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Avatar n tn Ive been sick since 2004,at first the doctors were saying it was chronic pancreatitis,then they were saying it wasnt,what do you think it could be...
Avatar f tn pregnant again) and after four days of intense stomach pain, not eating and diarrhea I took myself to a different hospital E.R. (not my insurer). From their CT scan I was told I had pancreatitis, lipids and amylase where also high. I followed up with my insurance provider's GI specialist and an ultrasound, they were unable to provide me with any diagnosis..
Avatar n tn Stool that floats is what is considered greasy stool, this is often a sign of malnutrition, a problem with pancreatitis. Diarrhea or constipation are problems also, I have had problems with both, it always seemed like one or the other, which really didn't get straightened out until my gastroenterologist started me on enzyme supplements, now it doesn't happen quite so often. Make sure you mention all these problems to your doctor when you see him next week.
Avatar f tn My chocolate lab "Skip" is about 10 years old and developed pancreatitis for the first time. We took him to the doctor he never vomited or diahrea until the day after he got to the vets office. His amalyse was high like 8000 and his glucose and white blood count low but we got an ultrasound to make sure not cancer. He started to show improvements with the IV and antibiotic. Now a week later he is starting to decline and the vet has tried everything.
Avatar n tn In November of last year I had an ERCP where they didn't find any stones in the bile duct or anything but ended up with Pancreatitis and hospitalized for 4 days and out of work several weeks. Then the pains subsided and other than having terrible Acid Reflux I didn't appear to have any problems. Then out of the blue last Friday around noon time I started getting terribly nausiated. I thought that I might be coming down with the flu.
Avatar m tn i am a 27 yr old female, with more pancreatitis attacks then i can count in the last year and a half. ive been accused of a frivilious life style which is so far from the truth. ive had every test known for this condition. in the last 2 months i was put on a protien suppliment to replace my emzymes that my pancreas produces. in the first 2 wks i lost 20 lbs, had no appetite, liquid bowel movements, dizziness, fatique, discoloring of the skin,and more symptoms i can even list.
Avatar m tn I have had issue's with not getting hunger pains for the last year so i have had a colposcopy and today I had a ultra sound and Hida scan the gall bladder report I got back was that everything was functioning well but then she asked if I have had pancreatitis in the past and I said no not that I knew of she she that it showed that I have had it before but I guess everything looked ok now? What is this and what does it mean should i be concerned?
Avatar n tn Male: 42 Long History of Binge Drinking. about 6 years ago began getting severe diarrhea and headaches after prolonged periods of sitting. This lasts for several days. I avoid sitting at all costs now. I work on the computer and even do that standing up now. 9 months ago after a 6 hour car ride (again with the sitting) I got severe diarrhea but this was followed by chronic abdominal pain which to this day has not subsided. With my history Gi Doc suspected chronic pancreatitis but...
Avatar n tn Pancreatitis is one of the more difficult diseases to treat. It is also extremely painful. If she isn't able to hold down water, I honestly think she needs to go back in hospital. The way pancreatitis is treated is by allowing that organ to rest through literal starvation. Same treatment holds for human patients too. The dog is given IV hydration and nutrition, nausea and pain control, and then you wait it out. Is she eating anything at all?
Avatar m tn my dog was diagnosed with pancreatitis on wednesday and stayed in the hospital for 3 nights. they hooked him up to an IV...i picked him up on saturday and they said he was doing much better. however, the doctor prescribed him prednisolon for the pain, but wont this medication worsen his pancreatitis? also, his abdomen seems to still be very swollen, why? how should i help my dog so that he is not in pain and so that he can get better soon?
Avatar n tn As well as i have severe diarrhea caused by the pancreatitis and loosing lots of weight. Any info will be greatly appreciated.
Avatar f tn However, broad-spectrum antibiotics, and other antimicrobials should be used to cover possible infectious causes such as toxoplasmosis infection, and to cover infections secondary to the pancreatitis, if warrented. Treatment of pancreatitis in cats include the following: For Anorexia (not eating), use appetite stimulant medications. For Dehydration, use IV and/or Sub Q fluid therapy, For Hypothermia (dangerously decreased body heat), use incubators, heating pad, etc.
Avatar n tn Hi. I had acute pancreatitis in Sept 2006 and had surgery in March 2007 to remove 2 pseudocysts on the pancreas plus my gall bladder. I now only have a quarter of my original pancreas but am still able to eat/drink most things. However I have had semi regular( 8-12 weeks) bouts of vomitting and diarrhea ever since. They seem to come on quite suddenly and once my digestive system is flushed out I am ok.
Avatar n tn Hi, My daughter, age 14 1/2 at the time, came down with pancreatitis this past July. It was acute, and painful but her amalase and lypase levels were not extremely high. Nevertheless, she was hospitalized for 4 days on IV until her levels returned to normal. They said they didn't know how she got it. Ever since the pancreatitis she has been in pain just about every day (and missing quite a bit of school). It doesn't seem to make a difference as to the types of food she eats.
Avatar f tn I'm having lots of pain, vomiting, nausea and diarrhea but lately my lipase and amylase levels have been low. The doctor said my pancreas is sluggish and work like it should and this is why my blood levels are normal. Can anyone tell me if exocrine pancreatic insufficiency affects lipase and amylase levels during a pancreatitis flare up? Also has anyone ever had normal blood levels with pancreatitis?
Avatar f tn I'm having lots of pain, vomiting, nausea and diarrhea but lately my lipase and amylase levels have been low. The doctor said my pancreas is sluggish and work like it should and this is why my blood levels are normal. Can anyone tell me if exocrine pancreatic insufficiency affects lipase and amylase levels during a pancreatitis flare up? Also has anyone ever had normal blood levels with pancreatitis?
Avatar n tn That said, from the information I've read, Pancreatic cancer is often hard to diagnosis and small tumors can be missed on CT scans. I'm just looking for advice from anyone familiar with the symptoms of chronic pancreatitis, or PC, who might be able to offer any advice. I've got an appt w/a gastro. in December but that's pretty far away, and in the meantime, I feel kind of helpless as the abdominal/back pain, floating stools, and fatigue aren't going anywhere.
611067 tn?1458595083 I'm feeling a lot better as far as pain goes, but still have the other symptoms of diarrhea, nausea and headaches. I still feel really fatigued, but that's probably a combination of only being 33 days out from Lortab as well as the illness. I am taking Darvocet when the pain is there, but otherwise, I'm not taking anything. I'm being very careful and feel good about that. Thanks for all your well wishes! I have appreciated it.
Avatar n tn ) 3 years ago began getting very bad diarrhea and headaches after prolonged periods of sitting. This became very evident and memorable because it ruined the first few days of several vacations. Always after a long plane or car rides in the seated position. 2 years ago developed pain under right rib cage that became persistent. This was brought on by a diet change. Found out I had High cholesterol so began eating cheerios for breakfast with flax seed powder on it and walnuts with my lunch.
Avatar n tn A lot. Saturday morning I called the vet and they wanted to see her right away for fear of pancreatitis. They drew some blood, gave her some IV antibiotics, and some fluids, though she was not dehydrated. They also gave me some prescription pills to give her at home along with some prescription dog food that we are to feed her a teaspoonfull at a time, a couple times per day.
Avatar m tn Hello, Thank you to anyone who may respond and offer information in regards to my post. My simple history is I have been diagnosed with acute pancreatitis and then was upgraded chronic p. I have been to a slew of doctors(GP/GIs) who have done numerous tests including multiple ultrasounds, amylase/lipase serums, ct scan with contrast, and a hida scan with all of them showing negative results. My pancreatitis seems to come and go for no apparent reason.
Avatar f tn Hello. I've been very concerned about possibly having Pancreatitis. I had my gallbladder out almost a year ago, have done some heavy drinking from time to time since then, (was unaware until recently that it could be a bad idea without a gallbladder,) . I've consumed high fat meals from time to time as well. 2 1/2 weeks ago I had to call an ambulance. I had made chicken soup, but without thinking, left the chicken fat in it, (there was a lot,) and I ate a fairly large bowl.
Avatar n tn where I wake up at night with very severe stomach pain that radiates to the back, severe nausea and vomiting along with diarrhea. The pain and nausea are so intense that I can hardly move. It lasts for a few hours and then slowly diminishes on its own. I otherwise most every day have a nagging pain on my left side and into my back that at times will flare-up after I eat but no certain food seems to be triggering it along with slight nausea. It can be anything I eat.
Avatar m tn , he can count on having several pancreatitis patients at his door. It's such a serious and sometimes fatal condition, and most people have never heard of it.
6472661 tn?1381772732 And she starts shaking and panting also she wont jump or go down steps. But no throwing up or diarrhea I took her to my vet Last saturday, they did an exam and xrays of her stomach and intestines for blockages and they were clean. Her doggy Dr. said she thought it was pancreatitis. Dr. put her on anitbiotics for any secondary infection and said to give her Mylanta 3x a day. Also precscription i/d dog food starting the next day for two days then back to regular food.
Avatar n tn Animals, like people, can develop chronic pancreatitis after only one acute attack of pancreatitis. My aunt was able to keep her dog's case managed for many years, with only a couple more hospitalizations. I just want you to be prepared for what you might be up against. So far, Piper's case could be a whole lot worse, so hopefully she'll keep improving and that will be the last time you ever have to deal with this.
902019 tn?1249865014 I was diagnosed 2 years ago with AIP, have a 25 year history of autoimmune disorders (eosinophilic vasculitis, mild Sjogren's). Usually have done well with prednisone for the various flare-ups but with AIP, still recurring symptoms and the elevated IgG4 periodically. Next step may be Imuran. Is there anyone out there who has had good results with Imuran for autoimmune pancreatitis?
Avatar m tn Hi, my daughter brought home a 6yr old cat 8months ago w/ stomach and intestinal issues. She suffers with gas/diarrhea/ throwing up. My daughter has taken this cat 3 times to the vet-nothing! I have tried many kinds of grain free and sensitive stomachs foods. Some of which were very expensive. We have 2 other cats with no issues. I can't keep changing foods all the time. Help! I am tired of cleaning up after her. Is there a cat antacid?
Avatar f tn I still have several bouts of diarrhea a day. In 2009 the diarrhea was very bad a GI doctor did a colonoscopy, endoscopy, an gi series and other than polyps, and adhesions. Found only a bacteria that he said came from eating bad seafood. It is almost a year and a few months later and the diarrhea has started again. My ALT level was very elevated. I also at this time had Several blood tests HIV, Liver biopsy, all came back negative. Recently I was hospitalized for eight days.