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902019 tn?1249865014 The other thing you may want to ask about is a comment I saw on the Mayo Clinic site that said that Imuran can cause or contribute to Pancreatitis. I'd love to know what he/she says on both counts.
Avatar n tn It often gets worse as time goes by. Don't fool around with local doctors! Go to a GI clinic, like Mayo, in Florida, Shands at Univ. of Fl is good, etc. My wife spent 9 months with local GI doctors and was diagnosed with everything from Pelvic floor dysfunction to IBS and more. NONE WERE CORRECT. Search the web for Chronic Pancreatitis and read up on it. It hits more males than female and often in the 40's age range.
Avatar f tn I can't hardly stay up. Go out an enjoy a drink with my family and friends. I feel like I have to plan my life around my pain. When my pain attacks happen it is a similar feeling to the gallbladder attacks I had before getting it removed. It is very intense in my chest and right side. Also my belly is sunken in where my gallbladder would be since I had it removed-I haven't been able to find anything about that. My GI doctor said he hadn't seen anything like that before.
Avatar n tn Then she kind of caught herself and said there is no doctor in Las Vegas,that will do the tests that need to be done, so she is refering him to the mayo clinic in Arizona. I want to say a big thank you to you guys, without being tipped off about this condition and without you guys sharing your stories, I would have never known about this condition and would have never brought it up to his doc. So again, thank you sooo much!!!
Avatar n tn Also, I read somewhere once that sometimes when the blood needs to reduce it's volume, that excessive urination will follow. I like the Mayo Clinic website, and sometimes WebMD, but failing that, I just google things and see what turns up more than a few times.
Avatar f tn The other option I would respectfully suggest is a consultation with Mayo Clinic in either Minnesota or Jacksonville. If I had an intractable problem, as your father does, this would certainly be worth considering You could call them, and see if they have a specialist(s) in this field, which I would think they do, as they are a renowned world class medical facility. MD Anderson in Houston is also a top hospital, as is the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio.
Avatar f tn So we watch football that Sunday, and Monday night I leave and plan to be back over the following Saturday. He seemed in good spirits other than the strict diet he was on but it was an amazing visit and we really bonded and spent the whole weekend laughing and joking. I was going to surprise him with a new TV that weekend because we were joking how small his TV was and he would be bed ridden for atleast a couple or more weeks.
Avatar f tn Frisca L. Yan-Go, M.D.
Avatar m tn S, and active in NY Presbyterian Medical Center), as well as places like the Mayo Clinic. (personally, when it comes to pain management, I have to recommend one hold the mayo). There are dozens more. These hospitals use a team approach to treatment. Let your fingers do the walking for a local university teaching hospital.Message me privately and I can probably recommend someone relatively close to you. Remember, most doctors have the self image of a quivering bowl of jello, so go easy on them.
Avatar n tn One day I was at home and felt like I could not breathe. My parents took me to the clinic. The doctor and nurse checked my oxygen level and blood pressure. It looked normal. They also took an x-ray of my chest and an EKG. It all came back normal. I told the Dr. about the taste and smell of gas I had coming out of my mouth. I told them that I thought it might be carbon monoxide. He decided to do a blood test to see if it was a possibility.
10805050 tn?1420939120 No. Mayo Clinic ordered it thru their transplant center and the declined and by the next day they overturned it.
Avatar n tn the direction will request for the metabolic panel, will have to see what i can do about the carotid arteries ultrasound CT or MRI scan of your neck and back may go abroad soon to get for private treatement, one more odd symptom i do get is, i can't tolerate heat, gives me breathing and panic attacks, but i think you have put me on the right direction as during the initial begining symptoms my right side of my head was heavy behind my right jaw for many days, And i did have chelostrol check
233616 tn?1312790796 Too much zealotry going on. My cousin is a researcher and endocrinologist, head hunted by the Mayo Clinic, and director of a Metabolic Syndrome clinic. He doesn't see the world through the one lens of Insulin Religion. In fact, he's not very happy with Metformin. He'd roll his eyes to hear our Metformin converts. Perhaps his gold medal at medical school was a sham or at least some of our members might say so.
Avatar n tn been on a low-fat and bland diet for over one month (no ground beef, nothing fried, no oil, no mayo, no cream sauces, no butter, etc.). I still have symptoms daily and am always uncomfortable with belching, whether I have had a bland meal or even a glass of water. Symptoms last for hours on end. The newest symptom is diarrhea after meals, sometimes, when I have not even yet finished eating. I am really hoping that surgery is the answer and that we will not have to search for another cause.
Avatar n tn 3 years ago I lost a dramatic amount of weight, 75-80 lbs in 7 mths on the Atkins Diet. With that diet not focusing much on fat, we had thought that I destroyed my gall bladder in turn. Plumenting from being over 185 lbs to around 110 was a big thing and though I was happy to shed the pounds, I don't know what this has cost me in the long run. Since this problem began again a few months ago, I have lost a few more lbs because it is hard for me to eat at times as I get that pain very bad.
Avatar m tn The drs didn't say it was impossible, I'm saying it's almost impossible to get them to see why I am still in pain. First it was "it takes time to heal" and now it's "we aren't seeing anything - maybe you are constipated" (??), however they hadn't really tested for anything either. I just had an MRCP on Saturday and I await the results. If 50% get better, then 50% get worse.
Avatar n tn Check at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN. They are doing research and tests there dealing with gastroparesis and are using different meds for this. Last I heard about Domperidone it was not all it was supposed to be.
Avatar n tn It is diagnosed by a scope down the pipe. There are complications with this procedure (~25% get pancreatitis). You might want to ask your doc about this possibility.
Avatar f tn I've been to three GI's including one at the Mayo clinic plus an allergist. After multiple test no of them could explain why my tolerance to alcohol had changed. I had to stop drinking all together for 9 months to get my stomach back to normal, I can now handle 3-4 drinks on a special occasion about every 60 days with. If I try to push it, my stomach pays for the next week.
Avatar n tn 6 yrs later im in no better position. However, im on a waiting list to get into the famous Mayo Clinic. Finally someone has taken an interest in my case. Doctors r stumped. Most want to say i have internal shingles.or post shingles nerve pain. I've never had a rash or blisters or anything other than the burning skin and very sunburn like sensitivity and stabbing nerve pain in the muscles around my waist. Im praying for all of you. Good luck and will post again after Mayo.
174267 tn?1220408828 I thought all of you laying in there in the hospital bed waitng for an operating room to come free. I plan to take care of myself and get better then hopefully try again some time later this year. Nicki good luck with the ultrasound today. Everything will be fine. Hugs to all of you, thanks for being there for me.
Avatar n tn then I was like a normal lately I have been on that weight loss diet where you eat alot of fat.all of the sudden my stomach feels burnt.the reflux is comming up allthough when it does it doesnt burn but it is like regurgitating.I know it is comming up .where as before it was pure acid.I have decided I must get back to very low fat meals and smaller even if you take prilosec you still have to watch what you put in that stomach.I hope it doesnt take long to heal this time.
522415 tn?1242941355 3 I asked him if he read my chart i go to pain clinic in my town for inj. And lastly he beleaves fibro can be treated by diet and exersise ( I of course got smart and said if i wasnt in so much pain i might exersise urghh). I know with all the obstacles we fibro. people suffer or daily pain, the dilema to many pills or not enough or even wich one. incompatant DRs (good exp. in just a min.). Also the stero-type that we are just complainers. We have to stick strong to our belifes and values!!
Avatar n tn I get dizzy at the most inopportune time, and also get very sleepy when I'm reading, and when I finish reading, my vision is very blurry. Could this possibly be dehydration, and poor diet, or are we all just waking up to the fact that this is how it will be for the rest of our lives? I don't like it one bit. I also hear a "whining" sound in my left (and sometimes right) ear. Go to: http://www.****.*** to listen to the sound I hear all the time...
Avatar n tn Actually there were times that I prayed to die, because I had no quality of life. Couldn't plan anything, because I never knew if it would be a good day or bad day. If you want to e-mail me personally, my web address is ***@****. Let me know how you do!
Avatar n tn Drinking 55 oz of water before one brushes one's teeth, and then no food or beverages for one hour, will begin to heal over 30 diseases. A diet of fresh raw fruits and vegetables will also provide that needed diet of 80% alkaline raw foods needed to allow the body to heal from the inside out. Essential oils is another form to encourage the body to self heal.
Avatar n tn Even using them, I cannot get a full restful sleep. I do try to get a total of 8+ hours sleep, however fitful it may be. My diet is exceptional - very little processed foods, NEVER any fast foods, and a very balanced diet of fruits,vegetables, simple and complex carbs, protein and fats Liquids I drink water, herbal teas and the occasional black tea or "chai". No coffee. I exercise very regularly with both weghts and cardio.
Avatar n tn You could be experiencing mild pancreatitis. Alcohol abuse by itself can cause this, and stress will only aggravate the condition. Talk to your Dr.
Avatar n tn If it brings on the symptoms, you've probably found the cause. If not, add something else into your diet to test for that. But also, if you haven't already, do get some medical advice to rule out the nasties. The odds are very much that it's not anything really scary, but you definitely should check to make sure. My doctor told me that approx 25% of people have IBS. Wishing you well.