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Avatar n tn H pylori infection can be tested for through endoscopy (this will also confirm or rule out gastritis, gastric ulcer etc) or carbon urea breath test or through blood tests. Since you have reactive hypoglycemia, you need to eat frequent small meals, avoid alcohol or take it moderately with food, and avoid high sugar diet. Consult an Endocrine specialist to manage this. So, when you meet the gastroenterologist, please discuss all these possibilities.
1916673 tn?1420236870 Certain diseases, toxins and drugs can also reduce the number. BLOOD UREA NITROGEN (BUN) (9 - 27 mg/dL) When proteins from the diet are processed in the body, various toxic waste elements are produced. One of these waste products is ammonia, which is extremely harmful. The liver produces urea, which is far less toxic, and this helps to transport ammonia safely through the blood to the kidneys and then out of the body.
Avatar m tn Also tell me something to control Chronic Pancreatits I shall be greatfull to you all My current medical reports are as under Creatinine 2.3, Blood Urea 51, Uric Acid 7.
Avatar m tn Hi! Low blood urea nitrogen is generally not a cause for concern. It may at times be seen in liver disorders, mal nutrition or in over hydration. Low protein diet is another factor. Since you have high triglycerides and AST and ALT are marginally high, possibility of a fatty liver should be eliminated by an ultrasound. This can be treated with healthy diet and lifestyle. Also possibility of Heaptitis B and C infection should be looked into.
Avatar f tn Now when you meet your doctor the following tests may need to be done. Assess the kidney function; this is done by a blood urea and creatinine and sometimes a GFR (glomerular filteration rate). Assess the kidney structure, with an ultrasonogram, an IVP (intravenous pyelogram), here a dye is injected to study the kidneys. Sometimes a CT or MRI may throw more results. Please consult your primary care physician for further evaluation. Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
Avatar f tn Does anyone have any suggestions? I know it looks like she has pancreatitis, too, but right now am just trying to get her eating and hydrated again in hopes we can get her on the right track. ALT- 129 (12-118) Alk Phosphatase- 220 (5-131) Urea Nitrogen- 85 (6-31) Creatinine- 7 (.5-1.6) Phosphorus- 10.8 (2.5-6) Magnesium- 3.1 (1.5-2.5) Potassium- 5.7 (3.6-5.5) Na/K Ratio- 26 (27-38) Amylase- 1680 (290-1125) Precision PSL- 256 (24-140) CPK- 53 (59-895) RBC- 4.4 (4.8-9.3) Hemoglobin- 11.5 (12.
Avatar m tn High white blood cell count is usually indicative of an infection of some sort. Normal Creatinine (and B.U.N. or blood urea nitrogen) usually means that the kidneys are functioning pretty normally..... But still, if there is any worrying infection going on, fluid therapy by I.V. is a good idea. That will help to spare the kidneys from any toxic overload from the infection. Of course it is always hard to leave them at the vet's when they have to stay in.
Avatar f tn This tends to be more accurate. Urea is just urea - BUN is blood urea nitrogen. With regard to water ... try to give filtered water (bottled) as tap water has too much sodium, chlorine and other nasty elements, which could adversely affect electrolyte levels. Calcium is towards the extreme upper level of normal. Without re-reading back, if your dog isn't on a phosphate binder - she needs to be on one. The binder also should not be a calcium-based binder (as calcium is already high).
Avatar f tn Please note, are you confusing Alk Phos with Phosphorus, which is a much more relevant blood level test reading? Do you have a copy of the blood test results? Check for Phosphorus. Pancreatitis is another common symptom with kd dogs. It is extremely important you completely cut all fat from the diet, as the pancreatitis will otherwise worsen quickly. Has your vet given your dog intravenous fluid therapy?
Avatar m tn after a while during one week, i observed blood in the stool when I had this burning. blood was from rectal region since it was fresh. then, burning became normal and no more blood in rectal area. i think that blood was due to an anal fissure because it was giving pain during tiolet. now, it is last 1 month that again I have IBS kind sypmtoms and pain mainly in the right quadrant. sometimes (but rarely) also pain in the left quadrant.
Avatar n tn I saw the nurse practitioner again today and she ordered blood work for pancreatic enzymes and H-Pylori and referred me to a surgeon. I've lost about 6 pound since I'm not eating. Food sounds good it's just a little painful to eat. But if it wasn't painful, I have no doubt my appetite would be normal. I'm not throwing up- so the food I'm eating is staying down.
15945427 tn?1444239993 Spec Gravity is just within normal values, so that's okay. BUN (blood urea nitrogen) is very high. Creatinine is moderately high. Phosphorus is moderately high. These values certainly suggest a kidney problem. Fluids will help, so keep them going. It's also essential to start reducing phosphorus content in food. I would advise trying a specialised canned kidney dog food like Hills kd or similar.
Avatar f tn 72 mmol sodium at 154 mmol potassium 4 mmol chloride 111mmol on No sign of blood/hemoglobin in her urine so far. Her blood pressure was at 144. Specific gravity1.102, ph 6 urine protein, glucose and keytones negative. blood/hemoglobin negative, bilirubin negative, urobilinogen normal She's been eating Hills K/D foods (canned plus dry foods, should we stop giving her dry foods??) since she was diagnosed with omega 3 as well.
1358341 tn?1282213443 abnormal low levels of phosphorus indicate dietary imbalance, Diabetes or overactive parathyroid gland. low levels of blood urea nitrogen can indicate Liver disease or starvation.. I am not saying that possibly you ran across something that has actually "cured" your cat but as we all know if your cat has Renal failure there is no cure only things we can give them to help and to slow down progression..
Avatar m tn If you have insurance insist to your doctor that he perform flow cytometry, bone marrow biopsy, HIDA scan, Peripheal blood smear, tissue from endoscope,and colonoscopy to be taken for biopsy, ANA, ESR, Aldolase, Blood cultures, Stool sample, Ultrasound of gallbladder, motility test, Blood Urea Nitrogen, Creatinine,TSH, T3, T4, Free thyroxine, CBC with differential, Comprehensive metabolic panal( for elctrolyte imbalances, hyponatrimia, hypokalemia, hypomagneseia, which can all occur from loose
Avatar n tn Also, I read somewhere once that sometimes when the blood needs to reduce it's volume, that excessive urination will follow. I like the Mayo Clinic website, and sometimes WebMD, but failing that, I just google things and see what turns up more than a few times.
Avatar m tn Hep C is transmitted from blood to blood so he would have had to have had infected blood somehow get into his blood stream. (This, of course, is possible, but far less likely than it used to be. A tiny percentage of the blood supply can still be contaminated. Also, the possibility of improperly cleaned and contaminated equipment does exist and thus presents a vehicle for transmission.) Second, I would follow the hepatologist's advice and wait to see how things go.
Avatar f tn Moreover, rice bran is a valuable fermentable fiber, which can help with the process of excreting harmful and toxic urea. Urea (a nitrogen-rich waste product) is normally processed by the kidneys, but when the kidneys cannot undertake this job, it builds up and increases the level of toxins circulating in the blood (uraemia).
Avatar m tn Mine was diagnosed with very early-stage Kidney Failure last October, after I noticed she was drinking more water, and had started to wet her bed quite often (otherwise she seemed very well!) Her Creatinine and Blood Urea Nitrogen were both slightly elevated, but she had no elevation in blood Phosphorus, which was a plus. So immediately the vet started her on ACE inhibitors.
Avatar m tn pylori that causes an ulcer and pancreatitis. With H. pylori you could get a urea breath test. With pancreatitis you could get a blood amylase and lipase. They all can cause pain in the same area.
Avatar m tn TB test-I believe it will be blood, as I gave blood and urine at QUEST. They did a quick mono test-negative-tongue culture. I do not think my lungs are clear and it could be respiratory in nature. My PCP-inf disease doc says he will explore that avenue, after, but wants to see what the blood results say. I should have them by Friday afternoon or mOn am. I have a tentative appt. for Monday am, h/e i'll call thurs to see if they have the results. If yes, i'll attempt to book one for Friday.
1916673 tn?1420236870 They did blood work yesterday and her red blood cell count is now 15 percent which is way worse than what was originally thought. The vet was worried about the diarrhea and thinking that she may have cancer as well which could be attributed with the two growths she has. One on her hind leg and the other on her front chest. We now just noticed another one between her two nails on her back paw. My question is regarding fluids.
Avatar f tn Could you please get a copy of all the blood tests, urinalysis and any other test results and post them here so I will better able to help you. This is a serious and complicated question and I really require as much information as possible, so that I will be able to do the question, and your dog justice. Thank you! Dr.
Avatar f tn well she was spry as can be until she had to have surgery in November for a tooth abcess... She was under anesthesia way too long and developed acute pancreatitis (she also came back almost blind because the stupid vet didn't moisurize her eyes and she developed corneal ulcers)...She recovered from that (still can barely see) but then her kidneys started failing and haven't improved since. She is skinny as a rail now....will only eat a bite or two occasionally (I supplement with Nutrical)..
Avatar n tn Liver enzyme abnormalities can occur with acute pancreatitis (inflammation of the pancreas), but usually an amylase and lipase (pancreatic enzymes) level are sent to exclude this disorder. An assessment of kidney function (blood urea nitrogen and creatinine) are also usually included as part of the Chem 24 as well as a blood sugar (glucose) level. Famotidine (Pepcid) is a medication which works by decreasing stomach acid production.
Avatar n tn The vet kept her for five days, did every test available and confirmed she has slight bilirubin and a very low white blood count but he couldn't find any cause. She doesn't have feline HIV or leukemia. He gave her broad spectrum antiobiotics and gave me some to give her now she's back home. But she still won't eat - she's lost loads of weight, and she's still vomiting - though it's only liquid now.
1121211 tn?1259344516 If intermittent, you can immediately measure your blood pressure and blood glucose during a spell. Also note what you've eaten (or had nothing at all) before a spell - it could be hypoglycemia, reactive or fasting, with your history. Have you tried taking pancreatic enzymes? Lots of other things to consider... but if what you have is typical, they likely would have found it by now. So you probably have something rare, or an atypical case of something more common.
Avatar m tn I dont think any of my problems caused the dysphonic vocal tension, that was caused by chest infections and colds, i had all the time from the age of 16-22, then it didnt help being injected with poison for the dystonia in my throat from from 22 to 30, so all in all i havent spoke the right right way for 16 years, so now its about retraining my speech which might not happen after such a long time, but i was wondering if i had a physical problem that might be making the progress of my vocal ten
12980073 tn?1429819661 Obstructing bladder stones , cancer of the urinary tract or even bladder rupture they might cause will all prevent your pet from cleansing its blood of urea nitrogen (BUN). Enlarged or infected prostate glands in old un-neutered male dogs, leptospirosis infection or perianal hernias that blocking urine flow will have the same effect. Over-exertion and uterine infection (pyometra) sometimes cause BUN levels to go up slightly to moderately.