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Avatar n tn however, patients with alcohol-induced chronic pancreatitis who continue to drink have increased mortality. Treatment for chronic pancreatitis primarily involves pain control - although it is sometimes stated that chronic pancreatitis "burns out" over time, the duration of time over which this may occur is highly variable, if it occurs at all. If medications aren't doing the job, then more specialized treatment may be considered.
Avatar n tn In November of last year I had an ERCP where they didn't find any stones in the bile duct or anything but ended up with Pancreatitis and hospitalized for 4 days and out of work several weeks. Then the pains subsided and other than having terrible Acid Reflux I didn't appear to have any problems. Then out of the blue last Friday around noon time I started getting terribly nausiated. I thought that I might be coming down with the flu.
Avatar f tn It is important to remember that no treatment will help relieve your pain if you drink alcohol. A diet low in fat is necessary and sometimes it is easier for the patient to eat more frequently in much smaller portions. The doctor may recommend surgery to relieve abdominal pain, to restore drainage of pancreatic secretions, or to reduce the frequency of attacks.
Avatar f tn The two main symptoms other than the fever were diffuse and colicky belly pain, and joint pain in legs and arms. They did lab testing to discover his CRP came back @15.3 Sed Rate of 100. Moderate titer AntiNeuclear Antibody 1:160 nucleolar. and 1:320 speckled pattern. but additional testing came back negative.
Avatar m tn I just got diagnosed chronic pancreatitis and dont know what my options will be for treatment, so Im also looking for answers on what worked and what didnt, also for meds what helps the pain? Thanks in advance for your input. This discussion is related to <a href="/posts/Digestive-Disorders---Gastroenterology/Connection-Between-Chronic-Pancreatitis-Idiopathic-and-Liver-Disease/show/236754">Connection Between Chronic Pancreatitis/Idiopathic and Liver Disease</a>.
Avatar f tn A poorly functioning pancreas can cause digestion problems and diabetes.
Avatar f tn However, broad-spectrum antibiotics, and other antimicrobials should be used to cover possible infectious causes such as toxoplasmosis infection, and to cover infections secondary to the pancreatitis, if warrented. Treatment of pancreatitis in cats include the following: For Anorexia (not eating), use appetite stimulant medications. For Dehydration, use IV and/or Sub Q fluid therapy, For Hypothermia (dangerously decreased body heat), use incubators, heating pad, etc.
Avatar n tn Eventually the nerve fibers are damaged, leading to the cotton weool spots. Diabetes and hypertension are the two most common diseases that cause these spots, and the best treatment would be to treat the underlying disease. Any insult to the blood supple to the retina can cause a spot, and it may be possible that the infection you previously had may contribute to this. It should be noted that cotton wool spots often goes away on their own.
902019 tn?1249865014 Don't know if its good or bad yet but at least they are now finding something and she can start a treatment instead of Morphine and anti sickness. Her flare up back in July was pancreatitis so don't know if she has both Crohn's and AIP but from what I can tell they are both autoimmune problems. Hope everyone is well.
Avatar n tn , Chowdhury, T., and Miedema, B.W. (1998) Endoscopic sphincterotomy for the treatment of gallstone pancreatitis during pregnancy. Surgical Endoscopy, 12(5), 394-399 (May). Bernard, P., Lopez, J.F., Kitmacher, P., Doublier, C., and Peyretou, C. (1990) Acute pancreatitis and pregnancy. A recent case report. [Article in French] J Gynecol Obstet Biol Reprod (Paris), 19(8), 1006-1010. Block, P., and Kelly, T.R. (1989) Management of gallstone pancreatitis during pregnancy and the postpartum period.
Avatar f tn My 7 year old Min Pin has acute and reoccurring pancreatitis. We had to take her to an emergency vet one weekend and thought we were going to lose her. She&#39;s our baby. She is on Hills ID, no flavors and boiled chicken breasts without skin and nothing in the water. She is off of all treats. We do give her some dry dog food which is Purina little bites but we ration her with that also, but like our vet said, it helps with plaque build up since she&#39;s on the other 2 soft foods.
Avatar f tn I was diagnosed with Pancreatitis 2 years ago and had 2 be hospitalized for a month beacuse of my Diabetes being too high and amylase & lipase being over 1000 (it was 1500). So I was wondering if I need 2 be re-hospitalized 2 see if it's up because I'm very scared if I don't something about this soon. This discussion is related to <a href=''>another mysterious orange oily substance with bowel movement</a>.
Avatar f tn can cirrhosis and pancreatitis be caused by non-compliant blood sugar levels? Thank you for your time. I would appreciate any response that you all might have.
Avatar f tn I am really sick with pancreatitis and in no way can stop taking narcotics because they allow me to eat. I am 108 lbs. at 5'9" and relapsed about 2 months ago off of coc and alcohol. They wont allow me into treatment because of the meds I take, I just cant focus on stopping something that is allowing me to eat, so I know I need to get back into meetings which is where I had 8 months before I relapsed anyways.
Avatar m tn There are two types of Pancreatitis 1.Acute and 2.Chronic. The main causes of Pancreatitis are persistent high alcohol consumption, gall bladder stones, geographic location, especially the tropics. Allopathic treatments include IV or IM pain killers, Antacids and Antibiotics. However these Allopathic treatments may not treat the root cause of pancreatitis & will have complications and adverse effect.
Avatar m tn I know that pancreatitis can lead to diabetes and she was given Lactulose laxative for the constipation. She was on that last time when she had this problem and honestly, the Lactulose does not work on her. She was getting 3 doses per day and the vet said we would come home to a mess, but it never happened. I was also giving her canned pumpkin with the Lactulose, and a lot more than the 2 tbsp per day that they recommend, and still nothing. I finally got results by walking her.
Avatar n tn I was diagnosed with chronic pancreatitis this am and schedualed for a ERCP for friday. I have some concerns about this diagnosis and this test. I have not been hospitalized for this condition at all, not even ER. it has taken me over a month to get diagnosis and still no relief from discomfort. Just more tests to take. I look like a junkie from all the blood they have taken and they want more. My almase and lipase levels have continued to rise over the course of the past fourteen days.
Avatar f tn have you had a mrcp?
Avatar f tn Help me to understand this further and to convince my doctors that the above mentioned drugs are the best treatment.How can I find a doctor I trust completely and one that will use a course of treatment or a combination of drugs that are not widely known to be used for blastocystis. I am not sure, but I think most doctors prescribe Flagyl which seems to have a poor success rate and you seem to think others have a better success rate..
Avatar m tn Today I saw my doctor who was quite refreshed from rest at home. He recommended two treatment options, one is injection once a week and the other is baraclude by mouth once daily. Because the former has side effects that may cause me (the bread earner of my family) to stop working, I immediately chose the latter, which costs $2200 per 90 days. Would appreciate your sharing your experience if you have used baraclude before. Thank you.
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Avatar n tn Dear Charlotte, The most common causes of acute pancreatitis in the United States are alcoholic pancreatitis and gallstone pancreatitis. Many patients with so-called idiopathic (unknown cause) pancreatitis end up having microlithiasis (small stones or crystals in the biliary tree). There are many other causes of acute pancreatitis but they are less common.. I will list them for you.
Avatar n tn i) zithromax and doxy treat Clamydia, mycoplasma urea, mycoplasma gentitalium, skinn bacteria (strep?) and even gon has sensitivity to zithromax. Basically it cures all bacteria causes of urethritis. However ive read that adenoviruses cause 2-3 pc and herpes simplex similar. Im currently concerned itone of these which antibios dont treat.
Avatar n tn Affected by compression/sitting. Had all tests - trust me. Everything to do with liver and gallbladder and intestines and stomach and kidneys was tested. Pain can be debilitating. Also tried chiropractor/PT. I've mentioned to doctors that medications can make it worse but all have had no answer for this. Why would a pain like this be made worse by taking certain medications, by sitting for too long, or by eating certain foods, or by physical exertion?
Avatar f tn He need to find out his genotype and have a biopsy to ascertain the amount of damage and then discuss treatment options with his doctor. New meds today are having very good success rates and they will be avail .imminently. It certainly is a shocking diagnosis to receive,however you should spend some time reasearching HCV and that usually will help to relieve your fears some. There are many folks on this forum that have been cured or currently doing treatment or waiting to treat.
Avatar n tn com online has many good recipes for strict low-fat cooking. I have had acute pancreatitis attacks, and now have chronic pancreatitis and have to maintain a diet with less than 20 grams of fat daily. I take enzymes so I can eat, and to help maintain the pain caused by eating. I have found those enzymes prescribed by a GI to be better than those found in health food stores though, as they are higher in amounts of lipase than anything that can be sold over the counter, thus more effective.
Avatar n tn He said because that was the major cause (not a drinker etc), it is easier for him to get the bigger stent in without aggrevating the pancreas again, he is a well known doctor here for this and knows what he is doing when it comes to stents. Is the risk of pancreatitis alot less like he says? If i develop acute pancreatitis again, will it develop into chonic pancreatitis? or is that only after alot of bouts?
Avatar n tn Overall, although pancreatitis caused by hypertriglyceridemia has the same prognosis as other causes of the acute episode, early recognition and treatment have been shown to hasten clinical recovery. In addition to insulin, which promotes tissue uptake of lipids, specific treatment modalities can include fresh frozen plasma and plasmapheresis. Plasmapheresis has been shown to cause dramatic clinical improvement in patients with acute pancreatitis and to prevent disease recurrences.
Avatar n tn He/she will help you decide if treatment is needed at this time, or possibly monitor you and wait for newer treatment drugs that are in development right now. A liver biopsy may be necessary to determine if you have sustained any damage to your liver. For right now, the best thing to do is begin your education by reading the posts in this forum, other HCV forums, and you might want to take a look at the following site as well: http://janis7hepc.