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Avatar f tn We took him to the doctor he never vomited or diahrea until the day after he got to the vets office. His amalyse was high like 8000 and his glucose and white blood count low but we got an ultrasound to make sure not cancer. He started to show improvements with the IV and antibiotic. Now a week later he is starting to decline and the vet has tried everything. He is now barely sitting up and cant walk. He has lost over 30 pounds.
Avatar m tn i am a 27 yr old female, with more pancreatitis attacks then i can count in the last year and a half. ive been accused of a frivilious life style which is so far from the truth. ive had every test known for this condition. in the last 2 months i was put on a protien suppliment to replace my emzymes that my pancreas produces. in the first 2 wks i lost 20 lbs, had no appetite, liquid bowel movements, dizziness, fatique, discoloring of the skin,and more symptoms i can even list.
Avatar n tn And that is something to have checked especially if you have had 4 bouts of pancreatitis already. If you have Pancreatitis, it NEVER goes away once you have gone chronic. With 4 episodes under your belt, I would be surprised if you have not gone chronic yet. You titled this Severe Pancreatitis. It usually doesn't get to that stage without you being Chronic. The pancreas is an organ that DOES NOT rejuvinate itself. Once damaged it is damaged for life.
Avatar m tn I do have Acid Reflux. My doctor called me back in for more blood work because my bilirubin count was 6.4 and my AST (SGOT) was 177 and my ALT (SGPT) was 465. I am scheduled for a CT Abdomen with & without Contra in a couple of days. I recently turned 47 adn am 6-4 - 260lbs. I very seldomly drink and when I do it is usually 2 beers since i am usually the dedicated driver.I have never smoked but have always drank alot of cokes & tea.
Avatar n tn some count was off a little it was 19 and should be 21-101 or something like that range. His white blood count was a little high so they want to re test that and his glucose count was a little high. The nurse telling me a LITTLE gave me some comfort but all these symptoms and he seems to check out better than we thought. With all of his symptoms it really shocked us. He has lost over 22lbs now in just a few wks. He stopped taking all the medicines except the antibiotic and is back to drinking.
Avatar m tn , he can count on having several pancreatitis patients at his door. It's such a serious and sometimes fatal condition, and most people have never heard of it.
10821430 tn?1439584483 Tuesday night he did not sleep but sat up all night( so did I) his breathing was better but he did shake off and on ( pain?) Wednesday into his vet large blood work test was done,temp still normal but vet stated he was "tender" when he palpitated his stomach...I was worried when I saw his BUN was 48.7~ Amylase 2500~ though his Lipase was 141~ his protein 5.6~albumin 2.5~ all other levels were within normal ranges.
Avatar n tn it has been downhill ever since. I was hospitalized again at week 5 due to dehydration, my white blood count was off & panreatic inflammation. I haven't felt right since. I am tired all the time. I have more pancreatic & digestive pain than before the surgery and emotionally I am shot. The GI docs (not the specialist who was too far for me to go for the surgery) tell me I still have pancreatitis, but it should be much better with little to no regular pain.
Avatar f tn I had bloodwork done on Monday to test Liver function, white blood cell count, and something else I can't remember. I'm still waiting for the results. I'm trying not to worry but I feel like I am withering away. Also, when my doctor pushed on my stomach it was very painful in that area. I feel as though I've forgotten to mention some symptoms, I've had quite a few, but as I said before, as soon as I develop them, I research them, and they've all led me to Pancreas issues.
902019 tn?1249865014 Hopefully I can drop to 75mg this fall and see what happens. On this drug, monthly blood work is essential to ensure the white count doesn't drop too low. And, as with prednisone, it won't work for everybody, and if it does, no guarantee for how long. Also, some patients do badly on the drug side effectwise which can happen early on or not till later. It takes 3 months for the Imuran to have an effect and one may need to remain on prednisone as well until the Imuran kicks in.
802730 tn?1237908408 taking Pilocarpine Hydrochloride 2% in her food twice a day. Mon. Sheba’s white blood cell count was 60,000, she had mild dehydration & huge infection. temp was 103.5. All organs appeared to be okay from X-Rays, & she was given anti-biotics intravenously. Pancreatitis test = neg, her liver ok, gum color improved after therapy & there were no abdominal masses. I was told liver cancer could not be ruled out, but an ultrasound would confirm.
Avatar n tn if you have high liver enzyme count....what could be wrong...
Avatar f tn It is good that you have a confirmatory blood test pending, because pancreatitis can be a very challenging disease to diagnose. Usually pancreatitis can only be diagnosed with a combination of clinical signs such as vomiting, abdominal pain and fever along with a positive results for a specific blood test (probably the one your veterinarian had sent in), and confirmation with an abdominal ultrasound.
Avatar n tn Severe pain, majority of pain on left and lower middle of his abdomen Abdomen physically bloated, hard,tender. Given antibiotics,(even though no sign of infection) Fever, excessive sweating, cold sweat, nausea (given anti-nausea medication), difficulty breathing, high pulse Week 2: Second CT scan showed pancreas actually grew and much bigger than the first CT, however the fluid around the abdomen had lessened. Pain is focused on the left side of his abdomen.
Avatar n tn they said i was to go in 2-3 days later to get the second antibiotic dose and to re-do blood work to check the white blood cell count! and if it is still high they want to do immediate open abdominal exploratory surgery! ... it is now 24 hrs. after i have been sent home and still in pain and not any better! ... i am worried to just let them go inside and look for anything becasue the dr. at the e.r. told me even then after surgery its not a guarantee theyll find anything! ...
Avatar f tn just had some blood test results back and the doctor has asked me to go in amd see him cause my b 12 levels are quite low. i had the blood test done because i have had weakness and pain in my legs and back and spasum in my shoulder and leg i am also tierd all the time and seem to have a constant headache. i have looked on the internet to find out what a low b12 count could mean and the information i found quite confusing.
Avatar n tn Hello, High white blood count is found in the blood tests. The normal range for WBC count is 4,300 to 10,800 cells per cubic millimeter (cmm) or 4.3 to 10.8 x 109 cells per liter. High white blood cell count is called leukocytosis. Leukocytosis may be caused by several conditions including bacterial infection, inflammation(appendicitis,inflammatory bowel disease like crohn’s and ulcerative colitis,pancreatitis etc), leukemia, trauma, or stress.
Avatar n tn Clinical examination may reveal a degree of shock, increased heart rate, increased white blood cell count and fever. The serum levels of amylase and other pancreatic enzymes may rise to five times their normal values during the first 24 to 72 hours - presumably the blood count you mention was for one of these enzymes. Can pancreatitis affect the health of a child?
Avatar n tn I was diagnosed with chronic pancreatitis this am and schedualed for a ERCP for friday. I have some concerns about this diagnosis and this test. I have not been hospitalized for this condition at all, not even ER. it has taken me over a month to get diagnosis and still no relief from discomfort. Just more tests to take. I look like a junkie from all the blood they have taken and they want more. My almase and lipase levels have continued to rise over the course of the past fourteen days.
Avatar n tn My husband has had chronic pancreatitis for the past 5 years. We found out 5 months ago he has course calicifications throughout the pancreas with cysts on the head and tail. He is insulin-diabetic now and has lost approx 40 pounds. He has good and bad days. My concern is this. When he feels "bad" an odor of feces eminates from his body. Or sometimes it even smells like really dirty oily hair...mild but nonetheless notable. I am very concerned and can't seem to find an answer.
Avatar f tn I am trying (a typical blood glucose count for me is in the low 200's). Is this diet what the doctor's can offer me to fend off the pain? 3) What do you think of providing a low number of a pain killer such as Darvocet in case the Trammadol does not work? I am not a pill popper by any means, but I have to admit when I am in pain from this I need help immediately! Is there anything that I can read or study on pancreatitis that you would recommend?
Avatar n tn The problem is, the blood count of serum lipase is still hovering around 1800 (amylase ~250) which it has been at for at least 20 days. She has very little abdominal pain, no fever, and glucose has never exceded 120. All of our Dr.'s are unsure as to the cause (3 gastro 4ob/gyn 1 perinat) and out of state gastroenterologist consulted says idiopathic. What could be the cause of the elevated lipase/continued pancreatitis? Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks, Taylor C.
Avatar n tn My wife (33) is 11 weeks pregnant (3rd, first two normal with alot of nausea but not HG) and was diagnosed with acute pancreatitis 3 weeks ago (&dehydration/hyperemesis). She has has been on TPN for 21 days (in patient)plus fluids and Zofran for nausea. An ECRP was performed 7 days ago and found no obstructions, possibly sludge, and 9mm sphincterotomy was performed at papilla of vater, ducts looked OK.
Avatar n tn On Sunday morning we took him to the vet clinic. The blood test showed a very low platelet count but every thing else was fine (WBC, RBC, etc). Then they tested the various enzymes and found that the amylase levels were high (everything else was normal again). These first results led to tests for Erlich (negative) and pancreatitis (positive). Pancreatitis however, though explains the high amylase levels, would not affect the platelets.
Avatar n tn On Sunday morning we took him to the vet clinic. The blood test showed a very low platelet count but everything else was fine (WBC, RBC, etc). Then they tested the various enzymes and found that the amylase levels were high (everything else was normal again). These first results led to tests for Erlich (negative) and pancreatitis (positive). Pancreatitis however, though explains the high amylase levels, would not affect the platelets.
Avatar n tn Just been to the Doc and blood test shows abnormal platelet level and unusual readings from the pancreous (spelling may be wrong, sorry) Is this the hep c, also like an idiot I consume alcohol.
Avatar m tn look in her eyes. Her bloodwork was normal, except her white count was highly elevated (25 vs. 16.9 normal), yet tests for pancreatitis was negative. Her x-rays showed no blockage, but her spine showed disc deterioration, as well as compression. This appeared to be chronic, not acute. She is at the vets, but still in the same state....any thoughts, suggestions? I'm not sure if she had a stroke (vet says no), cancer, ???? Thank you.
Avatar f tn Blood tests show that I have a high liver enzyme count. Everything has been ruled out. I had a liver ultrasound (normal); a liver biopsy (normal). No history of hep c or alcohol. What could be causing the high count?
Avatar n tn After a week and a half I went to the doctor and requested a blood sample. I had a blood test and my EC count is through the roof. Exercise is tough and I feel lethargic. The length of time and symptoms/triggers you describe match me perfectly. I am going to a Haematologist here in the uk in a few weeks so I will mention the parasite case to them. Hope you are all recovered/recovering from your symptoms. A great resource. I will feedback if I get positive results.
Avatar f tn I took her back to the vet expecting the worse and she said all her blood counts for the pancreatitis were good but her bile might be alittle backed up from the inflammation of the pancreas. The big shocker was her blood glucose was at 107..this was only with 22units of insulin. Even when I took her in for her pancreatits her sugar was at 700 and that was after vomiting most of the day.