Pancreatitis in canines

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675347 tn?1365464245 Dogs die and quite quickly in parked cars. Parking in the shade of a tree....think about it. How long are you going to be? If 5 minutes or so, fine. If longer -forget it. What is now shade may be full sun in half an hour when the sun has moved! Leave your dog at home. Even if it's bored it will be safe. Barbeques: Do not go well with dogs. Guests often slip treats to begging canines! Do you really want your dog getting a bout of pancreatitis because it ate too much buttered corn?
Avatar f tn In a preliminary paper, they write that there are various hypotheses for this behavior in canines, although none have been proven: 1. To obtain attention from their caretakers. 2. From anxiety, stress, or upon being punished for bad behaviors. 3. They had been punished for having defecated in the past, and attempt to clean up out of fear of being punished again. 4. From boredom[dubious – discuss]. 5. In an attempt to clean up in crowded conditions[citation needed]. 6.
Avatar f tn (3 dentals 3 years in a row because her teeth were so bad, she only has front teeth and canines now). She's been quite lazy/lethargic, a little shaky at times and has been picky about eating, but she's been eating - she's gained 5-7 pounds since July. I will definately check that out, as I'm certainly getting a second opinion with a specialist.
4520139 tn?1355852769 And to be clear, while I've listed prices above, I am in no way implying that price is the main/only factor in this decision. I am trying to weigh several factors: -trust in the doctor -practical issues (I'm not in my own home right now and will need to travel soon.
Avatar m tn The dots disappeared and reappeared then in new places. Started to irritate already. So a few times splashing. In the end, not helped, the splash stopped. Since some people close to me sometimes scratching head. When they itched, I also automatically like the head scratching (not because it itches, and reflex movements), but I was in control. Then start very itchy in my groin. Smeared vitaon at night. Two years smeared vitaon.
541150 tn?1306037443 He said it was highly unlikely for Abby to have this type of bacteria in the colon but...just in case. He said Prednisone and Antibiotics did work because they stopped the bleeding. We just have to KEEP him on meds for as long as he lives. I was given a lot of information.
Avatar m tn It is possible that they can last this long. Most people say they go away in a day or two, but in very sensitive dogs, it takes much longer. My dog was knocked flat by the loading dose and barely moved for the first couple of days. He bumped into objects, seemed blind, responded to sounds incorrectly (looked in the wrong direction), tripped, stumbled, and fell flat on his stomach a few times when trying to walk.