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Avatar n tn The pancreas was moderately thickined with edematous pancreatitis with no evidence of hemorrhagic pancreatitis and no saponification. Blood work before surgery showed no elevations in any of the liver tests.High triglycerides (254) and normal cholesteral (181) were noted. Currently 45 years old and has visited doctors quite a few times over the last ten years with complaints of fatigue and inability to return to robust health enjoyed prior to surgey.
Avatar n tn As I've been reading through various studies and online forums, I've come across some results which seem to indicate that diet may have some impact on the condition, particularly FODMAPs. In some studies on children, FODMAP restricted diets improved symptoms in over 80% of cases.
Avatar f tn I knew I couldn't really tolerate alcohol to drink. I made some wine chicken (coq au vin) and was sick for a week. I felt like I had the flu with the body aches and the stomach pain and the whole nine yards. So, be really careful if you are eating foods that have been cooked with any kind of beer, wine or spirits, because the sulfite content will be more concentrated. You could have a bad reaction to the food, even though there isn't really much alcohol left in the food.
1358341 tn?1282213443 when did you change from the Renal Canin special diet to Science Diet???? Did the diarrhea start after the change??? I'm sorry I really have to disagree with your Vet......from everything I read, Dry food is an absolute NO NO for CRF cats...I can't understand why Your Vet tells you otherwise??
Avatar m tn As far as food, the vet told me to keep him on his normal diet cause if he overeats he will then become overweight. He was really hungry for about a month and a half but I think he is pretty much used to the medicine now. I wish you and your doggie all the best.