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Avatar m tn Canned pumpkin is a great home remedy, under many circumstances. I just don't know anything about pancreatitis in particular, and so I don't know if there is anything about pumpkin that could aggravate her condition. Unfortunately, the dog sounds very seriously ill, and if she were mine I would be ready to try any type of palliation that the vet did not regard as dangerous. I'm just loathe to tell you that any of these ideas won't hurt a dog with pancreatitis, because I don't know.
Avatar f tn My blood work has slight elevations but not enough to admit me i am frustrated and in pain and wouldn like a remedy i am sick all the time so that makes me unable to work i live in texas can anyone help me?
Avatar n tn Thats why I now how chronic pancreatitis. My advice is for you to adhear to a low fat diet, avoid all alcohol (including nyquil, o'douls, etc.) and avoid as much stress as possible. You will get through this. My first dr. told me thre was nothing wrong with me. This included when I was in the hospital the first time and my levels were elevated and the ct scan showed a "plump pancreas". He was a jerk and I quickley disposed of him.
Avatar n tn I pray to God that SOMEONE will work on a study for this disorder and come up with something other than the ERCP that causes ALMOST ALWAYS pancreatitis, stenting that ALMOST ALWAYS has to be redone over and over again, and then most of the time, at least from the people I have spoken to, they hurt more afterwards than they did before the procedure. I work for an oncologist who told me that if I could avoid the ERCP at all to try to because it usually makes matters worse.
Avatar f tn 3 weeks ago she starts vomiting yellow Liquid with hairballs, stopped eating, her breathing was very fast 40 bits per minutes, I gave her the hairball remedy for three days in a raw, and I took her to the vet they gave her IV line for three days ( after the CBC test they found that she has a beginning of the dehydration) after that they took the IV line and start giving her boiled chicken she start having diarrhea again.
Avatar f tn It *could* be an ulcer in the small intestine right after the stomach area.. Anyway with those symptoms my advice is to take fats out of your diet asap, and avoid oily foods (two things the gallbladder works real hard on) to give your gallbladder a break..I wouldn't lift or do any heavy exercising for a few days and then maybe drink some apple juice (some people say it's a good home remedy to flush out the liver/gallbladder) if all fails..
Avatar f tn Do you give your kitty hairball remedy regularly? what is his diet? have you tried changing to a good wet GRAIN FREE food? Does he have GAS? than it can be a digestive issue causing an upset tummy and for that there is a great probiotic/digestive enzyme,I don't know which one you tried but this is the best, it comes in powder form and need just a pinch in his food. I will give you a link to a very good one that is SAFE for cats...
1674610 tn?1317005820 Apparently the mass, since it was not related to pancreas, was not of any interest to the doc treating you for pancreatitis. Now, as to your abnormal results relating to metabolism, kidney and liver problems, they DID say they were not excessively abnormal. The starvation diet whilst you were in hospital before MRI is the standard sort of treatment for pancreatitis, and since your previous number was 480 and then went down to 89, that does indeed show improvement.
Avatar f tn It is indeed the immune system that's at fault here and there is no easy remedy. I would stick to the old diet (canned) for now and see how things go. Supplement with pure coconut oil or pure organic salmon oil (with a vitamin E cap) or natural honey - in rotation - and just a teaspoon dose of each ingredient. You should also add a little amount of cooked chopped green cabbage, which will help offset any stomach ulcers forming.
Avatar n tn Fats do not bother it all. This condition very, very slowly improved so I could diversify my diet a bit and could generally find something on the menu so I could eat out. But last week I got yet a sinus infection and my doctor encouraged me to try an oral antibiotic to see if I could tolerate it. I took 100 mg of liquid Omnicef and experienced exactly the same effects I had a year and half earlier.
Avatar n tn My cat ended up being diagnosed with pancreatitis and was switched to a diet for sensitive tummies. Also cats can have IBS just like people. If you think your cat has IBS or pancreatitis NEVER give furball medicine as that can lead to another attack. Good luck with your babies with and without fur.
537435 tn?1248715692 Many people can have gallbladder-like issues and all the tests can be normal, so it can be a difficult thing to try to track down. Have you considered following a very low fat diet to see if over time it will help? There is also another condition that could be underlying some of the gallbladder-like discomfort that some have. It's called SOD, sphincter of Oddi dysfunction and it's typically not uncovered until the gallbladder is taken out.
978118 tn?1248498865 ploryi might not be the problem and it could be just a full blown ulcer (caused usually by pain medication or some medication of somet type you could be taking..or pancreatitis if you've been drinking or going overboard on haven't been taking chronically any pain relievers have you?) So it still might not be gallbladder..if it isn't usually those blood tests for h. ploryi or the for sure test woule be an endoscope to find out what's going on in there.
Avatar f tn Evaluated for SOD in 2010 by dr who told me if I had ERCP I would get pancreatitis and die--scared us enough not to question. So from 2007 until 2010 the question of an ERCP was never raised to look for any source of pain. I feel like a lot of time passed spinning wheels waiting to see some specialist who had nothing to do or say about RUQ pain. Had CT and consult at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston where pain dr. now practices in 2011. CT there showed possible liver strictures.
Avatar m tn it is like a ticking time bomb, and if you happen to pass a gallstone and get pancreatitis (a common consequence of gallstones), that would endanger your baby even more. Your doctors need to balance the risks, and decide the order of things. People don't get 'black listed' for becoming tolerant to opioids-- they get 'black listed' for lying, doctor shopping, selling or trading meds, or faking symptoms. Just be open an honest with your doc, and you'll be fine.
Avatar f tn This has naturally persisted, along with classical symptoms of increased water intake. To address his pancreatitis, he was placed on a low fat prescription GI diet (Royal Canin), which I have maintained, but I supplement with canned food (fat < 5%, protein 5-10%) and home cooked food (chicken/sweet potato/pumpkin/green beans/mixed vegetables/rice/flaxseed meal).
Avatar f tn If you have pain under your right rib then there could be a liver infection, pancreatitis, or a gall bladder problem (ruled out by HIDA and ultrasound in your case). Get a liver function test, ultrasound or CT of abdomen (this is done), and pancreatic enzymes. It can also be due to acidity and duodenal ulcer. Take a late night snack. Raise head end of bed. Take Omeprazole empty stomach in morning and an antacid gel at bedtime. Refrain from smoking, alcohol, fuzzy drinks and spicy food.
Avatar f tn Went on a gluten free and alkalizing diet for 4 months - I got a little better. I tested my morning saliva for candida (other types fall into this test to, there are many). Saliva sunk, it should float as soon as you wake in the morning - I had that to. My cutting out sugar and gluten were helping this too as I tested every morning. Up to this point I was 80% better after 6 months. Stress - unless your a millionaire or someone else totally takes care of you, you have stress, not so easy to fix.
Avatar n tn hey calex, yeah my mother had an ultrasound which came back negative back in the day so they did remove it and they found "sand like" millions of them (or sludge) so even though imaging is negative there still *could be problems* One way to check is a HIDA scan checking for the ejection rate. Mine was like 12% and I had zero stones so I had mine removed (and still am having problems..
140029 tn?1393301742 scheduled for a Hida scan on the 1st but after second opinion (examination) i was told propably not gb, i'm waiting for my enzyme blood test for pancreatitis results and are taking 2 teaspoons of fiber daily. ER room said IBS but I used to be a runner, no smoke/drinker any ideas??
1916673 tn?1420236870 If overweight, then gaining weight is not a good thing, as it will adversely affect the pancreatitis. It's curious that he's got pancreatitis if he's been on a low-fat diet for 3yrs. The blood result that points directly to it is the amylase, which has been consistently high on both blood results. I would raise this with your vet and please let me know what he suggests (cause, diagnosis and treatment/management advice).
Avatar n tn I have had some success treating myself for candidiasis by taking Primal Defense, good bacteria, and yeast fighters- all hearbs. Additionally, I have stayed on a high protein, low carb diet. As a result, almost normal bowel movements have returned. It seems that if I slip up and eat a high carb meal, I have trouble. The bloating still returns intermittently.
1716071 tn?1308806756 I do not think it is ALLERGIES as her diet/environment has not changed. I've seen her go hours and hours without licking her belly but then I'd come into my bedroom some afternoon and she's licking her belly and legs again. None of my other cats as of yet have begun to lick their fur off.
Avatar f tn I have tried every supplement and homeopathic remedy known to man to stop the stones from forming without any long-term success. The ursodial I take 600 mg 3 times per day slows it down a little, but doesn't really fix the problem. After having the ERCP I usually feel pretty goood for about 5 months then I start getting symptoms again and have to have it done again. There is no real explanation as to why it keeps happening. Now they are saying it must be genetic.
Avatar n tn He did mention that because I have no gallbladder, that perhaps excess bile is backing up into my stomach. Does anyone else know what I am going through? Is there a speical diet I should consider to help myself?
Avatar n tn In addition, considering adding some decent probiotics to your diet every day. They're the 'decent' bacteria that should be in your GI tract but may not be due to illness or medications. I'm not sure what brands you have in your country, but if you can get something like Culturelle, it may be of help.
Avatar f tn 1. Have a LOW-PROTEIN diet trial. Exclude as much proteins as you can from the diet for at least 3-4 days, and see if gas will improve or at least the smell will go away. 2. Have a LOW-FAT diet trial. Exclude all fats: meat, all dairy products, egg yolk, olives, oil, and nuts for 3-4 days. 2. Have LOW-FIBER diet trial. No fruits, vegetables, bread and other cereals at all for 3-4 days. Have one diet trial at the time. This may help in diagnosis.
Avatar n tn Only lactose appeared to be positive but I tried a diet with no milk at all and didn't help. I also tried to keep a pencil between my teeth for several days in case I was swallowing air unconsciently. Some doctors thought it was aerophagia, others GERD, dispepsya, IBS, psicological or stress, wrong diet, etc. I was prescribed Omepradex PPI but it didnt help. I never experienced heartburn before, however when I tried to stop taking that drug I had unstandable levels of acidity and heartburn.
Avatar f tn I found that a diet with plenty of fibre helped (pulverised fruit, vegetables, wholemeal bread and blend organic bran into the fruit + veg and also into yoghurt). This will help make your motions more muddy/sludgy. Your motions may be more corrosive so, in order to avoid anal soreness, ensure that the last "toilet paper wipe" is done with soapy water. Take mild baby wipes when you are away from home.