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Avatar n tn My 7 year old champion 4-H obedience/Showmanship female schnauzer was recently and unexpectedly diagnosed with pancreatitis. Her Lipase levels reflected 6000. Three days later her levels dropped to 5000, by the 5th day they jumped to almost 8000. After a long talk with the Vet, I elected to bring her home if she was able to hold food down. Despite the high lipase level, the dog was perkier and feeling better, we were risking her survival, but it was chance it or euthanize the dog.
Avatar n tn For the acute type, a doctor would look for an increase in amylase and lipase (digestive enzymes found in the pancreas) in the blood (about 3 times more than normal). Changes in blood glucose levels, as well as calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium and bicarbonate might also occur. Once the acute type resolves itself, and the pancreas improves, these levels return to normal.
Avatar f tn Received blood results. ALT 74 AST 123. My glucose is 112 and my tryglicerdies are 306. I have no abdomonal pain but do feel very fatigued. I just recently had gone to the hospital for heart palpitations and feeling like i was going to pass out. Are these levels still able to come down? Or is it possible that there is no turning back at this point? Very nervous.
Avatar n tn Go and get some blood tests run while he's in pain. Ask to have his blood sugar level checked, and have his liver and pancreatic enzyme levels checked. That would be a start toward finding out what's going on.
Avatar n tn 1) Glucose intolerance occurs with some frequency in chronic pancreatitis, but overt diabetes mellitus usually only occurs late in the course of disease. 2) Chronic pancreatitis may be associated with a variety of complications.
Avatar m tn Hello, I have a question. I've been told the normal blood glucose level is normal between 70 and 105. Mine was 103 just recently. I told the doctor I feel it is a little high, they said no, it is within normal level don't level, even though it is close to the end of the scale it doesn't matter. I was surprised he said that. I fasted for about 11 hours. I am 32, do not smoke, social drinker, mostly red wine, do not get a whole lot of exereice, but do get some, and have a sweet tooth.
559187 tn?1330786456 She asked a few questions and then asked about any neww meds I'm taking right now and I told her the only new drug is Cymbalta, which is helping me tremendously. She wants me to come in tomorrow for a quick exam and some blood work. This is kind of a step backwards as I have been feeling so good lately. But I knew something wasn't right when I started having nausea last Saturday and stomach pain that is going into my back for no apparent good reason.
1916673 tn?1420236870 GLUCOSE (GLU) (67 - 125 mg/dL) The amount of glucose in the blood can help diagnose a variety of conditions. High levels may suggest diabetes, severe stress, an overactive adrenal gland or an excess of progesterone (a hormone). Moderately high levels are common in female dogs up to two months after their last heat cycle or during pregnancy.
996946 tn?1503252712 Maybe I should resubmit my question? Or at least rephrase it? Or post it on a different forum? I have been on coumadin for a-fib for 6 months and I am wondering if it has any effect on blood sugar levels?
Avatar f tn can cirrhosis and pancreatitis be caused by non-compliant blood sugar levels? Thank you for your time. I would appreciate any response that you all might have.
Avatar n tn Serum amylase is a sensitive marker of disease when the patient presents within several hours of the onset of abdominal pain but becomes less sensitive than serum lipase if the patient presents later. However, not all patients with elevated amylase levels will have pancreatitis. Elevated amylase can arise from various nonpancreatic sources, such as the salivary glands, lungs, fallopian tubes (especially during pregnancy), ovarian cysts, gallbladder, small intestine and in various tumors.
Avatar n tn Do you have any symptoms with yours and have you had the biopsy..What are some of your blood levels? Have you heard any stats regarding NASH progressing to Cirrhosis in those without obesitity, Diabetes Melititus, male in younger then 40. Also I have not drank a beer in over 7 years and in the past 7 years the only meds taken were Paxil and Xanax...Never took anything else..not even asprin...Have not taken any meds in over 1 year either. Most concerning is blood work...I have been told by 3 Dr.
1469903 tn?1286650297 Elevated levels of blood glucose (hyperglycemia) lead to spillage of glucose into the urine, hence the term sweet urine. Normally, blood glucose levels are tightly controlled by insulin, a hormone produced by the pancreas. Insulin lowers the blood glucose level. When the blood glucose elevates (for example, after eating food), insulin is released from the pancreas to normalize the glucose level. In patients with diabetes, the absence or insufficient production of insulin causes hyperglycemia.
1519223 tn?1500816586 39 Am Blood Glucose is 215 Before Eating 2/15/15 2:33pm Blood Glucose is 132 and a Bologna sandwich 2 slices of bread and Juice 2/15/15 feeling Dizzy Glucose Reading was 195 2/15/15 Stew and Sloppy Joes w/Bread W/Coffee Glucose Reading was 133 2/16/15 4:09 am Glucose Reading is 124 2/17/15 9:29 am I called Cassie today about my blood glucose being 172 she said that was a little high but it was okay she said that was a little high but it was okay 2/16/15 2:29 pm Blood Glucose is 118 2/16
Avatar f tn Generally, symptoms of the condition are said to be mild, especially when compared to those that affect people who've been diagnosed with acute pancreatitis. Considerations There are a several methods doctors use to diagnose autoimmune pancreatitis. Blood tests are commonly used to look for certain antibodies that indicate the disease. Also, diagnostic-imaging tests, such as ultrasounds, may be used in order to see the pancreas.
Avatar n tn He was in the ICU for 4 days with pancreatitis and ketoacidosis. His blood glucose was 754, triglycerides were 2100 and his cholesterol was about 600. He was very ill and I thought I was going to lose him. Within 24 hours of his admission into ICU his glucose levels were near normal and all of his numbers were coming down. He gives himself 3 shots of novolog (b4 meals) and 1 shot of lantus before bed. His glucose levels are pretty good.
Avatar f tn I had impaired glucose tolerance due to hyperthyroidism. From the list below - thyrotoxicosis aka too much thyroid hormone. Excerpt from Dr Kaslow's article General lab values..
Avatar f tn Here is what my lab results have been so far - COMPLETE METBOLIC PANEL Normal B12 levels Normal Folate and Iron levels Low Vitamin D levels @ 18.5 range (30 -100) Lipase @ 45 range (0 -59) Amylase @ 135 high range (31 -124) Albumin, Protein total and calcium all at normal levels Bilirubin, Total @ 0.7 range (0.0 - 1.
Avatar m tn this means that his liver dumps glucose in the early morning and makes his fasting blood sugar rise. You need to discuss this with your husband's doctor to look at how this can be managed.
Avatar f tn It has lowered my blood glucose levels but I have been making an effort to exercise more recently too which is very important . Everbody is individual and what works for one person won,t for another, I had really severe stomach pains with Januvia and another med I was prescribed so its really trial and error. Good luck I hope this has been of some help to you.
Avatar f tn Here is what my lab results have been so far - COMPLETE METBOLIC PANEL Normal B12 levels Normal Folate and Iron levels Low Vitamin D levels @ 18.5 range (30 -100) Lipase @ 45 range (0 -59) Amylase @ 135 high range (31 -124) Albumin, Protein total and calcium all at normal levels Bilirubin, Total @ 0.7 range (0.0 - 1.
Avatar f tn So itis very important that the low thyroid be properly treated. Reduce carbs and calories should help the blood sugar levels, along with regular daily exercise. Add in meds if those alone don't help.
Avatar n tn I have alports syndrome(kidney disease) so while there I had blood work done to check on my kidney functions. My AST levels were verrrrryyyyy high....631. ALT was 483. Also glucose was higher than usual and Neutrophils were pretty high while Lymphocytes were very low. I'm only 21 and very concerned. Could any of this have anything to do with my kidneys? Can all this be just because I was very sick?
Avatar f tn •Swollen and tender abdomen •Nausea and vomiting •Fever •Increased heart rate How Is Pancreatitis Diagnosed? To diagnose acute pancreatitis, doctors measure levels in the blood of two digestive enzymes, amylase and lipase. High levels of these two enzymes strongly suggest acute pancreatitis.
469720 tn?1388149949 What Is High Blood Cholesterol? Cholesterol levels are determined through chemical analysis of a blood sample taken from a finger ***** or from a vein in the arm. Home cholesterol kits, first approved in 1993, test only for total cholesterol levels but are as accurate as tests done in a doctor's office, says Steven Gutman, M.D., director of FDA's division of clinical laboratory devices.
Avatar m tn So I have been using county Doctors and to this point It they are waiting for my last results to see the genome type of hep c i have. As far as other elevated levels my Alk Phos was at 174, glucose 107, monocyte 12%, Mcv 93, Basophil 1% And once again thank you for you response.
Avatar n tn The only way to know for certain what happened is a full postmortem exam if the blood work doesn't confirm pancreatitis. I know you have to be in terrible shock right now, but do your best to remember all the good times you had with your baby. Those good days far outweigh the sickness and suffering at the end. Cry all you need to. It's a necessary part of grief and it does help to let it out. Blessings to you and yours during this difficult time.
Avatar f tn Hopefully you had more than one test. Glucose - Did you have more than a fasting blood sugar? It would take a glucose tolerance test to give a full picture of what your glucose levels are doing over the course of a day. Anemia - Have you had iron studies (much more detailed than a CBC)? Sleep - If there is any reason to suspect the quality of your sleep isn't adequate, maybe a sleep study should be considered.
Avatar n tn Majority of the pain is on the right side (when hosptialized, pain on the left) Blood tests resulted in high amalyse, glucose, and liver levels, high WBC Did a CT Scan, nothing was found, everything is the same , as we were told However his pain is as intense as he entered the hopital on 9-14 All his original symptoms are back: the same as when he initially entered the hosptial 9-14 1)Intense pain,fever, high pulse rate, high blood pressure, sugar levels are high 2)Stomach feels like it is
Avatar n tn She recently had a visit for a blood work-up to her general doctor. Her fasting glucose revealed that her glucose was 137. Her doctor assumed that she must now have diabetes, and prescribed oral diabetic medication. I am VERY concerned about this new med, and told my mom not to take the medicine until we see a gastro. While going through the chemo, my mother had to be hospitalized several times because her body just couldn't handle the toxins.