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Avatar f tn What on earth can a person eat if they have/had the following: hyperlipidemia (trigl = 27,000), diverticulitis (part of intenstine & stomach removed), pancreatitis (do not produce insulin), diabetes (take several hundred units of insulin daily), cholecystectomy (gallbladder was infected and full of stones), hysterectomy (endometriosis)?
Avatar f tn In my opinion the 500 Cal diet with HCG has so many benefits over doing the diet without HCG! (feeling of well-being, no hunger pangs, not miserable). In fact, I got some added benefits on the HCG diet. The swelling in my ankles, knees, and elbows went down drastically by the 3rd day on HCG. It didn't go down at all on the non-HCG diet and it took 10 days fasting before the swelling went down 3 yrs ago. Another benefit I experienced on HCG: I quit coughing.
Avatar m tn I no longer eat fatty, spicy or acidic foods, and I have cut alcohol and caffeine out of my diet completely. My current diet is now oatmeal for breakfast. Raisins, a turkey on wheat sandwich (no other toppings) and a pudding for lunch. For dinner I generally eat either brown rice or a plain baked potato, grilled chicken and zucchini. I have been on this diet for two weeks straight.
1264088 tn?1279484422 The gastro says that he can't diagnose me with chronic pancreatitis at this point because there isn't enough damage done to the pancrease, so I have "possible early chronic pancreatitis". How long has it taken most of you to get a chronic pancreatitis diagnosis? Has anyone found anything that can slow down the progression of this disease? I read where someone posted that taking enzymes left them with cravings for sweets and carbs, that has been so true for me.
Avatar n tn Jude is a female mini-dachshund, 5 years old, spayed, overweight at 15 lbs, down from 17. She is on a home diet of roast chicken breast, broccoli, carrot, brown rice and barley. Supplements are omega 3 fish oil, flaxseed oil, bone meal, and bran. It's always bothered me when someone would make her leg twitch (right rear) by petting her in the sensitive area. Of late I can't hardly pet her on the right side without making it twitch, and it's gotten worse.
Avatar n tn Dear Chad, In the United States, alcohol is a very frequent cause of pancreatitis. The alcohol alters the secretion of pancreatic juice which results in the inflammation recognized as pancreatitis. Unfortunately, there is no amount of alcohol that I can tell you is safe, i.e. will not cause subsequent attacks of pancreatitis. We know that there is individual sensitivity. This means that an amount of alcohol that may not cause me problems may cause you to have severe pancreatitis.
Avatar f tn I started tx with normal ranges of all cholesterol numbers. During tx they all became higher. I contributed that to all all the high fat foods I was eating. 4 weeks after tx my cholesterol numbers are back within normal range.
Avatar n tn The allergy medicine the vet gives me does not work, also he has had pancreatitis and for that reason they try not to give him any cortizone. Is this a common condition for this breed? Is there something I can do?
Avatar n tn Are you talking about a Pritikin-type diet? An Ornish diet? What about the Knopp study from 1997 (JAMA)? You can't discount those findings, can you? It was clearly demonstrated that despite education and support, the lowest-fat group could not tolerate the diet. As percentage of fat decreased below 30%, lipid profile risk factors worsened - in relation to the degree of lowering of dietary fat. How about glycemic load?
Avatar m tn What I've gathered is that most people are glad to have had it done rather than those who regreted it. Of course, no procedure is without risk. But by and large, the benefits far outweigh the risks! Also, don't be alarmed about reports of this procedure putting you at risk for colon cancer. If that was true, then there would have been a sharp increase in the incidence of colon cancer since 1988, the year the procedure became available. Rely on evidence-based practice.
469720 tn?1388149949 Treating High Blood Cholesterol When a patient without heart disease is first diagnosed with elevated blood cholesterol, doctors often prescribe a program of diet, exercise, and weight loss to bring levels down. National Cholesterol Education Program guidelines suggest at least a six-month program of reduced dietary saturated fat and cholesterol, together with physical activity and weight control, as the primary treatment before resorting to drug therapy.
1341894 tn?1276129380 I have no family history of diabetes, other than a step sister who was obese and is now under control with diet and exercise. I applied for benefits back in 2004. My endocrinologist wrote the report on my medical condition and listed me as a type 1 diabetic, so I was rejected.
Avatar n tn 1 ERCP confirmed divisum and sphincterotomy perfomed with stent to prevent pancreatitis. My diet since July is strictly soup, salad, and fruit and no alcohol. I began taking loestrin again Nov. 27. I have had various degrees of epigastric pain since the procedure varying from mild to somewhat severe, but not enough to make me check myself into the hospital. I still make it to work everyday. I am starting to get depressed of the constant pain. I don't know what else to do.
931217 tn?1283484935 Pet dogs and cats, however, are now living into their teens quite commonly. Diet is not the only reason for this, but it does not follow that eating raw meat is a positive factor. Most pet animals are not eating raw diets now and live long anyway. Their safer, indoor lives while eating consistent professionally designed commercial diets are one likely reason. That, and better health care than in decades past is another.
Avatar n tn I've been hospitalized twice in 3 wks, 5 days than 4 days now home dropping weight and in pain. I was diagnosed with severe chronic Pancreatitis, Duodenumitis, ulcers, gastritis and gastroparesis. When my GI said "you have a paralyzed stomach" I immediately asked "Can that be related to Chiari?" Of course his answer was no.
129961 tn?1189759434 My dogs eat canned 100% pumpkin with every meal and have for years. Pumpkin is great for their skin, coats and adds fiber to their diet.
Avatar n tn I also can recognize my face again in the mirror now, it was pretty swollen before, and I am taking back my usual weight without any diet. most your sx seem more from prednisone to me. probably, blood pressure can be the only one that's typical from imuran. your doctors should inform you about costs vs benefits of blood pressure meds in your case, and the possible risk in not taking them.
939964 tn?1288020624 The adverse effects of Lyrica are - dizziness, drowsiness ,visual disturbance (including blurred vision, diplopia), ataxia, dysarthria, tremor, lethargy, memory impairment, euphoria, constipation, dry mouth, peripheral edema, loss or decrease of libido, erectile dysfunction, weight gain , depression, confusion, agitation, hallucinations, myoclonus, hypoaesthesia, hyperaesthesia, hypomnesia, tachycardia, paramnesia, excessive salivation, sweating, flushing, rash, muscle cramp, myalgia, arthralgi
Avatar f tn When you are giving the history of pancreatic attack, I am assuming that he suffered from an attack of pancreatitis. Pancreatitis is often a trigger for development of diabetes mellitus. Right now, the fact is that you husban is a patient of poorly controlled diabetes mellitus. Please get his HbA1C done from a pathology lab and let me know. I also need his current fasting and post prandial blood sugar. For the time being please allow him to continue with the current medications.
Avatar f tn We've just had a period of 11 days and no vomiting and eating like a horse (but restricted intake by us). Low fat, low protein, easily digestible diet, i.e. white fish, rice, pasta, turkey mince - boring but seems to keep him OK. Occasionally porridge or weetabix cereal with low fat milk. Going to try him on probiotic yoghurt as we;ve been told it's good support for humans with liver problems. Anything else WE can give him to support him and which will encourage him to eat?
Avatar n tn I was on meds a few years ago Lopid but i was not following a diet and it did not seem to work. 2 months ago i had a cholesterol check and these are my results. TC=225 TRI=424 HDL=32 and i do not know the LDL because my Tri's were high. My cardio told me I need to cut out fast food and exerise more and change my diet I also take omega 3 now. So I have done all that I no longer eat fast food which is awsome but I have cheated slightly here and there.
Avatar n tn I would avoid diets like atkins as I think they are too extreme. The south beach diet and ornish diet are a bit more reasonable and dietician consult would probably help you. Please treat this problem will help you in the long term. Good luck and thanks for posting.
Avatar n tn a)m absence of risk factors for pancreatitis, b) atypical location of the pain [pancreatitis usually causes pain in the middle of the stomach between the ribs, and c) apparently normal CT scan. Common duct stones could also cause many of the symptoms of which you complain. Before you accept this pain as being a permanent fact, you should complete the workup to exclude treatable causes. Ask your doctor if he hasdone serum amylase and lipase levels.
Avatar m tn That that was a really helpful post, and insightful in linking both diet and posture to the pain. Another great example of the benefits of good diet! My only issue was that I wish you had identified it as "liver-area" pain rather than liver pain. I've read repeatedly that the liver itself doesn't have the right kind of nerve endings to sense pain, and they say that what we feel as liver pain is really coming from surrounding tissues or nearby organs.
Avatar m tn Has anyone found some ways to get relief and improvement from this illness besides good diet, talk therapy and exercise. This illness wastes so much timee, can't do much etc. Any suggestions.
Avatar n tn I have had some success treating myself for candidiasis by taking Primal Defense, good bacteria, and yeast fighters- all hearbs. Additionally, I have stayed on a high protein, low carb diet. As a result, almost normal bowel movements have returned. It seems that if I slip up and eat a high carb meal, I have trouble. The bloating still returns intermittently.
233616 tn?1312790796 my blood sugar is getting out of control again, independent of diet. -------------- I don't know how much effort you want to put into diet, but if you haven't already tried something as carb restrictive as "Phase I" of the South Beach diet, you might want to -- but be warned, it's pretty carb restrictive meaning for example, no bread, rice, or alcohol and limited fruit. If you google "South Beach Diet" you will get to the site and then check the Phase 1 food list.
Avatar f tn fish) High perspiration Medical drugs of all types, especially diuretics, digitalis Hypothyroidism Diabetes Pancreatitis Arteriosclerosis Kidney disease/failure Chronic pain Loud noises A high carbohydrate diet A low carbohydrate diet A low calorie diet A high calcium diet (especially too much milk) Hyperparathyroidism Malabsorption problems caused by chronic diarrhea or vomiting Fluoride High zinc levels Low potassium levels
Avatar f tn I have read raw food or making your dogs meals is better then prescription diet. What is your opinion/experience? I also usually work five days a week, so it would be hard but I read 3-4 small meals a day is better? What is your opinion/experience with azodyl and epakitin? What would you recommend? I thought about starting Oscar on the canine kidney health program by five leaf pet botanicals. Has anyone had a good experience with that?
Avatar m tn Finally, after suffering with this pain, I went to the er the next day and was admitted for acute pancreatitis. Needless to say, I don't advocate the use of Victoza. The only plus of using the medication was the weight loss, although, I'm not sure it was worth all the pain.