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Avatar n tn I still have pseudocysts not completely resolved and am anxious never to experience pancreatitis again. Are there herbs known or suspected to cause pancreatitis? Drugs? Foods? What are they? Dear Andrea, A long list of medications have been shown to be important in the development of acute pancreatitis.
Avatar n tn 10 days later had a 24 hour fever and diarhhea. forgot about the incident. in may had to be hospitalized for pancreatitis that i had before, they had me on i v antibiotics, when i got home noticed my tongue was bare and burned, when on line and found erythematous candidiasis, called the gp, gave me nystatin, did not completely heal it, tried diflucn and it came and went on it.
Avatar m tn Reveal G3 Rapid HIV-1 Antibody Test 3. Uni-Gold Recombigen HIV Test 4. Multispot HIV-1/HIV-2 Rapid Test 5. Clearview HIV 1/2 Stat Pak 6. Clearview Complete HIV 1/2
Avatar f tn i used flavoured condom which many websites claim that it isnt effective in protecting against stds and hiv..2 weeks after my exposure i got throat infection along with fever..then suddenly i got pain in one of my knee which migrated towards my both feet elbows ankles hands fingers..this pain is constant from 2.5 months....pain is most severe at night,its like burning on soles and pain from knees till feet....cant even sleep because of this horriblebpain..i think its peripheral neuropathy..
Avatar n tn I am male, 39, 10-15% body fat, and very physically active (run 20+ miles/week at 8 minute/mile pace and play vigorous tennis 4 hours/week). I am HIV+, since at least November 1985. My current CD4 count is 1200 and my current CD8 count is 1700. My CD4 count has never been below 400. My current viral load is below 400. I have never had an opportunistic infection. I am currently taking the following anti-viral medications: Fortovase, Norvir, d4t, and 3tc.
Avatar n tn My triglycerides went so high that I got acute pancreatitis. then in turn, the pancreatitis changed the texture, consistency and frequency of my stools. The pancreatitis also causes me to have shoulder pains as well as pain in my abdomen which radiates to my back. But the pain is different for many people. Have your docs checked your amylase or lipase levels while you are having symptoms? Maybe that could shed some light on what is going on.
Avatar f tn Worried again, heard there are rare cases where a person develops no antibodies whatsoever but still had HIV, wondering if these cases were due to some pre-existing condition that caused that... could i be one of those people? God, someone help me relieve all of this anxiety!
Avatar m tn I have been a complete nonsmoker for almost two years, however, prior to that I did smoke cigarettes, and I have been alcohol-free for almost two years (however, prior to that, I did have an occasional glass of wine or beer). I have been HIV+ for almost 18 yrs and asymptomatic. I have an undetectable viral load and a CD4 count around 276.
Avatar m tn Please get ultrasound done to rule out gall stones and pancreatitis. Also blood tests for hepatitis and pancreatitis should be undertaken. Try ciprofloxacin with metronidazole for colitis. Stool examination can rule out intestinal infection.
386032 tn?1220405038 Boy, you've had a run of bad luck and troublesome illnesses but what you do not have is HIV. Your exposure is inconsistent with HIV and your tests are negative. Non of the inter-current illnesses or problems would have influenced your tests to hide the HIV diagnosis. As for your specific questions: 1. No 2. No no effect of valtrex, no effect of shingles. 3. No, no effect of antibiotics. 4. Be absolutely sure, you do not have HIV 5. ARS precedes antibody formation.
Avatar n tn I now find out my enzymes are over 2000 and the other is 943. My bilirubin is rising daily 13 today went in with 10. All my hep test/HIV have come back negative. Cat scan and ultrasound show thick wall of gallbladder but nothing else. On a liquid diet until last night after eating soup/sandwich the pain returned and so did the belching. Had diarreah last night/today. Have returned to liquid diet.
Avatar n tn HIV, chronic cirrhosis, chronic pancreatitis, chronic lung disease, cancer etc... It is hard to say but there are many possibilities.
Avatar m tn The other causes could be jaundice if there is yellowish discoloration of skin, food poisoning if the symptoms occurred shortly after taking food, peptic ulcer disease and sometimes cholecystitis and pancreatitis. Have yourself evaluated to rule out sexually transmitted diseases like HIV, syphilis or granuloma inguinale. Please consult your primary care physician for further evaluation. In the meantime take oral fluids and OTC acetaminophen for the abdominal pain.
Avatar n tn During this timeframe my urinalysis was negative for Gonorreah and Chlamydia, and I had negative RPR, Syphillis, and HIV blood tests. On a subsequent visit two weeks later and not feeling completely cured, a different Dr thought I had epididmytis and I was prescribed doxy for ten days, which I took fully. I had also seen a urologist who didnt seem to think anything was wrong. 5.5 months after exposure, I was hospitalized w/Pancreatitis.
Avatar n tn I was diagnosed with chlamydia and negative for gon. in early July. Was prescribed Zithro 1 day dosage. Symptoms alleviated but still felt as if something was not right down there. I was also able to milk slight clear discharge from my penis I figured I'd wait it out to see if maybe symtpoms would go away. In mid August I masturbated and I got a really bad burning sensation/pain. Went to the ER and they tested for gon. and chlamydia.
Avatar m tn Higher total protein levels are seen in chronic inflammation or infection, HIV, hepatitis B or C, multiple myeloma and in Waldenstrom's disease. Conditions like HIV, multiple myeloma and in Waldenstrom's disease usually cause an appreciable increase in total proteins. Since you have discomfort in stomach area, possibility of H pylori infection should also be looked into. You could also be suffering from narcolepsy, which is a neurological disorder.
Avatar m tn i have had several blood tests including hep a-b-c hiv and all where negative the only worry i have is that when this 1st spell happened I worked for a local town as a street foreman and i think i may have ingested raw sewerage via mouth...when i get these attacks i noticed i get very gassy and it feels like i have to go to the bathroom i also have lower abdominal pain and upper abdominal pain.... Please Help very confused and at my ropes end....
Avatar m tn I had unprotected sex with a female in August 2008 and was terrified that she may have been HIV positive. I asked her whether she had any std's and she said later that she had herpes she had a son so at the time I thought I'd not get into too much trouble. A couple of days after having sex with this woman I had 3 lesions on my penis which looked like herpes to me and I do get the prodromal symptoms of herpes but have had no lesions reoccur.
Avatar m tn As "mom" said there is no currebt data from studies treating coinfected people who have cirrhosis with Harvoni (with or without Ribavirin). The Hep C Guidelines states..."coinfected persons should be treated and retreated the same as persons without HIV infection, after recognizing and managing interactions with antiretroviral medications". I have excerpted the main points below. The AASLD/IDSA http://www.hcvguidelines.
Avatar n tn 10 days later had a 24 hour fever and diarhhea. forgot about the incident. in may had to be hospitalized for pancreatitis that i had before, they had me on i v antibiotics, when i got home noticed my tongue was bare and burned, when on line and found erythematous candidiasis, called the gp, gave me nystatin, did not completely heal it, tried diflucan and it came and went on it.
Avatar n tn I am also having a lot of stomach and back problems and chronic pancreatitis and HIV. Should I be worried and do you know if any of these problems relate to each other? I have been scared to start any treatment due to the horror stories from people who have started treatment and I am frightened to begin treatment...
386032 tn?1220405038 my year has been very bad as it started with my mom pasting away on my birthday last march, than hospitalized in may for pancreatitis , hospitalized in dec for diverticulistis, i am wasting this energy thinking it could be hiv for a low risk exposure while it could be hundreds of other things. i dont understand it, i am getting counseling but that is going to take time, i for one am tired of taking hiv test and the anxiety that comes along with waiting .
Avatar n tn The multiple negative HIV tests would make HIV very unlikely. Infection needs to be ruled out. Urine tests and a urethral swab can look for gonorrhea and chlamydia. The prostate should be palpated to rule out infection, which can present with the scrotal symptoms. You can consider a transrectal ultrasound to image the prostate for infection, as well as a prostatic massage to milk out and analyze any prostatic fluid. Regarding the tingling, I agree with the MRI and EMG.
Avatar n tn already been checked for HIV,Liver, etc. CT after Ct, endoscopes. ALL IS FINE THEY SAY.. Does anyone have an answer? email: ***@****..
Avatar n tn I did have unsafe hetersexual intercourse with a stranger 9 weeks ago (i am male), hiv test at 9 weeks is negative, which dr. hhh tells me is golden. I really don't have any other "symptoms" other than the fact that i constantly deal with postnasal drip and phlegm, which has always been there. I guess my question is this, should the oil (looks like someone put a small amount of vegetable oil in water) i see be causing me concern?
Avatar m tn if you have acute pain, there is usually something else in the area causing it...Pancreatitis, a gall stone, or even stomach or ulcer issues, for example...Hope this helps...By the way, if you are having sharp, intense, upper abdominal pain, you should see a Dr asap if it persists more than an hour or so...And check to see if you have a fever...
Avatar f tn Hello everyone. I still worry about acute hep c, when I have a few symptoms (fatigue, abdominal pain, the mind slow, diarrhea) from the 5th to 7th week or from the 3th to the 5th week, I do not remember clearly the date, I didn’t know about HCV symptom at that time. So I didn’t do blood test. I did HIV, HEP A, B, C all negative in the 8th week. Only ALT119, CK 4162 (normal<225U/L), MCH 33 (normal <32) and didn’t test AST.
Avatar n tn Again, he did not show any signs or symptoms of HIV, and denied any medical problems (other than pancreatitis), even upon a second questioning (about everything, including hepatitis), and was not on any meds. Should I worry, does this even sound like a possible exposure (if he did have HIV)? I'm basically hoping this puts my mind at ease. Any help is appreciated. Thank you.
Avatar n tn I woke up a bit sweaty 2 days ago and today morning I had a diarrhea (not light though). Do you think that I am in a risk for Hepatitis C or maybe even HIV? Should I be concerned? Are these symptoms assosciated with these infections or is it too early? A doctor also informed me that maybe only 30% of people will mount an antibody responce to HCV, is that true in any way? Being hypochondriac I am trying to stay away from testing but I am also scared!