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Avatar m tn Yes, like you I found out the hard way. My vet told us that every time a summer holiday rolls around that involves picnicking, BBQing etc., he can count on having several pancreatitis patients at his door. It's such a serious and sometimes fatal condition, and most people have never heard of it.
Avatar f tn 3 weeks ago she starts vomiting yellow Liquid with hairballs, stopped eating, her breathing was very fast 40 bits per minutes, I gave her the hairball remedy for three days in a raw, and I took her to the vet they gave her IV line for three days ( after the CBC test they found that she has a beginning of the dehydration) after that they took the IV line and start giving her boiled chicken she start having diarrhea again.
1176103 tn?1332974613 She was neg for feline leukemia, etc, and we left her to be spayed. However, when her presurgical blood work came in, her bilirubin and another item were "off the charts", we were told she likely had pancreatic or liver cancer. (although skeletally thin, she had a hard distended abdomen so we thought she was preggers.) They observed her all day, and stated that with her lab results, they expected her to be vomiting and have diarrhea and be completely listless.
Avatar m tn In any case, for about 2 months Hudson was on a very high dosage of these anti-inflammatories. He developed diabetes and pancreatitis and had to be hospitalized for 10 days! We have now switched to 1mg of Budesonide a day to help with the inflammation and to try and bring the diabetes under control, we are giving our cat 1cc of insulin a day and we have switched his diet to Nature's Variety Instinct brand of cat food in the rabbit formulation.
1358341 tn?1282213443 Renal failure usually is not caught till the cat starts showing symptoms like Excessive water intake, frequent urination, vomiting, constipation, Diarrhea, loss of appetite, etc. Sometimes if a cat is dehydrated or has an infection their bun and creatine levels can go up and then come down after treatment.. That's all I know, I also am not a vet but a pet owner who has also lost one of her cats due to a four year battle with CRF...
Avatar f tn He was 14 1/2 years old, and had been blind with diabetes and feline aids for a few years. He was gradually losing weight and was down to 6 1/2 lbs. I'd been taking him to the vet for the past couple of weeks due to constant diarrhea, and this last week he was staying there every day to receive IV fluids. The xray didn't show anything, and the vet didn't feel any masses. He would urinate in the litter box if I put him in there, otherwise it was on the floor beside it.
541150 tn?1306037443 We're praying for you in our own feline way. We lost our Godfather recently and we know how you and your human feel. You're a young cat and we hope a strong cat. We'll pray and eat lots of treats to give you more strength. You know you have a wonderful owner who loves you so much; Anakin wanted to pack his suitcase and move in with her. PrettyKitty - this is about you and Abby not me. I know I fu** up a lot but I am really praying that Abby is alright.
Avatar n tn She doesn't have feline HIV or leukemia. He gave her broad spectrum antiobiotics and gave me some to give her now she's back home. But she still won't eat - she's lost loads of weight, and she's still vomiting - though it's only liquid now. The vet didn't tell me how to keep her energy up or feed her with a syringe or anything and I don't htink they supplemented her the whole week!
Avatar n tn Hello! I've an 11-year old long-haired feline who has megacolon. We move around quite a bit, and I have had to shuffle him between vets, and am about to shuffle him again. Four years ago, just a few months before we were about to move overseas, he developed a constipation problem. His American vet gave him an enema and put him on stool softeners to be used only occasionally. Once we moved overseas, he had several enemas before his vet put him on liquid paraffin every day.
1560663 tn?1298050127 My 18 yrs old cay had opposite,she had big appetite and watery diarrhea four times day.i took her to vet twice,they gave her medicine for diarrhea,but didn't help much.she had hair missing on back of her legs..i try best help her,but she died five months later,i never knew what she died I found better vet.i told him story he said,sounds like bad thyroid...
Avatar f tn I had given her fluids at home and the next day when I brought her for an ultrasound of her abdomen, they thought from an xray that she had possible pancreatitis and had given her more meds for that, she had a large bruise at the site of the fluids. That day her dvm told me she was severely anemic and she thought Angie was dying... the dvm was very upset- she was crying. I took Angie to a speciality hospital where she was given iv fluids, pain killers and tested.