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Avatar n tn I am 6' and weigh 200lbs. Doctors are stumped. Does anyone have any experience with symptoms of pancreatic cancer?
Avatar f tn The only other test Ive had is a hida scan for the gb and it was abnormal, but not the cause of the pain. Anyone out there with insight?
Avatar n tn The endoscopy found mild gastritis. All other test are normal.The pancreatic specialist did not mention pancreatitis at the time and only prescribed nexium and sulcrafate for the gastritis. I am 67, and never had a previous bout with pancreatitis. Moderate beer drinker. How should I be treated?
Avatar f tn You may have chronic pancreatitis. Find a biliary specialist soon. You should get testing to determine if you have this or not. If you do they will advise you what to do to help.
Avatar f tn My chocolate lab "Skip" is about 10 years old and developed pancreatitis for the first time. We took him to the doctor he never vomited or diahrea until the day after he got to the vets office. His amalyse was high like 8000 and his glucose and white blood count low but we got an ultrasound to make sure not cancer. He started to show improvements with the IV and antibiotic. Now a week later he is starting to decline and the vet has tried everything.
Avatar f tn Oh, he also said that squeezing (Boa Const) feeling that starts in my abdomen and slowly goes all the way up to my neck and is one of the most painful and scariest feelings I've ever had is a (drum roll please)...................CRAMP????? Hahahahaha, dipshit! All my symptoms point to Pancreatitis. I am going to my regular GI Doc on Tues, excited to maybe get some answers. I also "googled" the results of my Transvaginal Ultrasound, ha!
Avatar n tn Hello I would ask your dr about a test for Autoimmune Pancreatitis. I had the same symptoms as you descibe, and I was just diagnosed with this in the summer. It is very rare in the US but they are running into more and more of them. The only difference between you and I, is I had a mass on the tail of my pancreas, and they thought it was cancer. It wouldn't hurt for you to check with your DR about this. Because of your elevated ANA it is a idea. The test is called IgG4.
Avatar m tn I was diagnosed with mild pancreatitis over 4 years ago it is on going. I currently still am experiencing slight pain on my right side. I have been seen by a GI doctor and a CT Scan, Ultra sound, MRCP have been performed. No issues have been found, I asked if it could be cancer and was told no tumors or cist we found wehn reviewing the xrays. We then tried to stop my BP meds thinking they could be the cause, but I could not stay off of them long enough to make a determination.
Avatar f tn hi i have been having pain under my mid rib cage for almost all my life around 20 years ago i went to the er for the pain xrays showed my gall bladder was enlarged they admitted me that night and removed it the next morning the doctor said it was badly diseased but i still continued to have the pain my stomach doctor said i have barretts esphogus and did a nissen wrap to avoid cancer it failed and i had to have another that also failed so the third surgery was a bad one they had to remove half m
Avatar n tn Dear Kerrie, Pamcreatitis canbe one of the complications of lupus- either a direct result of the vasculitis or an adverse effect of the medications that you take, It is always necessary to exclude gallstone-induced pancreatitis because stones can cause a more severe pancreatitis as well as cholangitis (inflammation of the bile duct). Pnacreatiti susually presents with sharp painin th ecenter of the abomen near the ribs. The pain may go straiught through to the back.
Avatar n tn Did the vet say an ultra-sound should be done. My dog had all the symptoms of pancreatitis - and we found out when it was too late that he had eaten a piece of rubber - and it was lodged in his intestines. It didnt show up on an x-ray ... but did when i decided to take him for an ultra-sound. Unfortunately, Willie was too weak, and passed away.
Avatar n tn I had my Gall bladder out in 3/99, right after that the symptoms of IBS began which I was disgnosed with in 2/00. I was also disgnosed with Diabetes in 1997 (A1C 6.0-6.3 2003). In 10/02 I asked to be put on an anti-drepressent(effexor)(not for IBS). 12/02 I started getting nauseated every day with upper abdominal pain, this has now gone on for over a year. While I was on the effexor I did not have any of the IBS symptoms, I went off the effexor in 11/03. 1/03 Pelvic ultrasound normal.
Avatar n tn Weeks ago, I had a spiral CT Scan which showed nothing abnormal, and my amylase/lipase blood tests have come back as normal, stool samples ruled out parasitic infection, and my doctor has flat out told me he doesn't believe it's pancreatic cancer, as that's my primary concern considering the symptoms. That said, from the information I've read, Pancreatic cancer is often hard to diagnosis and small tumors can be missed on CT scans.
Avatar n tn However, my Amylase continues to be elevated and I am concerned, as is my doctor, about chronic pancreatitis leading to pancreatic cancer. I do not drink Alcohol and have not for 20 years. Can you offer any ideas for cause of the pancreatic enzyme elevation and treatments?
Avatar f tn This causes the enzymes to irritate the cells of your pancreas, causing inflammation and the signs and symptoms associated with pancreatitis. With repeated bouts of acute pancreatitis, damage to the pancreas can occur and lead to chronic pancreatitis. Scar tissue may form in the pancreas, causing loss of function. A poorly functioning pancreas can cause digestion problems and diabetes.
Avatar n tn But since its a GI query, thought its good if i can get some advice here. few months ago, i became very weal dizzy and ill. still am, i am, i keep getting hypoglycemia symptoms, constant brainfog, i did faint once was taken to emergency hospital.
902019 tn?1249865014 Please help. My Dad has been told that he has cancer of the pancreas and liver. He has no symptoms, his blood tests are normal including liver function test. His diagnosis has been made based on a scan, nothing else. He instigated the scan because he had a hard, painful bloated stomach. The scan showed a pancreatic mass and liver lesions. The bloating and pain have gone now. He has a history of ailments which come and go. He has not lost weight, infact he's gained!
Avatar n tn The nurse telling me a LITTLE gave me some comfort but all these symptoms and he seems to check out better than we thought. With all of his symptoms it really shocked us. He has lost over 22lbs now in just a few wks. He stopped taking all the medicines except the antibiotic and is back to drinking. I will keep posting. Thank you so very much. I really needed to talk.
Avatar n tn My husband and I told him our concerns about the possibility of my having pancreatitis, as I had the exact same symptoms. My doctor quickly dismissed it and sent me home with phenergan saying I more than likely had a virus and it would pass. After vomiting 14 days straight, I was back at my doctor's office... again, phenergan and go home.
Avatar n tn This can evaluate for chronic pancreatitis, as well as possible masses or cancer of the organ. If inconclusive, a blood test for celiac disease can be performed, as well as an endoscopic ultrasound or ERCP. If cystic fibrosis is suspected, it likely would have presented earlier on in life. I would consider gene testing if that is a consideration. These options can be discussed with your personal physician.
Avatar n tn This sounds more like an acute Pancreatitis attack. Chronic Pancreatitis, to my knowledge, does not have the type symptoms you indicate. Acute pancreatitis has high levels of amalase and lipase and is sometimes very critical as this one appears to be. Do a search on the web for acute Pancreatitis for more information than you can read. Then do one on Chronic Pancreatitis and see the differences. Hope things improve.
Avatar n tn Hi, From the research I have done, the chances are greater of you getting Diabetes Mellitus, pancreatic tumors, pancreatic cancer, cystic fibrosis, if you have been diagnosed with and have chronic pancreatitis. The symptoms of pancreatic cancer are similar to that of chronic pancreatitis except with jaundice (yellowing of the skin and whites of the eyes) and dramatic weight loss. Go to your favorite search engine and type in Pancreatic cancer and it should bring up some useful sites.
Avatar f tn Angie had cholangiocarcinoma and she had had some vomiting too and my former dvm kept blowing me off about other urinary symptoms so it was discovered later and after Convenia caused severe anemia. I wonder how we can tell if it is cancer starting from possible pancreatitis? I feel she may have had that and it lead to her cancer. I want to prevent it in Wiz if possible.
Avatar n tn also I'm concerned about her overall health as a result of such dramatic weight loss, her symptoms include profound backpain, fatty stools,nausea, vomitting, presently these symptoms are being managed with codeine contin 100mg b.i.d. and digestive enzymes. At present my mother's follow-up includes occassional follow-up by dietician, should she have bloodwork done also her blood sugars have been elevated however no followup in regards to this.
Avatar n tn The immune system mistakenly attacks healthy pancreas tissue, causing inflammation and hardening. Symptoms closely mimic pancreatic cancer (pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma), but the disease process is different. It can be a multisystem disorder in which the disease can affect other parts of the body. So the possibility of AIP needs to be checked out.
Avatar n tn On the other hand, malignant strictures don't get better, they get steadily worse. Cancer is highly unlikely here. The after-effects of pancreatitis can linger for a long time. His course is more prolonged than average, but not startlingly so. It's likely that his stricture will improve further. Given the severity and length of his illness, one would consider removing the gallbladder even if stones aren't proven, if no other source becomes known.
Avatar n tn I had my gallbladder removed 18 months ago, following NO symptoms of gallstones (despite being full of them), BUT following an attack of acute pancreatitis. I wasn't really given much say in the matter, as the pancreatitis was a nasty attack and I was strongly advised to get my gallbladder out asap after it. It was a straightforward procedure, with no after effects. I can't really say I felt better, because apart from the pancreatitis incident, I never had any problems beforehand!
Avatar f tn Have they ruled out partial bowel blockage, juvenile polyposis? Severe stomach pain is NOT a symptom of glandular fever! Symptoms are fever, sore throat,headache, nausea, blocked nose and swollen lymph nodes, not severe stomach pain. It also never requires hospitalization, and cures itself within 2 weeks. I am on these blogs because I lost a son and recently a gandson due to medical negligence, and I feel your son deserves better care and diagnosis than he has received from this hospital.
Avatar f tn I've gone to the ER 4 or 5 times over the years. The second trip to the ER, I was told I had the symptoms of a gallbladder attack & within a weeks, had my gallbladder removed. There wasn't a single stone found, and two weeks later, I had another severe attack at work minutes after taking my first Vicodine ever, for shoulder pain. My co-workers thought I was having a heart attack.The Dr. said I might have a hiatal hernia & gave me Nexium. The attacks continued for 9 more years.