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Avatar n tn They said pancrease looked fine and blood work wasn't just good as per the ER doc, but said blood work was perfect. I have severe gastritis so perhaps this is the problem that's causing all my pain. Thanks again.
Avatar f tn I agree with Karla, would be interested to see what the other blood work shows. Tick borne disease is a possibility and they can run blood tests for those but, at this stage, maybe trying the Doxy would be worth a shot, but then I'd be worrying about kidney/liver function. Did you even ask your Vet to call one of the University clinics for a consult? Feel bad for you. Never easy decisions. hugs and keep us posted.
Avatar f tn I stopped the Doxycycline immediately and I began to take acidophilus and probiotics to regain blance in my intestines, which took about a month. This seemed to work...then in September my ENTIRE body swelled up (looked like I gained 10 lbs over night). Never properly diagnosed, I was prescribed Benadryl and Zantac based on the assumption that the swelling was due to an allergic reaction to Aleve. This drug combination reduced the swelling only slightly, so I went back to E.R.
Avatar n tn He found a small liver cyst, 2 weeks ago and then sent me for blood work. When he called for the results of my bloodwork he said to me "basically your bloodwork is normal" I'm going to call it normal. Then he said he wanted to see me in six months for another ultrasound of liver. In the meantime this side pain persists on a daily basis. So if anyone knows anything about pancreatitis or that has had it, could you please tell me what your symptoms are.
Avatar n tn Would pain due to pancreatitis be disabling in most cases? I am having post gallbladder removal problems, and I am concerned that my pain is due to pancreatitis? Had my surgery in June with a lot of problems afterwards. At one point I was diagnosed with a bile leak, and given antibiotics. After that I felt pretty good for several months, but now the pain has started again. I have a lot of pressure under my ribs, both sides. Stomach area is burning.
Avatar f tn I was diagnosed yesterday in the ER. They found through an abdominal ultra sound the tail is enlarged. I have a family history of pancreatic cancer. They request I do further testing. Is pancreatitis something you can get rid of or is it something that kind of hangs around and "flares up"?
Avatar n tn I have had ultra sound, upper GI, Endoscopy, CT scan, MRI, MRCP. Hida Scan, back xrays, and all the lab work, that includes blood test for pancreas and liver. They did find two side branch lesions about 1 cm each in the pancreas. The radiologist and my pancreatic specialist said they need to be monitored and no real concern at this time. The endoscopy found mild gastritis. All other test are normal.
Avatar f tn you are correct, cat food, being richer, has set off his pancreatitis. As you know acute pancreatitis can be a fatal event. It can also be transient. no one knows how your dog will do. Medications will decrease the severity of this event and sounds like if you get him over this you have managed his diet very well. I'd like to see his pancreatic work up and treat him to get him over this quickly and so that it does not progress further.
Avatar n tn In November of last year I had an ERCP where they didn't find any stones in the bile duct or anything but ended up with Pancreatitis and hospitalized for 4 days and out of work several weeks. Then the pains subsided and other than having terrible Acid Reflux I didn't appear to have any problems. Then out of the blue last Friday around noon time I started getting terribly nausiated. I thought that I might be coming down with the flu.
Avatar n tn Cessation of alcohol intake is imperative, particularly if this is the underlying etiology of pancreatitis. Abstinence does not always lead to symptomatic improvement; however, patients with alcohol-induced chronic pancreatitis who continue to drink have increased mortality.
Avatar m tn i am a 27 yr old female, with more pancreatitis attacks then i can count in the last year and a half. ive been accused of a frivilious life style which is so far from the truth. ive had every test known for this condition. in the last 2 months i was put on a protien suppliment to replace my emzymes that my pancreas produces. in the first 2 wks i lost 20 lbs, had no appetite, liquid bowel movements, dizziness, fatique, discoloring of the skin,and more symptoms i can even list.
Avatar f tn I am just so concerned because i have never had irregular blood work. I have very stressful things going on in my life right now, divorce, ill family members etc, so I am sure that is what is causing heart palpitations. I just have never felt so ill before. I will work on my diet and hope that in a months time I have regular levels again. Thank you so much for your words and thoughts, and will keep you posted.
Avatar n tn I took her to our vet and they did blood work and x-ray. The blood work showed acute pancreatitis. She was given IV fluids, Reglan for the vomiting, a B12 shot and an antibiotic and was not allowed anything to eat or drink for 24 hours other than licking on ice cubes every few hours. By the next day she was all perky and playing. The next day I started her on the vet's low fat food that they carry. She did well until today when out of nowhere she developed diarrhea and vomiting.
Avatar n tn Kerrie, You should get blood work done if you even suspect it being pancreatitis b it is a serious condiion. I nearly died from it last September. I hope you feel better soon !
Avatar f tn 30pm). My blood work came back good he said. Oh, I also have 4 ovarian cysts that I had to go to the hospital and pay for the results, nothing has been done about those. I am at my whits end, something is wrong and not one Dr. has been willing to try to get to the bottom of this. I have gained 30+ pounds and I don't even eat, my stomach can't handle it. I get over full just drinking water.
Avatar n tn I avoid sitting at all costs now. I work on the computer and even do that standing up now. 9 months ago after a 6 hour car ride (again with the sitting) I got severe diarrhea but this was followed by chronic abdominal pain which to this day has not subsided. With my history Gi Doc suspected chronic pancreatitis but... ultrasound, bloodwork for Amalyse lipase, CT with contrast, then finally an MRCP were all clear.
Avatar n tn A portion of her intestine was re-routed and attached to the psuedocyst to drain. She continued with severe pancreatitis and a month and a half later she uderwent another surgical procedure to open the pancreatic ducts to allow the fluid to flow. She had an amazing recovery and was eating and out of the hospital two weeks later. Now, one year later she is having another bout of pancreatitis and we are so scared.
436191 tn?1256649906 I only had an MRI and not the MRCP. Before my surgery I had a friend to read my eyes and she felt like the problem was either my pancreas or around it. She described it looking as "yucky". My gastro dr ordered blood work and said there were no elevations to show it was my parcreas. Since then I have had another person to read my eyes. I did not mention what the first person told me and she said it was my parcreas area too. The MRI showed that area to be OK.
Avatar n tn And that is something to have checked especially if you have had 4 bouts of pancreatitis already. If you have Pancreatitis, it NEVER goes away once you have gone chronic. With 4 episodes under your belt, I would be surprised if you have not gone chronic yet. You titled this Severe Pancreatitis. It usually doesn't get to that stage without you being Chronic. The pancreas is an organ that DOES NOT rejuvinate itself. Once damaged it is damaged for life.
Avatar m tn I woke in the am without the initial symptoms, but instead had a full body rash that was developing and extreme soreness on both sides of my lower back. (I had assumed kidney stones or issue, but the later blood work and urinalysis suggested not.) Went to the doc 2 days later as the rash covered nearly my whole body. The rash was so pronounced and severe looking (though minimal discomfort) that all of the physician attention was spent on it.
Avatar n tn My dog had acute pancreatitis over the weekend and I took him to an emergency vet on Sunday and to his vet on Mon. They both kept him overnight, IV, blood work, meds, and his vet did a rectal x-ray and abdominal x-ray with barium to look for obstruction. He found dirt/sand. My dog ate cat poop covered in dirt. He is at home now doing fine and I have him on a bland diet of canned white chicken and brown rice only. However, his lower abd/belly is a little distended and hard.
Avatar f tn He was brusing badly which i asked about and they said was from the blood thinners after a week they released us the day after thanks giving we were home for 24 hours if that and we were back in the ER which the 4th cat scan showed that he had internal bleeding at the pancreas valves with a huge clot with fluid around it so back to another hospitol St vincents which is closer but not really :/ for another week more testing and in this time in the hospital he had developed pnemonia and a infecti
Avatar f tn Mark Lupo, I have one more question Dr Lupo iam also suffering from high pancreatitis which showed from blood work that amylase =160 and lipase=2950 and also hyperthyroid which i mentioned in my previous question.My question is that hperthyroid can also cause pancreatitis.please help me.
Avatar n tn Pancreatitis is tested by Blood work checking the (Amylase & Lipase) Take Care Brian32
Avatar f tn The doctor said my pancreas is sluggish and work like it should and this is why my blood levels are normal. Can anyone tell me if exocrine pancreatic insufficiency affects lipase and amylase levels during a pancreatitis flare up? Also has anyone ever had normal blood levels with pancreatitis?
Avatar f tn The doctor said my pancreas is sluggish and work like it should and this is why my blood levels are normal. Can anyone tell me if exocrine pancreatic insufficiency affects lipase and amylase levels during a pancreatitis flare up? Also has anyone ever had normal blood levels with pancreatitis?
Avatar n tn I have recently had an abdminal ultrasound following blood work that showed an ALT of 144. I also have chronic dull pain in my right lower quadrant and sharp pain and tenderness in my mid abdomin below my sternum. The ultrasound showed a mild fatty liver and inflammation of the pancreas. I had my gallbladder removed 3 years ago for stones. I do not drink at all so this is not a factor. Also about 11 years ago I was very ill with chronic fatique and had a very high Epstein Barr antibody level.
6472661 tn?1381772732 Maybe not her pancreas maybe a virus. So on Tuesday i took her back to vet they did blood work which was all pretty normal, nothing too outstanding. He examined her back, her legs, walking, hips, listened to heart lungs. Nothing going on there. He says she needs time to get threw this and it can take awhile. I call back Friday Chloe is still having these lil pain episodes n not feeling well.