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793908 tn?1294708709 My 10 yr old mini Poodle Julie was now diagnosed with a heart murmur when she went to ER Vet again.. for another Pancreatitis attack..which is better now. My Vet told me that the Trilostane (22.5 mg) is NOT working for her Cushings disease. Yet, 2 months ago her numbers came way down to normal. He now wants her on LYSODREN. I am scared to death of that drug. I read too much negative reports about it. Thats why I put her on Trilostane.
Avatar f tn i am on a gluten free diet. the only reason i ask is because of pancreatitis. alot of the symptoms can over lap. it is very common for people with autoimmune diseases to have a intolerance gluten.
Avatar n tn faecal elastase test which was in the normal range 230 normal pancreatic function (>200 ug/g) (norm range between 200-500 ug/g) what does it seem like whats going on? how are acalculous cholecystitis/gallbladder dyskinesisi caused?
Avatar n tn Always been very athletic and so it doesn't really go with that lifestyle. Thanks for the UK pancreatitis website. I checked it out and left my message. Will have to wait and see. Thanks again. I appreciate your response. Take care.
Avatar n tn Thats why I now how chronic pancreatitis. My advice is for you to adhear to a low fat diet, avoid all alcohol (including nyquil, o'douls, etc.) and avoid as much stress as possible. You will get through this. My first dr. told me thre was nothing wrong with me. This included when I was in the hospital the first time and my levels were elevated and the ct scan showed a "plump pancreas". He was a jerk and I quickley disposed of him.
Avatar n tn I had acute pancreatitis in 2017 which landed me in the hospital for a week. They removed part of my pancreas due to a large stone being logged and waited for liver to resume functioning to remove my gallbladder. I have been on a liquid diet since leading to malabsorption. I am always in pain,I look 9 months pregnant and vomit acid regularly as well as watery bowls.
Avatar n tn I live in the UK, and started having attacks of SEVERE pain, with all the obvious symptoms of acute pancreatitis. In addition, pancreatic abnormalities (insulin-dependant diabetes, pancreatitis etc) have run down the mother-daughter line for four generations. It took the doctors FIVE YEARS, and in the end, a suicide threat (desperate for someone to take me seriously) for them to diagnose acute pancreatitis. Ten years on, I stil have the attacks, they've settled to about two a year.
Avatar f tn You seem to be very knowledgable with the whole pancreatitis thing, so I pose a question to you. I had Pancreatitis in Nov, spent a week in hospital, IV fluids, pain & anti nausea meds etc... found stones in the gallbladder and removed it 2 weeks later. I still had the nausea and some pain (esp. after eating) post laper. choly.
Avatar n tn Until you see the the GI physician, try to decrease the alcohol and watch your diet. I have a feeling your diet is probably not the best, but I could be wrong. :) Keep us posted.
Avatar n tn Dear Chad, In the United States, alcohol is a very frequent cause of pancreatitis. The alcohol alters the secretion of pancreatic juice which results in the inflammation recognized as pancreatitis. Unfortunately, there is no amount of alcohol that I can tell you is safe, i.e. will not cause subsequent attacks of pancreatitis. We know that there is individual sensitivity. This means that an amount of alcohol that may not cause me problems may cause you to have severe pancreatitis.
793908 tn?1294708709 In dog food, by the time it is processed and all the other stuff is added, probably contains little turkey! My daughter's one dog suffers from chronic pancreatitis and is on a strict canned diet only. Any variation from that ends her up at the Vet's office with mega Vet bills!! She may get a tiny piece of something when the other dogs get treats, feel bad for her. I think my daughter found a treat that she can have and tolerates but can't remember what it is.
Avatar n tn Best way to find a good one is to do some thorough research online, and find a food you trust. Not feeding them what they really need in their diet could cause certain levels of malnutrition. I give my dog things like rice, or potatoes (or sweet potatoes) cabbage, carrots, chicken as long as it is boiled not deep fryed and certainly not seasoned. Fish (de-boned and unseasoned) is fine. Any meat so long as it is not fatty (which can cause pancreatitis) - would be fine.
Avatar m tn I am still experiencing the same symptoms of uncomfortable irregular bowel movements, pain after eating red meat or high fat foods (I have changed to a low fat diet on recommendation which has helped a little), constant mouth ulcers and discomfort in bottom side of right ribcage when lying on my right side. I am also experiencing pain around the left hand side appendix scar when I stand up for any length of time or walk any great distance.
Avatar m tn With obvious concern, we brought him to the hospital and he was diagnosed with pancreatitis. A common diagnosis. He was put on a bland diet, some meds, and sent on his way. Still no eating. He was brought back to the hospital with a fever and dehydration. He was put on IV fluids which made him feel 90% better so he started eating a little bit. His fever went down so he was sent home again. Once home, he refused to eat or drink.
Avatar n tn He was 14 pounds when we adopted him and has always fluctuated between 14 and 16 pounds no matter how many different diet dog foods we've tried. We used to be able to walk him but this last year he's really gone down hill and can't make it around the block. I wind up having to carry him. We suspected 2 years ago that he had the Cushings Disease but he was doing so well we thought the vet might have been mistaken.
Avatar n tn (I know that here in the UK there are PDSA animal hospitals and surgeries in many major towns and cities, and they will treat your pet for as much as you can afford to donate) Alternatively, is there any way you could find a vet who would be willing to work out a payment plan for you? If then you find yourself having to pay so much a week, or a month, you could sell some things, maybe on ebay, to raise the money.
Avatar f tn Initially was GI pain, then female problems that resulted in complete hysterectomy AND appendectomy. 3 bouts of pancreatitis, ERCP. All this within 6months. And then things really progressed. I was on Medrol for 2 1/2 months, now on Lyrica 300mg daily, Domperidone 40mg daily, Vicodin 5/500. Nothing helping me very much. I have lost my job and feel as I am losing this battle to what ever this is.
Avatar f tn Vet said that this was due to bile salts. Since last visit to vets approx 11 days ago, we changed diet to pasta and fish and no vomiting until today, and even then not a lot. Have looked up bile salts on i/net but unsure whether it is a LACK of bile salts or EXCESS bile salts causing the vomiting? Not due back at vets for 10 days or so. Dog on Vit E, Milkthistle compound and Biostrath from us and antiobiotics and liver supplment from vets.
Avatar f tn Hello, I live in the Uk, and I was wondering if anyone could help interpret my blood work results. I seem to be exhibiting hypothyroid symptoms, but my docs says I have normal thyroid function, but my hair is falling out I have gained 30lbs and can't seem to shift it with diet and moderate exercise, I am losing some hair eyebrow eyelash foggy memory really bad. Please help if you can. Need to know if iam rt3 dominant and leptin resistant. Also I have some nodules in both sides of my thyroid.
Avatar m tn Prednisone mainly acts to speed up the aging process of the body. Hence, hardening of the arteries will accelerate, cholesterol is higher, osteoporosis is faster and more severe, the blood sugar is higher, cataracts form, muscles atrophy and lose strength, fat forms around the abdomen, the legs thin, and the skin thins. In general, think of any aging effect that you see on any organ and prednisone will accelerate this effect.
Avatar n tn I am in excellant health inbetween these episodes and excersie and watch my diet. The pain starts with a dull ache/gurguling sensation on my right hand side of my stomach not chest (roughly where be gallbladder was this pain is quite bearable but i know that within minutes I will get a crushing squeezing pain in the centre of my chest which radiates around my back but still mainly sticking to the right hand side of my body.
Avatar n tn Most domestic dogs don't live in those kinds of environments, and so TOO much fat in the diet only causes either obesity, heart problems, or pancreatitis. But eggs are very good food for dogs, in moderation. They contain many vitamins and minerals, and protein. I give them (boiled) to my dog. However, I think a couple of eggs, or even one egg a week at max., and no more. I think feeding puppy formula goes on till about 6 months old...? But I am not absolutely sure of that.
Avatar n tn So all I have to do is cut most of the fat from my diet and I’ll be just fine? My gallstones will magically stop causing me pain for the rest of my life? Whereas if I opt for surgery, I’ll be worse off than I was WITH the agonizing bouts of pain and I’ll never be able to live a normal, happy life without my precious gallbladder?
Avatar n tn Are you following a low fat diet? I know it may not change a lot of stuff, but it's worth a try. Also, have you tried anti-spasm meds or specific calcium channel blockers to try to 'break' the possible spasms? Or what about nitroglycerin? Are you on pain meds? If they're a narcotic med, they will raise the pressure in the ducts and can actually cause more pain. Inflammation where in the small intestine? Have you been checked for Crohn's or celiac?
Avatar f tn There are three types of SOD, and type III (lucky me, is what I have) shows no diagnostic changes and can only be confirmed by an endoscopic procedure called ERCP in which they go down the throat, through the stomach to both view, measure the pressure and potentially cut the SO muscle in an attempt to alleviate the SOD long term however, there are very risky side effects of developing anywere from acute to chronic Pancreatitis.
Avatar n tn Causes can include an ulcer, inflammation of the stomach and esophagus, GERD, or cancer. Other potential causes include gall bladder diseases or pancreatitis. You stated you are interested in non-invasive tests. I would suggest a liver panel, blood tests for H Pylori (a bacteria associated with ulcers and inflammation of the stomach), and amylase/lipase for the pancreas. For non-invasive imaging, an ultrasound can be performed to evaluate the gall bladder.
Avatar m tn I must add that I was hospitalized for 8 days with it, as it gave me a case of Pancreatitis. I have had several tests. MRCP, CT Scan, Ultra Sound, Scope down my throat (not ERCP) blood work. All come back showing that I do not have Pancreatitis anymore. YET..I still have the discomfort/pain. Not PAINFUL pain, just enough to make me uncomfortable. It lets me know it is there. The pain also is in my mid back. I am at a loss of who to go to and what to ask of the doctor anymore.
Avatar n tn (We thought) but obviously he is having allergy to something. We are doing the elimination diet now and have started with milk then egg and so on because his skin tests won't show what it is. If doc is saying he has an allergy to a food u should avoid it. Rather do that than to have your child in pain plus it could get worse and he could start having breathing issues or have scar tissue build up in throat like my son. Good luck and may your son get well.
518117 tn?1429279873 Namaste, Explanation of the issues (and sequence of events) surrounding the lawsuits that claim that the use of Seroquel, Zyprexa and Risperdal caused health problems such as pancreatitis and diabetes and stroke. Zyprexa, like Risperdal and Seroquel, has been associated with serious side effects in patients, especially those who have already been diagnosed with diabetes.
Avatar f tn This has naturally persisted, along with classical symptoms of increased water intake. To address his pancreatitis, he was placed on a low fat prescription GI diet (Royal Canin), which I have maintained, but I supplement with canned food (fat < 5%, protein 5-10%) and home cooked food (chicken/sweet potato/pumpkin/green beans/mixed vegetables/rice/flaxseed meal).