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Avatar n tn I had to put my 11 year old Llhasa apso to sleep yesterday because he was diagnosed with pancreatitis and was in so much pain that they could not guarantee that he would survive even with treatment. It came on suddenly...he was fine Saturday but began throwing up in the middle of the night and continued...he couldn't even hold down water and was very weak. I took him into the veterinary hospital on Sunday and he was too weak to come home.
Avatar f tn , we just took in as a foster dog (likely will adopt - don't know how I could take him back) from a local rescue shelter that houses most of their animals. The guy we took in was guessed to be a Chihuahua mix, but he looks to be at least 80% short haired Chi to me (based on pictures I find on the web). But, he is 10 pounds and underweight, hope to see him up to at least 12 pounds, is close to 12" at the shoulder, so way beyond the size associated with a Chi... any ideas?
Avatar n tn It seems that the liver failure was caused by acute pancreatitis, which was in turn caused by the fatty summer sausages she got into. Piper is never allowed "people food" or table scraps, so maybe she just couldn't handle the greasy, fatty food.
Avatar f tn I truly feel like the change in diet triggered her pancreatitis which caused her kidney values to shoot through the roof (when we put her in the hospital, they were literally off the chart). We get to pick her up today. I definitely don't want to feed her anymore of the NF food. I checked out some of your recipes which I am more than willing to try, but I want to make sure it doesn't affect her pancreatitis. Any thoughts?
1337091 tn?1275912473 I was in the same position several years ago. Pancreatitis in my 13 year old dog. It's an extremely painful condition in both dogs and humans. The treatment is also about the same: IV support, TPN nutrition, nothing by mouth and pain meds and antibiotics if the cause is infectious. We spent nearly $10,000 trying to to save him, but couldn't. At least he had excellent pain management the last couple weeks of his life. Believe me, I know how awful it is to be faced with this decision.
Avatar n tn Hi my dad had a bad case of pancreatitus and has been in the hospital for a month and a half now....he got to come home for one day but he immediately got worse. THey then found 2 sists on his pancreas. His blood preasure has gone up and he had a seasure just recently, anyway, my mom has a lot of birds and his immune system is goin to be very low when he does get to come home...but when I try to approach her about this suvject, she just acts like everyone is against her.
793908 tn?1294708709 Julie had another Pancreatitis attack...she had diarreah & vomiting. I was prepared this time...I was scared but it was either me treating her or the ER Vet for 4 days again. I came to terms with my decision to treat her at home. I called my Vet & he said to give her the Flagyl that he gave me 2 wks. ago...just in case this attack happened again. I did & It worked after 1 day but I kept her on it all week.
1560663 tn?1298050127 My male DSH cat, Nicko, was diagnosed with megacolon in 2007. He was prescribed Lactulose with only mild improvement. After a couple of years, the sugars in the Lactulose caused the "bad" bacteria in his intestines to flourish and take over. Nicko began the licking the hair off his belly, hind legs and forearms to try to ease the discomfort he felt in his skin.
Avatar f tn No they should not be vaccinated period. If you were to read the label on the vaccine it would state . " For use in healthy animals only" If the pet was on prednisone it would not be healthy.
Avatar m tn he is drinking water but throwing up most of what he drinks, his belly has already caved in. I personally dont have the money to take him to the vet do you no what i can do, or do you no what could be wrong with him.
Avatar f tn They know how you're feeling. Grief is an odd thing in animals. When we lost our first dog, Travis, it upset our cockatiel more than it did Chica. Petey Bird grew up with Travis and worshipped him. He followed Travis around the house, shared his food bowl, cleaned his whiskers. They were really best buddies. After a few days with Travis out of the house, Petey stopped singing. That was almost 5 years ago, and that bird has yet to utter one peep of any of his old songs.
Avatar n tn However in ER the doctor did not diagnose it as pancreatitis - he said gastritis. I never had that strong pain again. Tests that were performed in last 6 months: -gastrocopy: normal -colonoscopy: normal -ultrasound: sludge-like deposits in gallbladder -gallbladder contraction test: contracts in 32% -CT scan: normal -MRI scan: normal -endoscopic ultrasound: normal, however the doctor said that my pancreas consistency is more solid than usually in my age -some blood tests showed bilirubin 1.
Avatar n tn This a great thread and I hope it continues on as it has gone on for years! I care for animals in various end-of-life conditions. I am currently helping a mom with her nearly 17 y/o chihuahua. She has stopped most of her heart meds and has not returned to the drastic CHF symptoms (no-one knows why). But she is getting more quiet and eating and drinking less and less. Without critical symptoms, it is even harder to "take your dog in.
1916673 tn?1420236870 Not positive if I've joined (also having trouble bookmarking blog); but hope I'm in. First time I've been back in a few weeks since I had to put Teagan to rest. To be honest I hope to NEVER need to refresh myself on the terrible disease. But, you all gave me such comfort when Teagan left me. I hope to keep reading posts to keep up with you all.
793908 tn?1294708709 I POSTED THIS IN THE FORUM TOO... Hi all..I have not been in here in awhile. Life has been hard for Julie (my 10 yr old mini poodle). As some of you know, she is on Trilostane. It WAS working great till she had many Pancreatitis attacks..every month for 6 mos..& she had to go off & on Trilostane alot & that threw her body way off. Reluctantly, my Vet upped her to 34 mg. & said she can not go any higher for her weight..13.5 lbs.. I read differently...
Avatar n tn Did this just start, not be going on for days? Sounds like a vet visit is in order. If it gets worse it could mean need for emergency medical attention. If this started after changing the type food, don't give him any more. It may be a food allergy, but that doesn't mean he will be able to resolve it on his own. Allergies can be dangerous. Sorry I can't give you an easy to implement cure.
Avatar f tn Last year I struggled with pain in my stomach, diarrhea when I ate anything, and pain in my joints. I was sent for a CT scan for possible pancreatitis, and they found prominent lymph nodes around my pancreas, and something in my colon. I was sent to GI specialist, and it was thought I had Crohn's disease. Had an upper endoscopy, and colonoscopy which only showed chronic gastritis, and hiatal hernia, and Barrett's esophagus.
3227046 tn?1458317076 Just noticed- pancreatitis too! Wow, I have heard that is very painful in itself and to have had that and all those gallstones too!
Avatar m tn If imaging studies have not been done, it's time to take a look to see if there is a tumor or psuedo-cyst (pocket of infection) present. In addition to the severe nausea, pancreatitis is also an extremely painful condition - for both animals and humans. You might ask your vet if there is a medication you can keep on hand for flareups.
Avatar f tn If it turns out to be pancreatitis, you will want to stick with a low protein diet which isn't easy, but should help the condition. Pancreatitis isn't always easy to diagnose, but in your cat's situation, I really would consider it a possibility. You might want to just treat him like he has it and treat for it dietarily. Let me know if you would like more details. Good luck and keep us posted!
254215 tn?1195096984 Daily ultrasounds, daily labs, a central line for TPN and 24/7 intensive nursing mounts up in hurry in these places. I tell you this only to give you an idea of what you may be up against. All you can do is take it day by day. Keep us posted on what happens, and I'll send up some prayers for your pup.
8853034 tn?1400213248 I doubt dogs know it is over but I do believe they are aware they are ill in some of the behaviors you see in sick animals. If it were not for us, as their caregivers, trying all we can to keep them comfortable and healthy, instinct would kick in and they would stop eating, and usually find a quiet place to let Nature take it's course. I have seen this behavior many times. Perhaps he knew it was time to go.
390388 tn?1279639813 She has an appt. for Monday but, I'm going to try to get her in earlier I think. Her urine output is nothing compared to what she is taking in and no bm for 4 days so I'm cringing at the thought of a partial blockage/blockage. She is 17 years old and God bless her still runs the rabbits. She is my faithful Lady.
931217 tn?1283484935 If the disease that intact animals are more likely to get occurs in only 1 out of every 1,000 neutered animals (0.001%), then the extra risk of being intact makes the absolute risk for an intact animal 0.005%, still a vanishingly small number. Thus, while differences in relative risk may sound dramatic, if the condition is uncommon then the real chances of an individual getting it may not be meaningfully different regardless of neuter status.
Avatar n tn Organ meats tend to have a higher fat content than muscle, and are also high in phosphorus content. Serving up any unusual food, particularly in an older dog, can result in a simple upset tummy with vomiting and diarrhea or more serious conditions. For example, if your senior dog has a kidney problem, the excess phosphorus in the organs might have just tipped him over the edge into full blown kidney failure.
931217 tn?1283484935 As I am sure you have heard, there have been numerous alerts, recalls and reports of food-borne illness reported in the last couple of years, associated with uncooked or undercooked meats served to human consumers in restaurants or sold to them in stores. The under-appreciated truth of our meat production industry, indeed of any nation's meat production, is that absolute certainty of freedom from sickness-causing bacteria in meat cannot be assured.
541150 tn?1306037443 The short answer is chronic irritation. This is known to cause cancer in various body systems in animals and people (one example is skin cancer from sun exposure). Gastrointestinal disorders are among the most common problems encountered in cats. Most vomiting and diarrhea episodes occur suddenly and resolve quickly. The causes are usually such as eating an unfamiliar food. However, some cats may have vomiting and/or diarrhea over a period of weeks to months.
Avatar f tn Papaya enzymes do incredible things for upset stomachs, both humans and animals. I live in Mexico now, and actually, the animals here eat papaya like we do. Its hilarious. At the juice stand in front of my apartment I see owners buying it for their pets all the time for the same reason, they say it helps their tummies. I dont know what the stock of papaya is in the ME or pills with its extract but it may help calm the stomach. Does she drink normally?
Avatar m tn Your father should not own animals if he is not prepared to take care of them when they are in such pain, which his dog is. I'm surprised the dog is still alive, after weeks of suffering. Is it possible for you to take her to the vet, she needs someone to help her, fast. If not, he should surrender her to a shelter, where she can get help instead of dying a slow death.
Avatar f tn I know how expensive Vets and testing is but I highly urge you to take kitty in if you can possibly do so....Diabetes is very common in elderly cats... Could also be Hyperthyroidism in the case shes not over thirsty...but both need to be tested asap..