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719251 tn?1230344505 Anna, they probably should have given her a diet to follow and some enzymes to take. Is she following the diet and using the enzymes? Those could be two of the important things to do. This will be a very hard thing to treat since it's due to alcohol, so she's going to have to do her part. And I know it's hard for you to watch, but her whole body is depleted and it's going to take a long while to reverse that.
Avatar n tn Did they say anything about the pancreatic duct? Are you following a low fat diet and taking pancreatic enzymes? And have you been checked for autoimmune pancreatitis?
Avatar f tn She thought she had the flu for over two weeks, she went to the ER and was admitted for acute pancreatitis. She stayed in the hospital for 2 weeks. Ellie is a vegan so her diet was optimal to start with. After a month or two things settled back into normal and then she had another episode in October/11. Scans and tests do not reveal any stones or blocked ducts but 1/3 of her pancreas is necrotic. She was a healthy 25 yr old that by her own admission did drink beer and or wine but not to excess.
Avatar n tn I can't help you with your questions about SOD, but can answer any questions you may have about enzyme supplements. I have chronic pancreatitis and have been taking enzymes since July to help me digest food, not have pain with eating, and to gain weight. They have been very helpful for me and I am able to eat a lot fat diet with few problems, and have gained some of my weight back. If you wish me to answer any more specific questions, please feel free to post again.
Avatar n tn We have wonderful success with the canine Pancreatitis patients in our veterinary clinic using a few natural therapies with a home made natural diet. Take the burden off your dogs pancreas with full spectrum digestive enzymes. Re-balance your dogs digestive system with probiotics. Consider a bland home made diet such as chicken, rice and peas. If you would like to follow up on this in detail with me, that would be fine.
Avatar n tn The only way to rest the pancreas is to not eat and require it to produce digestive enzymes. If your vet didn't fully explain pancreatitis to you, in a nutshell it means that the organ is digesting itself because the digestive enzymes it produces can't flow to the small intestine. As it becomes more and more swollen and inflamed, it can put pressure on the bile duct and then prevent bile from the liver from going to the small intestine. That results in jaundice and eventual liver failure.
Avatar f tn That can only be done in the hospital. I had pancreatitis and was hospitalized for 8 days before the enzymes were low enough for me to leave. They did stay just above normal for two more weeks. Perhaps your enzyme level isn't high enough to require treatment yet. I would keep up on this and see your doctor again soon if the pain continues.
Avatar m tn If you think it's mild pancratitis, he should follow the same diet he did when he had pancreatitus in the past, and then slowly add back also using digestive enzymes to give his system some help. In autoimmune pancreatitis, once diagnosed the treatment is basically steroids/corticosteroids which can help. And since he's just had his GB out, he shoudl be following a low fat diet. In many individuals, they can have problems digesting fats due to a lack of bile release 'regulation.
Avatar n tn In July of 2011 I became very sick. "Out of it", lethargic, sterrorhea, and one particular episode where I had an electric shock feeling in my mid abdemon for several seconds. After this moment, I felt horrible with moderate left side discomfort and generally feeling like I had the flu. Having an MRI which didn't reveal anything significant, I later went for EUS. Doctor indicated CP and life began with Creon. I have taken max levels of Creon 24K x 8/meal and sterrorhea remains.
Avatar n tn And that is something to have checked especially if you have had 4 bouts of pancreatitis already. If you have Pancreatitis, it NEVER goes away once you have gone chronic. With 4 episodes under your belt, I would be surprised if you have not gone chronic yet. You titled this Severe Pancreatitis. It usually doesn't get to that stage without you being Chronic. The pancreas is an organ that DOES NOT rejuvinate itself. Once damaged it is damaged for life.
Avatar n tn A portion of her intestine was re-routed and attached to the psuedocyst to drain. She continued with severe pancreatitis and a month and a half later she uderwent another surgical procedure to open the pancreatic ducts to allow the fluid to flow. She had an amazing recovery and was eating and out of the hospital two weeks later. Now, one year later she is having another bout of pancreatitis and we are so scared.
Avatar n tn Yes, I have told the doctors about my drug/alcohol abuse. They have check for pancreatitis and my enzymes are normal. Great suggestion and thanks again for responding.
Avatar n tn If Digestive Enzymes products are so abundant know then how do we know which would help? Please share your experience ; I have found with diet, vitamins, Chronic symptoms of heartburn , stomach aches, wieght loss, due to lack of eating more and would like to understand why and how to heal . Have you had enzyme tests done ? Have you had a saliva or tongue test ? When other parts of our body start acting up as well, I as I am sure my doctors want it resolved.
Avatar n tn In 1994, when I was 34 yrs old, I was diagnosed at Duke University Med. with pancreatitis. Pancreatitic and liver enzymes were all above 3000's. Since then I have fought chronic pancreatitis on an almost daily basis. It was considered unknown causes. I don't smoke or drink alcohol or take illicit drugs. The only illness I had prior to that was endometriosis, and I had undergone a complete hysterectomy at the age of 22 because of that.
Avatar f tn In the last 2 months they have been severe which led me to the emergency room twice in one week. That's when they decided I had pancreatitis. Two days later the levels went down, but still dehydrated, diarria, vomiting which had my doctor suggest auto immune Hep Panel. Until you get your test results eat clear liquids, jello, broth. It will help with the pain and get a pain reliever if you can. My prayers are with you.
Avatar n tn I have had what my gastroenterologist calls mild pancreatitis several times in the last few years. What can I do to prevent the pancreatitis from re-occurring? Is there a specific diet? My doctor just says, "bed rest, lots of fluids, a light diet." I'm not sure what "a light diet" means. Since I already eat light (6 VERY small meals a day - due to my many intestinal surgeries), I don't know what more I can do.
155056 tn?1333642288 I too, was diagnosed with Pancreatits, and have high liver enzymes, my stomach was basically swollen shut. I was taken to the ER, given demerol for the severe pain, and was hospitalized for 6 days - being watched closely eating ice chips and water (one tablespoon) every few hours.. I was told I was dying, so scary... Here is a book I found online that might help witht he diet issue: From what I understand a "low" fat diet is key. Keep me posted. (click below) http://www.
Avatar f tn Unfortunately, until you can work with a doc to find out what can be done, there's little that an individual can do expect carefully watch their diet and perhaps take prescription enzymes to help digest the food they're able to eat.
Avatar n tn Many of my conditions are related to post-Graves Disease. Ten years ago I had my gallbladder out after an attack of acute pancreatitis. I subsequently developed chronic pancreatitis and was diagnosed with Sphincter of Oddi. Rather than have the invasive surgery I went on a strict, fresh chicken soup diet with supplements ordered by an Ayruvedic doctor. Within 2 years I was completely recovered and could eat anything.
Avatar m tn I suffered with pancreatitis for over a year and 15 ERCP's. My endo sent me to a specialist because no matter what my diet, I had pain more than not. I had a Whipple in May 2012. I recovered fast and my doc's were all impressed. In the last few months I have begun having pancreatitis no matter what i eat. I am so emotionally drained and feel like it was all for nothing. I am on cymbalta for the depression, but I just want to crawl under the covers and die.
Avatar m tn If all your labs (liver and pancreatic enzymes) are nornal, it would be very unusual for this to be pancreatitis. Typically the only time pancreatitis shows up and the enzymes levels show 'normal' levels is when someone progresses from acute to chronic pancreatitis. So if this hasn't been a condition that's happened several times in a couple of years, the chances of it being pancreatitis is low. All of the PPIs do not act the same nor do they have the same side-effects.
Avatar m tn Talk to your doc about diet and enzymes.
Avatar m tn It lists all of the conservative measures and the more advanced measures that can be taken when it's warranted. In most cases, pancreatitis will be treated with conservative measures - mostly diet and enzyme supplementation, and sometimes pain injections/nerve blocks. The problem with taking many of the pain meds by mouth is that it can make the pancratitis worse. so most docs typically stick to the 'lesser is better' school of thought.
1264088 tn?1279484422 CP is most often caused from drinking but other things can cause it such as Hereditary CP Cystic Fibrosis Chronic blockage of the pancreatic duct Injury Hyperlipidemia Hyperparathyroidism The enzymes help with the digestion of fat. They can help the pain in a few people but others they do not help. It is best if you stick with a very very low fat diet. You can also have bouts of acute CP so anytime you feel worse I would go to ER.
1985662 tn?1327527494 All they ever do is an ultrasound or ct scan but it all comes back normal except my lipase lvls.I do take digestive enzymes and they have helped.I take 20 ezymes a day..If I happen to miss a dose or like not take as many my pancrease becomes irratated.Like I said they rly dont help me there but say oh well we have seen lipase lvls in the 1000sor like 10 x higher than normal 600 to 866 being the highest.The pain is sometimes managable but mostly an irratating feeling.
Avatar n tn This was brought on by a diet change. Found out I had High cholesterol so began eating cheerios for breakfast with flax seed powder on it and walnuts with my lunch. Lots of salmon etc. This high oil (even though good oil) seemed to cause it. But never went away even after I stopped. 1 year ago after 6 hour car ride experienced severe diarrhea (went aproximately 30 times in a 24 hour period) after 2 days developed very bad abdominal pain along with the pain under rib cage. Has never gone away.
Avatar n tn Jodi, From what you have already explained, it does sound as though chronic pancreatitis may be your problem. I have CP and experienced many of the same symptoms before I was diagnosed. I still have pain, but much of my problems are controlled by a low fat diet, enzyme supplements with meals and snacks, antioxidants and vitamins, and class II narcotics when my pain episodes are unmanageable. I've pasted some information from a research source below for you to review.
1453931 tn?1285188953 I've been on steroids to rule out autoimmune, taken pancreatic enzymes, low fat diet but I still keep getting pancreatic episodes - throwing up and in severe pain. My GI doctors think it is not that big of a deal but this whole thing is taking over my life. I have missed work because of the excruciating pain that would lasts for two days. It is really frustrating not knowing the cause of the disease is and majority of the treatment options do not apply to me yet.
Avatar n tn Second, has anyone on here that has been diagnosed with any form of Pancreatitis taken any diet suppliments? I have Idiopathic Severe Chronic Pancreatitis. I want to lose some weight and excersizing alone is not doing it due to the meds I take.
Avatar n tn I know both Piper's pancreatic enzymes and liver enzymes counts were high, but we haven't had an ultrasound yet to know about swelling. The vet told us to keep checking her gums and the whites of her eyes for jaundice. Everything appears normal, including her happy attitude. I will say, it is difficult to check for yellowing of her gums as they are mostly black. It seems that the liver failure was caused by acute pancreatitis, which was in turn caused by the fatty summer sausages she got into.