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Avatar n tn As for as the rest of what I've written is concerned, please delete at will if you are offended. If, on the other hand, you're interested in a national health plan that would take care of everyone in this country, rich or poor, PLEASE write your representatives, and also vote appropriately.
Avatar n tn the steroid drops worked instantly and my eyes are getting better, but i have floaters which are annoying, was told by the eye MD he could see them and my brain will get used to them soon. i'm thinking of going private as NHS in the UK is all about budget and saving, So hopfully soon thats my next step. so i could be looking to do the following tests: 1 doppler for the carotid artery check up 2 potassium test 3 scans such as ct or mri of the back and neck?
249558 tn?1195540800 ) egg beaters reduced fat cheese air-popped corn with diet butter spray diet bread fat-free hot dogs diet deli meat For breakfast, I have an eggbeater, cheese and diet bread sandwich. Lunch and dinner fat free hotdogs or a half plate of the family dinner. I keep the hot dogs interesting by adding new and tasty condiments like flavored mustard veggies. After a week of being "good", I treated myself to Sunday brunch- eating all their eggbeaters, fruit and one pastry.
Avatar n tn Initially recovery went ok, and by the 4th day i was feeling well enough to do things outside. I kept to a mild soft diet of toast, scrambled eggs, yogurt, crackers, and the cottage cheese primarily. 2 days ago, my symptoms started to worsen. I had been on hydrocodone for the pain right after the surgery, but weaned myself off that a couple of days ago. My real problem and questions are twofold: 1) i am having severe panic attacks and anxiety.
Avatar n tn 3 years ago I lost a dramatic amount of weight, 75-80 lbs in 7 mths on the Atkins Diet. With that diet not focusing much on fat, we had thought that I destroyed my gall bladder in turn. Plumenting from being over 185 lbs to around 110 was a big thing and though I was happy to shed the pounds, I don't know what this has cost me in the long run. Since this problem began again a few months ago, I have lost a few more lbs because it is hard for me to eat at times as I get that pain very bad.
Avatar n tn - the pain may go to my back (left side mainly) or to be close to my left shoulder - in last 2 months the pain is more intense - I wake up during the night several times - my stool is loose and a little bit yellow. I am mostly on vegeteranian diet, but when I eat meat the stool floats. I rather tend to have constipation, but anyway the stool is loose.
Avatar n tn I'm 16 and have a stupidly poor diet, due to the fact i don't like most foods, i live off bread, cheese and chrisps. I've never been bulemic but recently i've been throwing up every day quite a few time, all i eat comes out and then bile comes up, its not fun. I'm not pregnant and when i was younger i never really threw up, im a smoker but now if im not careful i throw up from taking a drag.
Avatar f tn Nothing worked. I am a big sissy with the idea of surgery and so I just came up with this plan. I am about 2 weeks into it and feel about 80-90% better. I am not all the way there but it is a major improvement. The nitro-bid helps alot with the post BM spasm. Hope this helps.
940391 tn?1255758976 I actually think to sit and wait the 2 months to have a new scan is just gutt rentching, the anxiety! When do they plan to do another scan on you? If I understand correctly they do the second scan 2-3 months after the first and then double that time to a 6 month and then 12 month and then a 2 year. This is if all is clear, and nothing to worry about. I haven't seen a post on here from you for awhile so if you have any new information I would be interested.