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Avatar f tn Try reading up on some home remedies about this condition.And if you would feel better get a 2cd opinion.This is your furbaby wouldnt your vet do it for his?I will keep you in my prayers...The both of you.I am going to do a little checking on some things that you could possibly do.I will get back with you...
Avatar n tn anyone have luck with homeopathic remedies? anyone have luck with the procedure to ERCP?
Avatar f tn I tried picking her up to get her to walk but she only whimpers. I don't have money to take her to a vet, is there any home remedies I can use for her? I don't know what else to do.
Avatar n tn in hospital my blood tests were done with an all clear given and i went home, 2 days later back in emergency hospital another attack,sent home no treatment given unknown cause,then 7 days ater massive attack,rushed to hospital, acute pancreantitus diagnosed,kept in hospital for 48 hours on a drip with no food or drink allowed and i was discharged , as soon as i got home i felt ill rested and felt terrible,gp came to my home and said he was unsure, but an mri scan would help, (i had a normal sc
Avatar m tn A week ago i got back from Cuba, 4 days after arriving in Cuba i started getting the runs, 3 days after that i was on my way home to Canada with no relief, ive been home for 5 days now and still no relief other than imodieum. Before i went to Cuba regular bowel movements, 2 min aday, healthy color, large 6, 8 or more inches, not hard but healthy (perfect), so in 12 days ive gone from feeling good about my daily trips to the can, to what the hell.
Avatar m tn Hopefully it's just a simple stone passing, and like I said anything low in fats and oils will help that out. There's also home remedies for gallstones you can google but I was too scared to try it.. good luck!
Avatar f tn I was on a pain pump of Dilaudid while in the hospital for Pancreatitis. So I bought one. Brought it home and shot it up. It took only 1/4 of the pill to get high. I loved it and realized that Dilaudid was way cheaper than Vicodin. Now I'm going back and forth from both. Things are now getting way out of control. I wake up and the first thing on my mind are pills. I spend all my money on pills and have even pawned my children electronics for cash.
Avatar m tn One study in the USA found that up to one third of the patients in a liver clinic used herbal remedies. One of the most hepatotoxic vitamins is Vitamin A and anyone taking vitamin A supplements should be aware that doses higher than 25,000 IU (international units) per day may be dangerous. Most multivitamin preparations contain 4,000 IU vitamin A, which is well within the safety range.
Avatar n tn the only time ive had complications is when they put stents in my pancreatic duct which gave me pancreatitis. The first one was 3 days after my gallbladder was removed and i had a bile leak and they had to go in and put in a stent in my bile duct to drain the bile out. You should be fine and hopefully they will be able to find out what's causing your pain. I'm sure they've did liver function tests were those normal? Keep us updated on how you're doing. When is your ercp scheduled?
Avatar f tn I took her home and the vet asked me to put her on the boiled chicken again, I did but she starts having diarrhea again with gas. Note: she only eat wet food, she has been diagnosed with food allergy toward the dry food (royal canin) we tried like three kinds and she get massive diarrhea after it. she was fine with the wet chicken Brand name (schesir) she was eating all kinds of chicken, fish and tuna.
544292 tn?1268886268 LOL Welcome and I hope you will make yourself at home. Snuggle down, get comfy. There's a lot of information and experience here with getting off Tramadol. It's not impossible, lots of peeps here now living Tram Free Lives! Love & Healing!
Avatar n tn Is this something we should rush him to the vet tomorrow or is this pretty normal and should we give him 24 hours or so to recover on his own? Any other home remedies we can do to keep him comfortable? We are watching him for dehydration.
Avatar n tn From 20 to 40 percent of women who do not have bile stones, but have biliary pain symptoms, have acute pancreatitis following the cutting of the sphincter; up to 20% can have pancreatitis just from the procedure. There can be long term effects also. The common bile duct may become chronically inflamed due to reflux of small intestinal fluid into the duct. From 14-36 percent may have some long term complications which may result in chronic pain.
Avatar n tn From 20 to 40 percent of women who do not have bile stones, but have biliary pain symptoms, have acute pancreatitis following the cutting of the sphincter; up to 20% can have pancreatitis just from the procedure. There can be long term effects also. The common bile duct may become chronically inflamed due to reflux of small intestinal fluid into the duct. From 14-36 percent may have some long term complications which may result in chronic pain.
Avatar m tn I did a urine test and stool test for occult blood at home and the 2 of them were negative,no bilirubin in urine or urobilinogen,nothing. Could you please, tell me your opinion on my case? Do you think it's all from the drinking nor maybe the paracetamol+antibiotic with the alcohol?Is it possible to hace cirrhosis with all the blood tests normal, platelet count and urine normal?
Avatar n tn I have tried the alternative herbal remedies such as bromelain and acidophilus. the pain was still very bad. I would love nothing more than to get off of these drugs. I am a health nut and can't stand it! If you have any other suggestions, I would love to hear from you.
Avatar n tn 10 days later, I was admitted into the hospital with severe pain that turned out to be acute pancreatitis from retained stones in the common bile duct. While hospitalized, I had an ERCP to remove the stones, and was told "the stones are gone." After going home, I continued to experience chronic pain in the upper right quadrant that was sometimes a mild ache, sometimes a sharp stabbing pain.
Avatar n tn He had just had his leg taken off I got on the internet and sat for hours looking up different home remedies he had alreay had all the normal test prosedures done befor his surgery. I found one site that said to give him just 2 drops of mineral oil in his food a day. Within afew days he was poopping just fine. An anoimal can get diaherrea from tons of things from eating something bad to stress. Stress can effect an animal just as bad as it can to a human being.
941046 tn?1250642429 They gave me something for pain, something for nausea, iv fluids because I was dehydrated, told me to see my pcp and sent me home. I went home and after three days the pain was so intense I could hardly move so I went back to the ER. I was sent for a ct scan, more blood tests, something for pain and more iv fluids. When the results came back they told me they had no idea what was wrong with me and that i should see my pcp. They gave me a prescription for more pain meds and sent me home.
Avatar n tn Yes your baby is gravely ill and needs medical care--however you can get it. Home remedies will not fix this. Please take her to the vet--if you cannot afford bringing her back to health, then please make sure she does not continue to suffer in this pain. The vet will advise if without the proper care she may be better off being put to sleep to relieve her from living with this pain. I know this is hard to hear , but we must always do what is best for our pets, not us.
Avatar f tn First of all, thank you for giving your rescue dog a forever home. I am always delighted when people adopt a shelter dog - and even more so when they are prepared to go to such lengths to care for them. It strikes me you have done all the right things and clearly your dog has rallied well, with lower creatinine and BUN levels, which is great. I know there's been quite a bit of fluctuation with BUN, but that's not too surprising given the surgery and recovery time needed.
Avatar f tn she cant take any of the medications, like pentasa, asacol, 6mp because she gets pancreatitis and becomes even more sick. So I have worked in a hospital pharmacy for 15 years and I put her on fish oil, probiotics, calcium and her symtoms were half relieved. She still has some bleeding and lots of diarrhea, but she has not been hospitalized for 3 months. So my question is were to now. She is under weight, her hair is falling out. No one has any answers.
Avatar n tn so what are the list of diseases he should be testing for? also are you saying that if he had a gall stone stuck he could have had jaundice without any stomach pain? are you saying that since he is seeing an improvement he should consider the stone was expelled from the system?
Avatar n tn If you just stop the physical withdrawal will be over in 5 or so days instead of dragging it out. Either way, let us know what you are going to do and we can recommend some home remedies to ease the process. We will be here for moral support as well.
Avatar n tn I don't personally know any one else who has this and the people who know me don't understand it. I will not traveloutside my home neighborhood for fear that I will not be near a restroom. I avoid going to restaurants to eat, this seems to bring on attacks as well. If I want food, I normally have to request it to be delivered or pick it up. I feel trapped like a prisoner in my own home. It has had a huge impact on my social life as well as my job.
Avatar n tn Monis, glad to hear about your recovery. Could you please let us all know about this medicine or how to get it from where etc? we would like to know really!! my father had a stroke on 10th May 2011 due to major heart attack. he was on ventilator, trying to wean him off docs found he was in coma, he remained not opening his eyes for next 5 days, when docs told my mother of him having hypoxia brain damage, my mum went to him, asked/forced him to open his eyes n he did.
Avatar n tn I refused an ERCP because I am an RN and have seen to many patients develop pancreatitis from the ERCP. I am currently taking bile salts and a digestive enzyme. I just started the supplements a few days ago I will update on how they help! Any input is greatly appreciated. These are just my thoughts after much research. Doctors are not miracle workers, we have to help them when we can. Write down what triggers it, when it's worse, what helps.
Avatar f tn well she was spry as can be until she had to have surgery in November for a tooth abcess... She was under anesthesia way too long and developed acute pancreatitis (she also came back almost blind because the stupid vet didn't moisurize her eyes and she developed corneal ulcers)...She recovered from that (still can barely see) but then her kidneys started failing and haven't improved since. She is skinny as a rail now....will only eat a bite or two occasionally (I supplement with Nutrical)..
Avatar n tn It's started when it's wakes me up with a sharp pain around the rib cage all the way to the back, sometime more painful in the back then in the front (after about 5hr or more of sleep).. very strong pain! after taking pain killer and other remedies I notice that the pain will go away by itself after about 30 min or so.. of seating or just standing! I went to the doctors and got CT scan, urine test, blood test.. ect.. with noting coming up..
Avatar f tn When the wagging tail stops, and the happy, panting smile goes away, it's time to do the kind thing. The first day I came home and Daisy didn't get up to greet me was the day I knew. I gave her one more week, and let her go before she lost every inkling of that spark in her would not have been fair for her to have to show any other side of herself to me without that spark after generously igniting my life with joy for 3 full years.