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Avatar n tn Very good recovery given that you avoid any alcohol intake, that includes mouthwash and nyquil. Also a low fat high carb diet is the best for this disease.
Avatar n tn I am on a low fat diet. 25 grams of fat a day or less. I know that I am having attacks almost everyday, but not big enough to go to the hospital. I am waiting in fear everynight, thatthe next big attack is coming. I am at the point right now, that I am almost wishing it to come, so that it is over with and I don't have to worry about it again. All I know is that there is no cure for this. I would be glad to answer any questions you might have.
Avatar n tn Did they say anything about the pancreatic duct? Are you following a low fat diet and taking pancreatic enzymes? And have you been checked for autoimmune pancreatitis?
Avatar n tn Low fat diet that is best for dogs is anything less than 6% fat. Canned food has the lowest percent of fat. Wellness Simple (salmon, not lamb) and Wellness Stews are what I feed my dog with pancreatitis. He has chronic smoldering pancreatitis and is 15 1/2 years old. He is a terrier mix but it's obvious there is schnauzer mixed in his bloodline. His lipase level was >6000 today but renal function is normal except BUN a tiny bit above normal. Creatinine was 1.7 (high end of normal).
Avatar f tn People with CP often end up taking digestive enzymes to help digest food and they often are advised to eat very low fat and avoid alcohol and smoking. You can have flares of acute pancreatitis so always go to er if you feel it coming on.
793908 tn?1294708709 And it's fantastic that her appetite is good too. I'm sure a little tiny bit of low-fat or fat free (?)cream cheese will be ok.ANYTHING to get the pills down her! Surely that very small amount of fat will be ok.But I wouldn't give her any more dairy after that. My dog's easy with pills. I wrap the pill in a little wholemeal bread, a tiny piece, and hold a second piece where she can see that. The first piece gets swallowed whole! then I give her the second piece.
Avatar n tn I have been on a very low-fat diet for 4 weeks after a diagnosis of actue pancreatitis. I had very ill for 5 months, including five hospitalizations, prior to the diagnosis. I am now taking Pengestyme, 4 capsules, three times a day (before each meal). Since starting the diet, my normal bowel movements have changed.
Avatar m tn , while keeping him on a low fat diet for his pancreatitis. Dog is a senior, male, bishon frise; please do not recommend a homemade diet I like my dog is old with very poor vision so it is not safe for me to cook. Desperately in need of help. Veterinarians in my area charge high fees to talk to nutrition consultants who will only talk to a vet, and will even charge high fees to talk to free dog food company consultants.
Avatar f tn It can both be triggered and made significantly worse by high fat content in the diet, which you probably know by now. The best approach is therefore to keep fats to a minimum, at least until the pancreatitis has been resolved, after which time you can re-introduce small amounts of fat - keeping a watch on blood levels to see if it flares up again. In the meantime, dogs still need energy from useful nutrition, so fats should be replaced with carbohydrates.
Avatar m tn And since he's just had his GB out, he shoudl be following a low fat diet. In many individuals, they can have problems digesting fats due to a lack of bile release 'regulation.' It can cause a variety of symptoms. It can take awhile for a person's system to adjust and following a low fat diet can help in some cases.
1300834 tn?1273126954 You may have to do quite a bit of experimentation with diet before you land on an effective solution. Chronic pancreatitis can be managed with strict attention to low fat intake, but it's always possible for an acute attack to rear its ugly head with no warning. That's simply the nature of a twitchy pancreas. Once a dog (or human for that matter) has an acute episode, it's likely to happen again at some point - even years later.
Avatar n tn I posted couple of weeks ago . I went to the Er on 3-11 & was admitted for 4 days for pancreatits with mildly elevated Lipase (28) & a -sudden- severe pain in upper right quadrant(close to breastbone) that went straight thru to the back that was excruciating after eating that night. I also have ongoing pain in my back and a 'shooting & spasiming pain ' thats tolerable for now directly in my left ribs.
Avatar f tn It is important to remember that no treatment will help relieve your pain if you drink alcohol. A diet low in fat is necessary and sometimes it is easier for the patient to eat more frequently in much smaller portions. The doctor may recommend surgery to relieve abdominal pain, to restore drainage of pancreatic secretions, or to reduce the frequency of attacks.
Avatar n tn He is now on a special low-fat diet that only can be bought through a vet and will remain on it forever. Please be sure to keep all fatty foods away. It's been 4 months now and he's back to his normal self. Just keep in mind that if he started vomiting again to get to the vets ASAP.
Avatar n tn In July of 2011 I became very sick. "Out of it", lethargic, sterrorhea, and one particular episode where I had an electric shock feeling in my mid abdemon for several seconds. After this moment, I felt horrible with moderate left side discomfort and generally feeling like I had the flu. Having an MRI which didn't reveal anything significant, I later went for EUS. Doctor indicated CP and life began with Creon. I have taken max levels of Creon 24K x 8/meal and sterrorhea remains.
Avatar n tn Now we have started an enzyme and antioxidant regimen and a very low fat diet (25-30 grams/day) She seems to be responding positively.
Avatar n tn com online has many good recipes for strict low-fat cooking. I have had acute pancreatitis attacks, and now have chronic pancreatitis and have to maintain a diet with less than 20 grams of fat daily. I take enzymes so I can eat, and to help maintain the pain caused by eating. I have found those enzymes prescribed by a GI to be better than those found in health food stores though, as they are higher in amounts of lipase than anything that can be sold over the counter, thus more effective.
Avatar f tn Once again, he has started chewing his leg and his fur is becoming coarse again and starting to fall out. Any idea what might be causing this? Is it not enough fat in his diet now? Are there any supplements that we can give him that can be a measured amount to prevent pancreatitis and give him the fat he needs? His normal seasonal allergy time period is February - April and we think it is from the oak trees in Florida. Or is there something else that may be causing this.
Avatar f tn I want my husband healthy again and the doctors i feel are passing him around he has been in 3 differant ones in the past month and a half at one week admitence at a time! I don't know what to do ?
611067 tn?1458595083 Basically, it's a low-fat, low-sugar diet with complex carbs. On Friday night, I ate a sandwich with lean turkey, low-fat cream cheese and avocado. It was awesome and did not bother my stomach. I was told to keep the fat down 30 grams a day only. Saturday, I tried to eat dinner, but it hurt my stomach and so I stuck with SF/FF Jello instead and a Soy Protein drink. Last night I had a Soy Protein drink and a small sweet potato. I had no trouble. I'm gaining more energy from the food.
155056 tn?1333642288 I too, was diagnosed with Pancreatits, and have high liver enzymes, my stomach was basically swollen shut. I was taken to the ER, given demerol for the severe pain, and was hospitalized for 6 days - being watched closely eating ice chips and water (one tablespoon) every few hours.. I was told I was dying, so scary... Here is a book I found online that might help witht he diet issue: From what I understand a "low" fat diet is key. Keep me posted. (click below) http://www.
1264088 tn?1279484422 I have been told the whole thing about low fat diet and pain management. I eat very little fat, even the idea of it makes me sick to my stomach. Being on the pancrease helps with the digestive issues alot, but there are still days where the upper digestive system is in slow down and the lower is in fast forward. I stay away from the ER, because anytime I have been hospitalized it has been only for pain management and no one wants to take on my case.
Avatar n tn I still have pain, but much of my problems are controlled by a low fat diet, enzyme supplements with meals and snacks, antioxidants and vitamins, and class II narcotics when my pain episodes are unmanageable. I've pasted some information from a research source below for you to review. Feel free to post again if you have any more questions. What are the symptoms of chronic pancreatitis? The symptoms are very variable. Pain occurs in most patients at some stage of the disease.
1985662 tn?1327527494 Pain medications, limiting pancreas activity through stopping food or fluid by mouth. Drinking plenty of liquids and eating a low-fat diet as well as eating small, frequent meals may help. Limiting caffeine and avoiding alcohol may also be done. Pain medicines or a surgical nerve block to relieve pain may be indicated. If the prescribed medications are not helping, it is best that you check with your doctor for proper evaluation. Take care an do keep us posted.
Avatar n tn All you can do is treat the pain and nausea, avoid all alcohol, and really cut down on fat in your diet. As you've already discovered, pancreatitis is an extremely difficult disease to treat. You'll need to keep up with your gastro doc. Probably add on a pain management doc. And definitely consider seeing a pain psychologist so you can learn how to live with pain on a long-term basis without constantly having to increase narcotics. That's about it. I'm really sorry this has happened.
Avatar m tn I am not quite sure what that type of diet entails but I am willing to listen to all ideas and/or explainations for a diabetic do diet. Like I said earlier, her vet doesn't have any ideas other then the Low Residue rx foods because Sweety has a very sensitive stomach. Or the old stand by of boiled white meat only chicken and veggies such as broccoli or green beans, she hates green beans! I know that she is getting very bored with this food day in and day out but.....
Avatar n tn The treatment for chronic pancreatitis is pain meds enzymie replacement Iam on creon 20 and diet, Low fat high fiber. Part of my job is as a corrier driver and it is elegal to drive while taking pain meds. that can I do prove my case to insurance claims. I am not asking for the noon just that I be put on short term disablity and TRW when I have these attacks and have to take pain meds.
1453931 tn?1285188953 I've been on steroids to rule out autoimmune, taken pancreatic enzymes, low fat diet but I still keep getting pancreatic episodes - throwing up and in severe pain. My GI doctors think it is not that big of a deal but this whole thing is taking over my life. I have missed work because of the excruciating pain that would lasts for two days. It is really frustrating not knowing the cause of the disease is and majority of the treatment options do not apply to me yet.
Avatar n tn Hospitalized about 5 times and treated at home (no food, water and bed rest) when first signs of small pain starts. He has been on creon, nexium and a low- to no-fat diet since the beginning and recently on St. John's Wort for depression which is working very well. His attacks are comming more closely now. The main questions my husband and I have are: 1.What kind of pancreatitis is recur. idio. panc.? is this an acute kind? 2.
Avatar n tn I don't know if this is pancreatitis or not. They just told my to be on a low fat diet but I don't know if I should eat at all. I have to take tagament all day long for acid I never had until gallbladder surgery. Can anyone help me.