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Avatar n tn I am healthy and the only major illess that I ever had was pancreatitis,one time 4 years ago, which I was hospitalized for. The doctoras could never find any reason for it and I do not drink or do drugs.It got better on it's own and I have not been bothered with it since. 6 weeks ago I embarked on a high protein diet with very controlled carbohydrates. The carbohydrates could be eaten once a day, with protein and low carb vegetables twice a day, and not much snacking.
Avatar f tn We are not Vets on this site and can only offer suggestions by our own personal experience. first of all Royal Canin is not a good diet despite what any Vet tells you, it is full of carbs and grains that most cats cannot tolerate. my one cat Sami has dental issues he is on a wet food diet, he sees a dental specialist that INSISTED he be on royal canin to help with his tartar build up...
Avatar f tn I went brought him home.He has not ate anything she gave me a can of Prescription Diet food I/D Canine Gastrointestional Health.Siad he ate and like this ..he want even smell of it .He love's boiled chicken he would even taste it.I have paid out $500 in two day's.He's still no better want eat a bite of anything or drink.Vet said may have to bring him in for xray's another $300 plus whatever...Vet's gone for long Memorial weekend don't know what to do.Any advice would be appreciated.
Avatar n tn I have autoimmune pancreatitis and that is just about the same thing. I stuggle with a lot of things due to Lupus. I have taken Imuran.....and it worked very well. Remember that it is a chemo there are some side effects. Talk to your dr and see what he thinks. It will help you not to take so much prednisone. I took take that awful drug...but without it I might not be here. Stay strong!
1716071 tn?1308806756 I do not think it is ALLERGIES as her diet/environment has not changed. I've seen her go hours and hours without licking her belly but then I'd come into my bedroom some afternoon and she's licking her belly and legs again. None of my other cats as of yet have begun to lick their fur off.
Avatar f tn Seriously, what is wrong with me? Let's start with the basics: I'm a 23-year-old female, 5'10, 185 lbs. I am not particularly active but I eat a fairly healthy diet, I have lactose intolerance and a sensitivity to meat so I mainly eat vegetables, rice, etc. Don't really eat a lot of fried or fatty foods. I don't drink or smoke. I take Adderall (40 mgs/daily) for ADHD-PI (ADD) and was recently diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder and take Cymbalta for that.
Avatar f tn Have you researched and understand how important diet and light cardiovascular exercise can be. It can help you in many ways. Please feel welcome to post any questions you have along the way and myself and other members will be glad to share what we have learned. Welcome to MedHelp and I hope we can aid in getting you on the right track.
1099361 tn?1258665857 I then go back to the basics - hot bathes, OTC pain meds, stretches, chiropractor, etc. ANYTHING to alleviate the pain. I have an inversion table too - upside down for 5-7 minutes helps. I guess what I'm saying is - do whatever you need to do to help with the pain - EXCEPT take a Norco. I have found that if I spend a few minutes each day - devoted to my back - i.e.) floor work - stretches, sit ups, etc. It helps. Keep up the good work!
Avatar n tn In addition, considering adding some decent probiotics to your diet every day. They're the 'decent' bacteria that should be in your GI tract but may not be due to illness or medications. I'm not sure what brands you have in your country, but if you can get something like Culturelle, it may be of help.
233616 tn?1312790796 It has also cause me to become slightly diebetic, but it is borderline, so I control it with diet, healthy, so sugar, complex not simple carbs. small price for what has happened in the benefit dept.. could it cause your hep c to intensify. maybe. and I've no proof that it does or doesn't. what it does do is cause you to begin to heal better and make more antibodies to fight disease. It causes cell replication so that could mean more healthy liver tissue or more fibrosis.
Avatar n tn I had severe pain for three months till eventually i almost died it turned out I had severe acute pancreatitis caused by a gallstone blocking my pancreas. Have them test your amalays to rule this out.
Avatar n tn Every now and then, I suffered from huge sporadic weight gains despite no changes in diet or exercise regimen. By 32, I couldn't get pregnant, and my doctor found out I was in early menopause. My ovaries got an ultrasound, but didn't show cysts. My bladder was also checked and nothing was found. My blood test showed normal hormone levels, except for my FSH which was high.
Avatar n tn then I was like a normal lately I have been on that weight loss diet where you eat alot of fat.all of the sudden my stomach feels burnt.the reflux is comming up allthough when it does it doesnt burn but it is like regurgitating.I know it is comming up .where as before it was pure acid.I have decided I must get back to very low fat meals and smaller even if you take prilosec you still have to watch what you put in that stomach.I hope it doesnt take long to heal this time.
Avatar n tn Even using them, I cannot get a full restful sleep. I do try to get a total of 8+ hours sleep, however fitful it may be. My diet is exceptional - very little processed foods, NEVER any fast foods, and a very balanced diet of fruits,vegetables, simple and complex carbs, protein and fats Liquids I drink water, herbal teas and the occasional black tea or "chai". No coffee. I exercise very regularly with both weghts and cardio.
Avatar m tn We feed a high quality carb-free diet (Flint River Ranch Fish and Chips kibble mixed with Back To Basics organ meat kibble). I don't know if it helps dogs with seizures at all, but carb-free diets are recommended for children with epilepsy. I figure it can't hurt! We don't give him any rice, wheat, corn, etc., not even in his treats.
174267 tn?1220408828 My furbaby is doing ok - I had to take him yesterday for a plasma transfusion which is supposed to help the pancreatitis. He seems to be getting more energy back. I go back to the RE tomorrow so hopefully my lining is thinner and I can start the mock cycle. I really don't want to do the D&C. I told the acupuncturist to give me lots of herbs to make my lining thin! Take care all!!