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Avatar n tn // You will have to sign up to be a member, but I really think this would help you alot. Please post a letter to everyone. Say I sent you over if you'd like. But we are all there to help and it doesn't cost anything.
Avatar n tn In November of last year I had an ERCP where they didn't find any stones in the bile duct or anything but ended up with Pancreatitis and hospitalized for 4 days and out of work several weeks. Then the pains subsided and other than having terrible Acid Reflux I didn't appear to have any problems. Then out of the blue last Friday around noon time I started getting terribly nausiated. I thought that I might be coming down with the flu.
Avatar n tn Hi - read your comments and appreciate them. I am pretty familiar with cystic fibrosi and just learning about pancreatitis. According to researachers at Duke University they say "The new study shows that in many patients with idiopathic pancreatitis, there is a genetic explanation for their condition. The gene involved in these cases of idiopathic pancreatitis is the same as the gene that causes cystic fibrosis.
Avatar f tn They should have stented you. Dr cotton and lehman etc will always stent a patient since it usually causes pancreatitis when you do not. I would get in to see Dr cotton to get his opinion. Amitryptiline is another drug option that may help.
Avatar n tn Jodi, From what you have already explained, it does sound as though chronic pancreatitis may be your problem. I have CP and experienced many of the same symptoms before I was diagnosed. I still have pain, but much of my problems are controlled by a low fat diet, enzyme supplements with meals and snacks, antioxidants and vitamins, and class II narcotics when my pain episodes are unmanageable. I've pasted some information from a research source below for you to review.
902019 tn?1249865014 I was diagnosed 2 years ago with AIP, have a 25 year history of autoimmune disorders (eosinophilic vasculitis, mild Sjogren's). Usually have done well with prednisone for the various flare-ups but with AIP, still recurring symptoms and the elevated IgG4 periodically. Next step may be Imuran. Is there anyone out there who has had good results with Imuran for autoimmune pancreatitis?
Avatar n tn I have read in pancreatitis forums at least 3 stories of people who relate their attacks to a depression herb medication St. John's Wort. I have checked it out. In these medications St. John's Wort is always combined with Passiflora (Passion flower). Passiflora is cyanogenic.
Avatar f tn I was diagnosed with Pancreatitis 2 years ago and had 2 be hospitalized for a month beacuse of my Diabetes being too high and amylase & lipase being over 1000 (it was 1500). So I was wondering if I need 2 be re-hospitalized 2 see if it's up because I'm very scared if I don't something about this soon. This discussion is related to <a href=''>another mysterious orange oily substance with bowel movement</a>.
Avatar n tn Gallbladder problems and alcohol cause 60-75% of the cases of people diagnosed with pancreatitis. Other causes can be from drugs used to treat other medical conditions, hereditary conditions, or post-ERCP testing. You didn't say whether your doctor discussed this with you. I would also suggest that if you are not seeing a gastroenterologist already, that you do so, as there are many diagnostic tests they can do, and various treatments recommended per your individual condition.
Avatar n tn I have had acute pancreatitis and now have chronic pancreatitis. The lab that tests my bloodwork says that with amylase, anything over 88 is high, lipase, anything over 63 is high. Some labs allow a higher range for both, but even those adjusted levels are less than your daughter's levels. Her lipase is especially high. Her triglycerides are high. Another important indicator. Don't buy it!
Avatar n tn Hi Cotton wool spots are not caused by just 3 diseases, there are numerous causes, and in some people---- no cause can ever be found. They are not harmful in themselves , and as the doctor says, in many cases they go away on their own. I wouldn't worry too much about it, i would worry more however if more spots develop.
Avatar f tn I am really sick with pancreatitis and in no way can stop taking narcotics because they allow me to eat. I am 108 lbs. at 5'9" and relapsed about 2 months ago off of coc and alcohol. They wont allow me into treatment because of the meds I take, I just cant focus on stopping something that is allowing me to eat, so I know I need to get back into meetings which is where I had 8 months before I relapsed anyways.
Avatar n tn as you probably know, the most common causes by far are gallstones or alcohol intake. Some people get it for no known reason, or from medications. What might be done surgically -- or whether it should be done at all -- would depend in part on whether the cause becomes known. As to the stricture itself: first, it's not really rare to see the enzymes go up without the bilirubin. It depends in part on how narrow it is.
Avatar n tn I was diagnosed with chronic pancreatitis this am and schedualed for a ERCP for friday. I have some concerns about this diagnosis and this test. I have not been hospitalized for this condition at all, not even ER. it has taken me over a month to get diagnosis and still no relief from discomfort. Just more tests to take. I look like a junkie from all the blood they have taken and they want more. My almase and lipase levels have continued to rise over the course of the past fourteen days.
Avatar n tn My husband has had chronic pancreatitis for the past 5 years. We found out 5 months ago he has course calicifications throughout the pancreas with cysts on the head and tail. He is insulin-diabetic now and has lost approx 40 pounds. He has good and bad days. My concern is this. When he feels "bad" an odor of feces eminates from his body. Or sometimes it even smells like really dirty oily hair...mild but nonetheless notable. I am very concerned and can't seem to find an answer.
Avatar m tn You will get all the pancreatitis info. that you need. It is and scroll down to Pancreatitis Online Discussion Board & Support Group , click on that and then go to the right of your screen and click Join This Group! It is free and you will meet people that are going through the same thing. Actually it saved my daughter's life. She like you had alot of pain and they thought it was her gallbladder and removed it . She continued to go down hill. We found a dr.
Avatar f tn Wouldn't even drink milk, her favorite. Last Tuesday vet said she has pancreatitis from her bloodwork, took her off Prednisone for allergies (he said was one of causes), put her on Hill's I.D. diet, no human snacks, gave her shot of nausea medicine. Right away she ate her dinner, and continued to eat better and better, got well and stayed that way several days.
Avatar n tn Also suffer from indigestion/gas/fatigue/constipation, you name it. All symptoms of Candida. A lot of people who think they have IBS probably just suffer from a chronic case of this and it can be fixed. There are plenty of websites that carry great cleansers, where you basically have to detox your intestines to clear it up. I bought mine today at vitamin shoppe and i'm hoping it helps me. Takes 15 days to clear it up with my formula. Good luck!
Avatar n tn I work full time and 4 yrs. ago I was diagnosed with chronic pancreatitis of an idiopathic nature. I have recurrent stenosis of my biliary ducts and severe gastroparesis. My biliary ducts have been reopened several times in the past four years. I am careful about what I eat, no dairy, little or no fat, and no red meat. I don't drink alcohol and have never smoked or used drugs.
Avatar n tn Recently I've been wondering if there is some occassional liver swelling that causes problems in that area. I've had a few enzyme tests and they have been normal. I wonder if gallbladder can "hide" from tests at times. Is this too low for gallbladder? If it was gallbladder would meds cause pain? Any possibilities outside of gallbladder or liver? Why would a med cause pain? After 2 yrs could pain ever = emergency?
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Avatar f tn Pancreatitis Carcinoma of prostate Carcinoma of breast and lung Systemic lupus erythematosus Alcoholism Congestive heart failure and chronic coronary artery disease: The level of elevation correlates with the risk of death secondary to cardiovascular disease.[7] GGT levels may be increased due to medications, such as carbamazepine, cimetidine, furosemide, heparin, isotretinoin, methotrexate, oral contraceptives, phenobarbital, phenytoin, and valproic acid.
Avatar n tn I don't mean to intercept this thread, but it seemed like some people knowledgeable about pancreatitis might see my question here and respond... does anybody know what can cause pancreatitis, besides alcohol or gallbladder disease? Is it possible to have "mild" pancreatitis, that is, with only mild or absent pain plus mild nausea? Thanks, and sorry for interrupting.
793908 tn?1294708709 Julie had another Pancreatitis attack...she had diarreah & vomiting. I was prepared this time...I was scared but it was either me treating her or the ER Vet for 4 days again. I came to terms with my decision to treat her at home. I called my Vet & he said to give her the Flagyl that he gave me 2 wks. ago...just in case this attack happened again. I did & It worked after 1 day but I kept her on it all week.
Avatar m tn Hello, My father (Age - 53) is suffering from Chronic Pancreatitis from the past 12 years. He gets this acute pain ( SPASMS ) ONCE every WEEK. And nowadays its even worse sometimes pain comes twice within a week. I don't know what his exact medical condition is ? but this is what i know of pancreatitis - The Pancreas duct is blocked with small calci stones which in turn blocks the pancreatic juice produced by the pancreatic cells.
Avatar n tn The question of what would cause the prominence or fullness of the tail of the pancreas is one that you should direct to your doc. It can be caused by pancreatitis, but it can also be due to other issues and would have to be investigated more fully by a variety of tests. The final impression would have to be given by your doc. Pancreatitis can become an on-going problem, unfortunately.
Avatar n tn Although possible, I am not aware of stress being directly linked to pancreatitis. The two most common causes of pancreatitis would be alcohol or a gallstone. If the ERCP cannot be completed, you can consider an MRCP to evaluate the biliary ducts. More uncommon causes of chronic pancreatitis would include a hereditary component, or systemic diseases like lupus or hyperparathyroidism. I would be evaluated for these other diseases before attributing your pancreatitis to aging or stress.
1674610 tn?1317005820 Pancreatitis can't turn into pancreatic cancer but people who already have pancreatic cancer, can get pancreatitis which is why you and your mother had the same symptoms.