling for a year and a half. Every test I had prior to this came back normal. The Drs started thinking I was making up the pain. The pain was caused from the pressure in the duct.
Avatar n tn My MD was at a total loss as to what caused my original pain which returned as soon as my pancreatitis pain resolved. I was lucky in that the pancreatitis that was due to the ERCP resolved quickly. Still and all I was out of work for 3 weeks. Tracie, I hope you are feeling better. When did you first realize that something was wrong? You went home after your ERCP, right? Did you end up admitted through the ER?