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Avatar n tn Your symtoms do appear to be related to pancreatitis, but you could have a number of issues at stake that have nothing to do with pancreatitis. As for drinking, if you have pancreatitis drinking is a no-no. It causes more harm than good and the pancreas is a organ that cannot rejuvinate itself. Once damaged it is damage for life. Please get yourself to a GI and have a more specific work up done to diagnose your condition properly. It may not be what your suspecting all along.
719251 tn?1230344505 My mother has been suffering from Pancreatitis for the past 4months. She has been in hospital three times with severe pain, vomitting, and fluid in the abdominal. In that time she has lots over 25kg. She is 60 years old but since loosing so much weight she looks like 80 years old. She no longer drinks but continues to smoke. What worries me the most is that she eats very tiny amount of food, she vomitts everyday and she is just not getting any better.
Avatar n tn I have Chronic Pancreatitis that stemmed from Acute Pancreatitis, I have struggled with relapsing off coc and alcohol, cigarettes. I have had periods of good clean time and then went back. Each time I went back to any of these especially the drinking and smoking, my CP has gotten much worse. Now I weigh 108 lbs and I am going to suffer most likely for the rest of my life. Please advise him to go to AA, as I need to go and stay there myself.
Avatar n tn My grndmother dies from pancreatic cancer, my father has alcoholic pancreatitis, and my sister has pancreatitis. Many DR. we have talked with say this disease is NOT hereditary but I feel that in many cases it is. My father was an alcoholic most of my life, now recovered he has this lasting effect. His pancreas is severly damaged, the DR said if he drank again it would kill him.
Avatar n tn my Min-Pin had the same in Oct 2007. He got pancreatitis from a steroid shot.He spent 5 days in the hospital and on the last day did he start to eat and drink. The vet made it very clear if he could not hold down water or food, he was to return immediately. For the first week he was also very weak and he ate very small meals every few hours. This also helps to keep his pancreatis from working hard.
Avatar n tn and if you have not stopped drinking ,,,,STOP!!!! alcohol is sooooo bad for your pancreas once you get pancreatitis,you can never drink alcohol again,,,or you will get worse,,,gauranteed!!! try to not stress,and learn to relax some every day,,stress does not help either.
Avatar n tn Anyway, the only reason I mention this story is because your dog at 14 is doing great! It's not easy for any dog to recover this quickly from acute pancreatitis, but for a senior dog to come out of it so well is truly remarkable! I wouldn't push any new foods too quickly. His pancreas is still probably bubbling away angrily, and you don't want to aggravate it any more than necessary.
Avatar n tn Male: 42 Long History of Binge Drinking. about 6 years ago began getting severe diarrhea and headaches after prolonged periods of sitting. This lasts for several days. I avoid sitting at all costs now. I work on the computer and even do that standing up now. 9 months ago after a 6 hour car ride (again with the sitting) I got severe diarrhea but this was followed by chronic abdominal pain which to this day has not subsided. With my history Gi Doc suspected chronic pancreatitis but...
Avatar m tn my dog was diagnosed with pancreatitis on wednesday and stayed in the hospital for 3 nights. they hooked him up to an IV...i picked him up on saturday and they said he was doing much better. however, the doctor prescribed him prednisolon for the pain, but wont this medication worsen his pancreatitis? also, his abdomen seems to still be very swollen, why? how should i help my dog so that he is not in pain and so that he can get better soon?
Avatar m tn This happens to a lot of you people, and it's best to find out what you are trying to forget or you will end up living your life from the inside of a bottle. My niece died at 31 due to Pancreatitis from drinking to forget about the loss of her mother, and she left two very young children without their mommy. Address the drinking and you won't have to worry about the damage it is doing to your young body. Take care...
Avatar f tn My mom was a heavy drinker since 2009 and in 2013 she finally quit drinking after have seizures and being intubated. She had episodes of acute pancreatitis while drinking but never went in for it and now she was diagnosed with chronic pancreatitis. She has episodes that last a day with abdominal pressure and pain. Other times she's had week long episodes. We had a endoscopy done a couple months ago with no cysts or cancer. Nothing was blocked but her pancreas is really calcified.
Avatar n tn // From what I have read, a person who has suffered from alcohol-related pancreatitis should stop drinking alcohol altogether. Apparently, the first time it happens, it can be resolved fairly quickly, but it can get more and more serious with repeated episodes. It can be life-threatening. Can destroy the kidneys. None of the dangers are worth risking by drinking.
Avatar f tn As a matter of fact I don't know anyone in my group that got it from drinking.
Avatar n tn They did give him another pill I don't think I mentioned. It is a pill to help him stop drinking but he is drinking. He drank again last night, a ton of beers. This is NOT helping his health at all. I can't fix this for him, I know that. Like I said I just needed last night somewhere to go and talk and I found this website. Today is Friday and they took the labs on Monday. They told us 5-7 days and they are doing lab specifics on the Pancreas and Liver. Thanks Bill.
Avatar f tn Is it common to get jaundice after a bout of pancreatitis? Will his cushing's prevent him from getting over jaundice? What's the prognosis of overcoming liver issues? If there is a blockage, do you think surgery is a wise choice? ANY info you can provide would be much appreciated.
Avatar n tn I was diagnosed w/ pancreatitis in 1997. Up until then, my lifestyle included a lot of drinking. When I was told in '97 that if I continued to drink I wouldodor, I stopped. Well stopped for the most part - from drinking 5 - 7 nights a week to 5 - 7 times a year. For many years I did very well. I was healthy. Then around 2001 the attacks came back. They found a non-cancerous tumor in the head of my pancreas. It was drained and again I had some good, healthy years.
1985662 tn?1327527494 Hi, How are you? Chronic pancreatitis or inflammation of the pancreas that does not improve and gets worse over time usually presents with abdominal pain that may last from hours to days and eventually may be continuous. Pain medications, limiting pancreas activity through stopping food or fluid by mouth. Drinking plenty of liquids and eating a low-fat diet as well as eating small, frequent meals may help. Limiting caffeine and avoiding alcohol may also be done.
Avatar n tn He is an alcoholic and for the past 5 weeks he has been unable to eat much of anything but he is still drinking alcohol. He is now down to 90 pounds (from around 135 a year ago). His blood pressure is low (90/60 range) and his heart rate stays high (around 90-110). We did convince him that he needed to be admitted to the hospital but he check out AMA a day later. He has also developed the beginning stages of a pressure sore at the base of his spine. The doctors were very concerned about this.
Avatar n tn All idiopathic means is the doctors can not determine how the person got pancreatitis. 70-80% of all cases are from alcohol use and abuse. Obviously that is not the case in your senario. I am an adult (37) and have found it a trying thing to convince the specialists that I do not drink, nor did this happen because of drinking in the past. I haven't drank alcohol for 12 years and before that it very light drinking. Maybe a beer or two here and there. I have been having problems since 1999.
Avatar n tn My father died at the age of thirty from severe pancretitis in 1966, I was told after being in terrible pain he vomited up green and then brought to the hospital. They performed exploratory surgery and 11 hrs later he was dead. I know this was 1966 and that the technology is exponentionally better now but can drinking create this type of illness? I was told he did drink heavily . As his offspring can I be at risk for this disease(being hereditary)?
701334 tn?1262857103 male,non smoker,stopped drinking(weeked warrior,heavy at times,but stopped) i have a buddy with pancreatitis,and im scared this could be that too,but i look at him,and compare myself to him,and im NOWHERE near as bad as he is,,,,but what could be causing this pain in center into my back?
Avatar n tn The specialist told me that most doctors (espcially ER doctors) are not necessarily aware that your pancreatic levels WILL NOT be elevated if you suffer from chronic pancreatitis. My visits are usually very intesting because it is a teaching hospital so I get to hear the specialist explain everything to the resident he is working with. I've been through about four visits with a resident now and learn more each time.
10821430 tn?1439584483 old neutred Yorkie,Monday he had loose stools,low appetite,lethargic but drinking normal,urinating normal,I thought an upset stomach,temp. was normal although buy Tuesday his breathing was more rapid, increased breathing was for 8 hours then was normal. Tuesday night he did not sleep but sat up all night( so did I) his breathing was better but he did shake off and on ( pain?
1264088 tn?1279484422 CP is most often caused from drinking but other things can cause it such as Hereditary CP Cystic Fibrosis Chronic blockage of the pancreatic duct Injury Hyperlipidemia Hyperparathyroidism The enzymes help with the digestion of fat. They can help the pain in a few people but others they do not help. It is best if you stick with a very very low fat diet. You can also have bouts of acute CP so anytime you feel worse I would go to ER.
Avatar m tn I know this sounds bad but our hounds will learn that people food is not good for them and most vets will tell the same thing as the fat in our foods is too hard on our loving pets stomachs. The truth hurts I know from experience as we almost lost our minipin by letting her eat leftovers one night. The vet said that the fat content that our little one ate was too rich and it may her pancreas shut down basically.
6472661 tn?1381772732 Her doggy Dr. said she thought it was pancreatitis. Dr. put her on anitbiotics for any secondary infection and said to give her Mylanta 3x a day. Also precscription i/d dog food starting the next day for two days then back to regular food. Then on Monday with her regular Nutro Venison and rice food she got worse. Called my vet that night he said back to i/d dog food and half a baby aspirin for pain. Maybe not her pancreas maybe a virus.
Avatar n tn For the next few days, we noticed that she was eating less and less until she would simply walk away from her food at mealtime. We noted that this was highly unusual. Friday, in an effort to get her to eat, I poured some water on her dry food. This worked and she ate it all. About midnight Friday night, she started throwing up. A lot. Saturday morning I called the vet and they wanted to see her right away for fear of pancreatitis.
Avatar f tn I had my gallbladder out almost a year ago, have done some heavy drinking from time to time since then, (was unaware until recently that it could be a bad idea without a gallbladder,) . I've consumed high fat meals from time to time as well. 2 1/2 weeks ago I had to call an ambulance. I had made chicken soup, but without thinking, left the chicken fat in it, (there was a lot,) and I ate a fairly large bowl. I drank one can of beer, (not even the whole thing,) a while after eating.
902019 tn?1249865014 Don't know if its good or bad yet but at least they are now finding something and she can start a treatment instead of Morphine and anti sickness. Her flare up back in July was pancreatitis so don't know if she has both Crohn's and AIP but from what I can tell they are both autoimmune problems. Hope everyone is well.