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Avatar m tn then till 5 days she didnt had nothing only on IV fluids, when her Lipase n Amylase reports gets normal then they started very light home diet only. BUT we are still worried that how we can get completely cure for her so that nothing regarding that in future arises ?
Avatar m tn then till 5 days she didnt had nothing only on IV fluids, when her Lipase n Amylase reports gets normal then they started very light home diet only. BUT we are still worried that how we can get completely cure for her so that no reccurence should be there. Please Advice us.
902019 tn?1249865014 I was diagnosed 2 years ago with AIP, have a 25 year history of autoimmune disorders (eosinophilic vasculitis, mild Sjogren's). Usually have done well with prednisone for the various flare-ups but with AIP, still recurring symptoms and the elevated IgG4 periodically. Next step may be Imuran. Is there anyone out there who has had good results with Imuran for autoimmune pancreatitis?
Avatar f tn I was diagnosed in 2001 with Pancreatitis. Dr. did a couple of scopes (endo & gastro) I was put on 3 different meds. Domparadone, Buscopan, Rapabrazole (excuse the spelling, its very late) Also on a clear liquid diet for 2 months. Lost a lot of weight during this. Thought the problem was fixed. Then one day, BAM its back. Is there a cure, or is this another disease I just am going to have to "live" with? Any help is greatly appreciated.
Avatar m tn then till 5 days she didnt had nothing only on IV fluids, when her Lipase n Amylase reports gets normal then they started very light home diet only. BUT we are still worried that how we can get completely cure for her so that nothing regarding that in future arises ?
Avatar m tn You will get all the pancreatitis info. that you need. It is and scroll down to Pancreatitis Online Discussion Board & Support Group , click on that and then go to the right of your screen and click Join This Group! It is free and you will meet people that are going through the same thing. Actually it saved my daughter's life. She like you had alot of pain and they thought it was her gallbladder and removed it . She continued to go down hill. We found a dr.
Avatar n tn Specifically, DO NOT drink olive oil, and DO NOT consider the liver flush! These suggestions WILL NOT cure pancreatitis and could cause you more harm than good. Get your gastroenterologist to recommend the proper treatment for you as soon as you can. Good luck.
Avatar f tn No one disagrees that you can lose on a 500 cal diet with ow without HCG, but you have to look at the whole picture. How do you feel on the diet? Can you stick with the diet? Can you maintain your weight afterwards? 3 months ago, before I heard about HCG I attempted a 500 Calorie diet to reduce the affects of RA(Rhuematoid Arthritis). Actually I wanted to FAST because having been under a 14 day medically supervised fast (water only) 3 years ago, I knew what miraculous results I got.
Avatar n tn aI'm posting this under general gastroenterology instead of Pancreatitis because I don't want something to get missed because of a myopic approach. In 1994, when I was 34 yrs old, I was diagnosed at Duke University Med. with pancreatitis. Pancreatitic and liver enzymes were all above 3000's. Since then I have fought chronic pancreatitis on an almost daily basis. It was considered unknown causes. I don't smoke or drink alcohol or take illicit drugs.
Avatar n tn If this won't eliminate pancreatitis, what other recourse do I have? Diet? low fat - high carbohydrates? Thanks for your help.
Avatar n tn I think Erin GI PA forgot to put a "no" in front of the diet & medication....that there is no specific diet or medication to cure Hep A. I think the only thing you can do for it is rest! Good luck and better health to you!
Avatar n tn If by insufficient pancreas you are referring to insufficient pancreatic enzyme production, you may want to speak with your doctor about supplementation with pancreatic enzymes which will often lead to improved digestion, especially of fats. However, if your current symptoms are due to pancreatitis, your doc will probably suggest you start off with a liquid diet and then slowly transition to more solid food over time.
Avatar m tn or it could be pancreatitis.. if you've been drinking or hitting NSAD's really hard lately..the pain is pretty high with pancreatitis and you'd be doubled over..but not always. A blood test for pancreatitis can be used if you've been drinking a lot.. either way with an ulcer i'd avoid alchohol/tylenol/asprin like the plague. That'll kill your stomach.
Avatar f tn If your dog was only diagnosed with pancreatitis four days ago she shouldn't be on food yet. The treatment for pancreatitis is to keep the dog on IV fluids ONLY for one week so that the pancreas can have TOTAL rest and not have to produce enzymes to digest anything. If you try to rush this healing procedure you will not have a favorable outcome.
Avatar n tn If the clotting you were talking about IS disseminated intravascular coagulation, there is no cure for it, the only way to get rid of it is to cure whatever it is that started it, in this case, the pancreatitis. The fact that her pancreas has shrunk and her other levels are going down is a very good sign, but she still has a long way to go and will not be out of the woods, so to speak, for a while yet.
Avatar n tn About 25% of the folks who have this procedure get pancreatitis. I had a sphincterotomy on the pancreatic duct with stent and the bile duct. I had the procedure done at 2pm and at 6pm I walked to the parking garage of the University Hospital. I would like to tell you not to worry about it but I know that is silly. I hope thing go well for you. Let us know how things turn out. Good Luck!
Avatar n tn Alcohol can induce another attack. There is no cure for pancreatitis. The pancreas is not an organ that rejuvinates itself. So care of this organ is a must. Avoid stressful situations when possible too. Pain comes and goes in cycles. There will be tolerable pain times and times when the pain is bad, but not bad enough to send you back to the ER room. Good luck to your friend. This place is a great place to post questions and talk with other people that have this too.
Avatar n tn Purina doesn't make anything natural!!! IMO, Purina doesn't make anything considered FOOD! If this is Pancreatitis, it's dangerous/deadly, & he should be checked by his Vet......Shaking is a sign of pain, drooling is a sign of poison, so it must be intense for your guy! Any chance he could have gotten into something poisonous? If you are completely sure, then you must evaluate his food.....There are many Purina products making animals very, very ill or even worse.....
Avatar m tn It could be something as simple as a pulled muscle that will heal itself in a couple of days as long as she takes it easy or it could be something as serious as pancreatitis, a VERY painful condition that causes dogs to yipe out at the slightest touch or even NO touch. Since Tony basically outlined what would be involved in the event of a musculo-skeletal injury, I will elaborate a bit on the pancreatitis so that you can see what you might be facing should that be the diagnosis.
Avatar n tn i have been told by my doctor there is no rush to treat my hep c -however i tried a natural doctor and in fact she has helped me to lose weight by diet and get rid of gostones-but i am also taking milkthisle & selinium and now a formula herb-sho-saiko-to;xiaochaihutang-anyone out there heard of it?
Avatar n tn I live in the UK, and started having attacks of SEVERE pain, with all the obvious symptoms of acute pancreatitis. In addition, pancreatic abnormalities (insulin-dependant diabetes, pancreatitis etc) have run down the mother-daughter line for four generations. It took the doctors FIVE YEARS, and in the end, a suicide threat (desperate for someone to take me seriously) for them to diagnose acute pancreatitis. Ten years on, I stil have the attacks, they've settled to about two a year.
Avatar n tn They told me that I probably had acute pancreatitis, but never fully diagnosed me. Over this time, I've continued to have the pain, it starts in the upper part of my stomach and continues down through my bowels. I haven't had any regularity with my bowels since this all started. One day I'll be fine, the next it's very painful diarrhea. From the nutritional response testing, they found that I don't digest grains well, and that could be causing the problem.
Avatar n tn Dear Chad, In the United States, alcohol is a very frequent cause of pancreatitis. The alcohol alters the secretion of pancreatic juice which results in the inflammation recognized as pancreatitis. Unfortunately, there is no amount of alcohol that I can tell you is safe, i.e. will not cause subsequent attacks of pancreatitis. We know that there is individual sensitivity. This means that an amount of alcohol that may not cause me problems may cause you to have severe pancreatitis.
Avatar n tn Until you see the the GI physician, try to decrease the alcohol and watch your diet. I have a feeling your diet is probably not the best, but I could be wrong. :) Keep us posted.
1551828 tn?1294236346 This is a suggestion to help eliminate another possibility - gluten intolerance. Look up the gluten free diet on the computer and maybe give it a try. Stick to the diet for at least a month and see how you feel and if any symptoms subside. You have to make sure the vitamins and medications you take are also gluten free. Hope this helps.
Avatar n tn Hi, I was diagnosed at Stanford University in California. There is no cure for pancreatitis. The treatment for Chronic Pancreatitis is enzyme pills to aid in digestion. A low fat diet of 25 grams of fat or less a day. I have pain every single day. Some is worse than others. No alcohol at all. That includes nyquil that is 10% and yes, even o'doul's at .05%. Alcohol will trigger an attack. It may not be that night, but it will happen.
Avatar n tn A low-fat diet? Are you talking about a Pritikin-type diet? An Ornish diet? What about the Knopp study from 1997 (JAMA)? You can't discount those findings, can you? It was clearly demonstrated that despite education and support, the lowest-fat group could not tolerate the diet. As percentage of fat decreased below 30%, lipid profile risk factors worsened - in relation to the degree of lowering of dietary fat. How about glycemic load?
Avatar m tn There are a couple of procedures that I have been informed about, but I am not liking the odds of the other possible outcomes such as pancreatitis or more scar tissue leading to more attacks then I am already having (which is one a month at this time and has been for the last 7 months). It happens the same time every month but does not seem to coincide at all with my menstrual cycle. These attacks are so painful and exhausting.
Avatar n tn Thanks, Something for me to think about before surgery.